Dec 20, 2012

"I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas" tiny house holiday party.


Have you wondered what it would be like to entertain in a tiny house? This past Sunday I invited several girlfriends to come to a "I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas" mini holiday party. I decorated the tiny house with an adorable pink Christmas tree that I dressed in vintage type ornaments along with real crystals from an old chandelier. Tiny pink Christmas lights were strung around the pantry door giving off a soft pink glow for the holiday fun. I shopped for pink foods and drinks to fill my old shabby farm table. I had so much food that I had to set up the table a few different ways to see how it would all fit. And, of course I wanted it to look pretty. You ladies "get it".


 Unfortunately, I was not able to capture good pictures of the actual gathering due to my lack of skill using a simple little cheap camera. I am a total non-geek and not friends with anything that is electronic. Well maybe the wine had a bit to do with it?  I decided to post them anyway even thought they are really fuzzy photos. Two of my friends did snap some shots with their phones but unfortunately at the time of this post I have yet to see any of those photos. Hint....(if you ladies are reading this). The good news is that I was able to get some nice shots the day after the actual party with some of the leftovers, to share here on my blog. This explains why some shots show a table cloth on the old farm table and a different arrangement of foods the actual day of the party.

 I will do a separate post in the next few days of the Christmas tree and the wonderful items scattered about the tiny house to bring pink holiday cheer. I want to share some adorable holiday finds that I bought on Etsy. Stay tuned for that post. But for now, back to my Pink holiday party.

Since this little party was a short notice plan during the holidays not all the gals I invited were able to make it. However, four lovely ladies arrived dressed in various shades of beautiful pink clothing. They brought thoughtful hostess goodies and gifts of pink champagne, pink wine and a beautiful miniature picture frame that will find a resting place in the tiny house.

 The party was on and in full swing by 3:00pm this past Sunday afternoon. The tiny house seating arrangements for the five of us girls worked out well. I currently have a table that seats four adults comfortably and a chase lounge that will hold two friends. The interior of the tiny house is just 8' wide and 18' long. A large vintage coat and hat rack inside my bath tub area held the guests large, bulky and dripping wet winter coats, while their purses sat inside my little bathtub. You have to be creative to live in a tiny house and even more creative when you entertain in one.

 I must admit that with all the food and drinks for the party, the tiny house did look pretty much trashed by the end of the night. But it was well worth it, we had SO much fun. Come with me now to the after party for blog readers and take a look inside my tiny house dressed up for her first holiday event. Then, don't forget to visit again in a couple of days to see many more pictures of the house fully decked out and all pretty in her holiday pink theme.

The table is set in shades of pink

Angels, snowflakes and sparkling beads add to the table décor


Shades of pink

Pink port wine cheese paired with a mini loaf of French bread



Sweet pink napkins from Ikea of all places


Bakelse Prinsess  -  Cream cake with marzipan

My old farm table adorned with pink pleasures


I could not resist these adorable bottles of water

Peppermint frosted brownies & Peppermint Marcarons

Pink soda, why not?

Looking downstairs from the master loft

Because most of the photos did not come out from the actual party I staged the table the next day with the leftovers you have seen in (most) of the above photos.

                                               I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas party menu . . . . .

Rangoons - Crisp wontons stuffed with cream cheese, edamame pieces and a hint of wasabi.

Fruit salad

Spinach salad -  Spinach,  red onions, dried cranberries, cherry tomatoes, roasted pine nuts, parmesan cheese topped with PINK cranberry and gorgonzola cheese dressing.

Crab dip (I added pink food coloring), paired with French bread and snowflake shaped crackers.

Garlic dip - with a dash of pink food coloring.

Pomegranate and yogurt coated almonds.

Port wine cheese - It was a beautiful shade of pink, just perfect for the holiday theme.

Cheddar cheese with caramelized onions - OMG... I am addicted to this amazing cheese, even though it was not pink.

Pink Desserts were in abundance. Tiny pink gummy pot bellied pig candies and poofy vanilla meringues dotted the edges of the dessert tray.  Peppermint frosted brownies, Peppermint macarons filled with a chocolate ganache and imported from France (available from Trader Joes) shared the tray with fancy little cream cakes adorned with pink marzipan frosting. Baked Alaska with pink peppermint ice cream added plenty of dessert choices.  Even though the following desserts were not pink I just had to throw them in as if the above offerings were not providing a sugar high for my special guests. Godiva chocolate truffles wrapped in pink foil filled a vintage wine glass. Chocolate covered frozen banana slices and brandy filled dark chocolate beans topped off the dessert list. Oh, I almost forgot the not easy to find, pink and white candy canes.

Drinks included pink bottles of water, pink Jones soda's, pink lemonade, pink wine and pink champagne, pink pomegranate daiquiris and even though it wasn't pink, red wine made it to the table.

Looking back on this party menu I guess it was a lot of food, but hey- when I entertain I just like to make sure everyone has a good time and goes home full. That being said I think it was a great party filled with tons of laughter, love, girl talk and plenty of food and drink all wrapped up in holiday cheer and a hug from the tiny house.

Not the best photos but this is all I have at present


I can blame the bad photos on my camera, the Edison light bulbs or maybe the wine


I had the girls each sign my guest book

We are dreaming of a pink Christmas

Girls just want to have fun

Dizzy Liz & Juanita


Fun under the chandy

 Resting on the chase


Pretty in pink

Merry Christmas  


Jacqueline said...

Hello! I have just discovered your lovely blog by way of white lace cottage. I love your petite home and of course the Shabby Chic Style. I have been viewing all your posts and am in shock and awe that I should recognize one of the ladies shown here in your pink party! I know Juanita :) years ago, I met her and her family through my husband. I lived in California, the bay area at the time. My circumstances changed and I never saw her again, learning that she and her family eventually moved from California. Such a small world. If you are still in touch, please give her my regards. I plan to follow your blog, as I enjoy your posts and photos.


Tonita said...

What a small small world. So nice you made it to my blog - Welcome. I will try to link you and Juanita back up. Thanks for your comment.

Unknown said...

Good evening! I just saw that I saved your blog in my favorites! I am sorry to see there arent any new updates, cannot say how much I love your little place and have gotten loads of great ideas from your pics! Hoping all is well with? Again thank you for sharing part of your world. Rebecca.

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