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Nov 27, 2012

Tiny house update.....


Old door trim holds vintage photos of family members

My bad, It has been months since I last posted but I am back. Thanks for your patience and for prodding me to post updates of my little retreat, my girl cave, my she-she shack. Simplicity is a word familiar to tiny house enthusiasts. Many tiny house residents are pleased to announce that they have become minimalists in their quest to simplify their life. I can not say that I would be excited about being a minimalist. When Slabtown Customs was building my home I saw that as a good reason to go shopping. I helped support the economy as well as small local businesses. Oh, and I helped clean up a few curbs from what others dis guarded as trash. I had fun collecting vintage items to re purpose and up cycle for my new tiny retreat.  Giving a vintage item a new life is recycling in it's purest form while preventing it from being tossed in the landfill.

 I will back track in future posts and show you some of the ways I up cycled my vintage finds. I will show you how I turned trash into treasures for my tiny house. Here is a partial list of my future posts.

Christmas in my tiny house -2013

Entertaining in a very tiny home

My tiny house bathroom, complete with a tiny tub, sink and toilet

A tiny house with a master loft and a guest loft

A 8 x 18 tiny house that sleeps up to 5 people

Tiny house storage solutions

The importance of a normal size front door

Creating the vintage look in a tiny house

My kitchen cabinets & counter project

Making chandeliers to add bling to my tiny house

A curb side find, becomes a bedroom set for a tiny master loft

8 chandeliers in a tiny house

Paint recommendations for a tiny house

Shabby Cottage turns beach cottage

Room on the porch

Adding shutters and flower boxes to your tiny house

OK, are you ready to see what I have been up to since the last time I posted?  Here are some pictures of the interior of my tiny home. I am an amateur blogger and have not figured out how to make the pictures larger. It could take till Jan for me to figure that out. Any tips from you pro's are welcome.  Sorry about that.

 And now, with great joy I present to you..."my menopause cave".

                                                          I just love my front porch

                                                                    My reading nook

                                                               A cozy spot to curl up for a nap

                                           An old chippy door transformed into a fireplace

                                                          My shabby little fireplace

                                                                   My teeny tiny bathroom

                                                     A ladder that blends into the bookshelf

                                                             My galley style kitchen

                                                     View from the back of my tiny house


                                        An apartment size refrigerator and nice size freezer

                                Crystal handles and knobs add bling and sparkle to kitchen cabinets

                                                     Kitchen shelves with custom brackets

 Double kitchen sink and 2 burner electric stove top  
Book & storage shelf  
 Vintage valances work well to hide clutter
Big clock in a TINY house 
The great room  
Vintage screen door repurposed as a pantry door 
 One of my favorite pieces - an old farm table more than 200 years old  
The views from my reading nook  
So there you have it.... my little retreat that sits on my land in beautiful WA State.































































Anonymous said...

I always look forward to your posts! I am designing my own tiny house and you are a very talented and inspiring lady.

Nancy said...

Hi Tonita. I saw the video of your house when it was still with the builder and decided to follow the link to your blog to see how you finished it. Wow! So many tiny houses look terribly spartan, but yours looks like a real home. It is hard to believe that it is a tiny house. You did a wonderful job of decorating it and making it feel so homey and welcoming.

Marty Ratlief said...

Hi Tonita! I too saw the video of your home (done by the builder), and I loved the house in its initial stages. BUT, what you have done with it as your own is so impressive. I LOVE it and am looking forward to your future posts. Thank you so much for sharing with us!!! --Marty

Julia Wilson said...

I love the cup holder in your tiny bathroom. Would love to see more pictures. You have a beuatiful home!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I found you on pinterest while making my "tiny cottages" board. :) I'm enjoying looking through your photos. Thanks for taking them. ♥

DanielleNicole said...

I have a question that I can't seem to find an answer to within your posts- where did you get that fantastic chaise?? I loved the chair you had there before, but the chaise is even more perfect. I love every inch of your space. Stunning!

havenscapes said...

Very awesome to see my dream haven brought to life :) I toy with the idea but have SO MUCH STUFF! I love your posts

Unknown said...

This might sound ironic, but your tiny house looks like a castle! It's like a doll house come to life! The design and the furniture seem to belong in enormous houses. The matching colors and textures of the interior made it so inviting as well. Good job! Chassidy Bednarz

Teri said...

Hi Tonita,
I love your house, and especially your refrigerator! Can you tell me the brand/model so I can look it up?
Thank you!

judith said...

I love how you have your Tiny house laid out with the kitchen down one wall! I've never seen that done before. Do you have a sleeping loft? Did I miss it? We once lived in a not so tiny house (700sq ft.) in Oklahoma that had kitchen knobs and drawer pulls like yours only they were black! Original to the 1940's house. I kick myself every time I think about them. I should have taken them with me when we moved. That house was leveled by a tornado the following spring, and every thing burned in a heap.

Unknown said...

SO sweet and inviting, cozy and comfy, I could be very happy in this little retreat. Love it! I will be sharing on my Facebook page. Thanks for sharing.

Artsy Chicks Rule said...

I LOVE your tiny retreat!!! It is amazing...every single detail.


Anonymous said...

Your home is beautiful.

Anonymous said...


Sandra said...

I am so inspired by your beautiful retreat. I am starting over at 50, live in Canada and I am not sure if it is a good idea to live in a tiny house in the winters here. Doing lots of research, right now it is a dream but maybe one day I will be able to live a simple peaceful life. Would love to see a new post from you. Please please! lol

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