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Dec 24, 2012

My tiny house - Christmas 2012

Here she is, my 8 x 24' tiny house. The interior measures 8 x 18'. My little shabby chic tiny retreat. When I sit in my home it is like being wrapped in a hug. So cozy, so sweet. So perfect. I dressed her in pink and white for the holidays and the theme " I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas" seems fitting.

Looks like it is going to be a white Christmas


I am a boot aholic

Looking in the front door

My nook on the left, WC - water closet on the right

My guest loft, fits 2 twin beds, a queen bed or a single bed with extra space for storage

The view from my master loft

My faux fireplace sits in front of my built in wall heater

Fireplace mantle made from an old chippy door

Lots of mirrors in the tiny house to reflect light

Bunting made by Michelle of Back Through Time, on Etsy

My guest loft

Peeking through a chandelier is fresh garland from my yard

Chandelier adds charm to my reading nook

View through the mirror

I have a collection of angels through out my tiny house

Looking out toward the kitchen from the nook area

Looking toward the kitchen and master loft from the nook area

Faux vintage ornaments mixed with real vintage crystals

My pretty little tree

I choose ornaments to reflect light

The view from my reading nook

Private and cozy spot for a nap

My comfy chase

My $2.00 vintage medicine cabinet re purposed as a spice cabinet

View of the kitchen

Pink rag rug from Target -

Fresh holiday garland

Ready for the Christmas party

Mercury glass and silver bulbs reflect light to make a tiny space sparkle

Hand painted sign by Rose Cottage Chic

I like to mix vintage, whimsy and flea market finds

W I S H   -   Christmas Tree topper

Getting ready for my "I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas" party

Before I purchased my tiny house I had an idea of how I wanted to decorate it. I was hugely inspired  by a stylist named Sandra Foster who has the most amazing tiny house in the world, at least to me. I prefer it over any tiny home that I have ever laid eyes on.  It is by far my favorite tiny house and blog ever. Her talent and style has inspired women all over the world. Her tiny studio has been in tons of magazines books and on television shows.

 I hung Christmas lights in my master loft and also used white fabric draped from the ceiling as a sort of ' knock-off', style of Sandy's adorable cottage in the Catskills. I want to take the time here to recognize her and hope that she sees my little knock off loft look, as a form of flattery and know that I acknowledge her as the queen of shabby cottage décor. Thanks for inspiring me, to try a similar look for my little shabby chic girl cave and retreat.

A very special THANKS to two special and talented lady's who's crafts and art work helped to make my little tiny house more festive this holiday season. Jill from Rose Cottage Chic painted the adorable pink sign with roses that says - I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas that I hung in my window above my table. She mixed her own milk paint recipe for my sign. She  has an amazing website and  also does custom orders.  

I also want to thank Michelle, who made the little bunting (the hand made W-I-S-H letters) that are vintage style, which I hung against the mirror above my fireplace. She also made my sweet W-I-S-H vintage tree topper.  It  is a pleasure to do business with people that are so pleasant, who provide incredible personalized customer service. I also loved the thoughtful gift wrap (below picture) that my order arrived in. Michelle has an Etsy shop called Back through time with gifts for all seasons and for absolutely no reason. Both women have wonderful hand made crafts.

Gift wrapped order from,  Back through time
Bunting made by Back through time, available on Etsy
My Christmas tree topper

I also wanted to include some very interesting information about the color pink which I found on Debbie's site. By the way, Debbie bought a 320 square foot home from Scott of Slabtown Customs, who is the same builder that built my tiny house. Look around her blog once you are there to see more of her sweet little family home.

May you be blessed this holiday season. Merry Christmas.


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Victoria said...

If you're not an interior designer, you should be! You have a ton of natural talent.

Diane said...

Wow! Absolutely stunning... the antidote to all the very rustic looking tiny homes I've seen, kitted out in nothing but knotty pine!

Thanks for sharing!

maggi g said...

you have an absolutely lovely little home. i am a pink princess and would love to have this for myself. im envious, in a good way.

Debra @ Life in a 320 square foot home said...

Hi Tonita~ Your home is so DREAMY! I love how it turned out :) I love the back splash. I so debated as to weather to paint it or not.....yours is making me think....

Unknown said...

I love this little house, the Christmas decor is an added attraction but the home is nicely decorated as it is, My question is this, where does one getted started just in building the house, is it on a trailer and what is the average cost of it. I know I ask way too many questions
but I'm seriously thinging about doing this and need to know where to even start......any answers you could pass on would be most appreciated.......thanks again for sharing you lovely cottage.........Diana

Assia said...

Hi Tonita
I would love to interview you for my blog www.livinginashoebox.com, but I can't find your email, could you please contact me? My email is assiaawad(at)gmail.com

Thanks :)

Mary Ruth said...

What a darling 'girl' space! I know some teenage girls who would love to have a sleep over in this adorable house! A real dreamy space and well done!
I really enjoyed viewing the photos, you did an incredible job keeping the scale in the room so as not to over-power the space.

I would use faux flicker candles with all that flowing fabric around... SWEET!

Fashionisgreat said...

This is the best tiny house I think I've ever seen. It's so cute and I wanna go to there :( you did an amazing job!!

Unknown said...

WOW-I have no words-this is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!Love your blog ♥

Gloria said...

You have the most adorable house I have ever seen. And that is WONDERFUL of you to give credit to Sandy and her blog (I have visited her blog too). But may I say that your home is even better than her little house. Yours is fully functional, with a kitchen/bathroom, etc.! It's gorgeous. I'm sure Sandy would love yours too (I remember reading that she always wanted a kitchen in her little house.) I'd love to post a pic or two of yours on Pinterest or repin from you. Let me know if you are on there!

krkt said...

WHAT A WONDERFUL LIL CASTLE YOU HAVE, i AM CURRENTLY DRAWING UP MY OWN DESIGN FOR MY TINY SPACE. I will definately paint it as yours looks so much bigger than most. Do you live full time in your abode? are you where there are winter months? cozy I bet if/when the snow falls. After reading all the negatives about the biulderwas wondering if you had any problems,, looks great ,,,,,Beautiful, and i agree with the above, you SHOULD b a prof. decorator. Take care, many blessings

Unknown said...

What a darling place, absolutely stunning! I love everything about it, I did check out that other blog you said you got your inspiration from and although I find it charming enough I adore that you have added it pretty touches of pink and floral accents to make it look dreamy and very girly. Wish you many years of enjoyment....

Unknown said...

a beautiful and quaint little house

Anonymous said...

came across your wonderful site, while browsing tiny house,,,,omg,,,, love,,love it,,, there is so many small things,i see in your decorations that i have had,,, just love, love ,,it all!! u r great!!

Di said...

Where do you keep your clothes?

Di said...

Where do you keep your clothes?

Tonita said...

There is quite a bit of storage. I have two closet areas just inside the front door. I have a two drawer dresser in the master loft. There is a trunk in the guest loft and three large storage boxes under the chase.


Lynne said...

Absolutely love your home. I love shabby chic and you have exactly what I want. You said your house was built by Slabtown Customs...does the house have a name so if I go to their site I can find the layout? How long ago did you have it built and do you have an estimate of the cost for them to build it? Would love to know as I have spent weeks trying to find which plan to get. Thanks, in advance, for any help you can give.

Tonita said...

Hi Lynne,
My home started out as a "Anne Marie" unit by Slabtown Customs. I then kind of tweaked it and then it became what Slabtown Customs named The "Tonita" tiny house. There are no official plans for my home, but Scott is wonderful and can make anything you can dream up. He is VERY low tech and does not have a website but he does have a very basic blog. I had mine built a couple of years ago. You would have to contact Scott @ Slabtown Customs to see what current prices are now for a tiny house designed like mine. His prices are amazing, and I highly recommend him. I did all the painting and put the shabby touches on it.

Anonymous said...

I love what you've done with the place, but I have one burning question...how do you make the bed in such a tiny space? I have a hard enough time making my bed, and I have a good amount of room on both sides of my bed :))

If anyone knows the answer to my burning question, please let me know :)

Debbie Dawson said...

It look like magic and so peaceful, thank you so much for sharing your tiny home.Debbie Dawson in Wilmington,NC

Anonymous said...

Actually I like your home better then Sandras, Don't get me wrong she has a great home and location but your home is charming and homey. I love your reading nock.

Anonymous said...

OMG, that is the cutest house I've ever seen! I would love for you to decorate my bedroom!

Lisa said...

There are not enough words to express how darling your place is. Thanks so much for sharing. Now, I W I S H i could have a place as darling as yours.

Thanks again,


Lynette Money said...

I have a question about the twinkle lights, I have always wanted to do something like you have in your beautiful loft. Are they a fire hazard, or do you have them hung far enough away so they don't touch the draping?

Tonita said...

Hi Lynette,
I think any electrical appliance or gadget has the potential of becoming a fire hazard, especially next to fabric or flammable materials. I only use Christmas lights such as are in the loft area only while I am at home. To make them safer you certainly would be better off hanging them so that they are not in direct contact with fabric. If I hang them again I will make sure that I pay attention to your comment, as they were mingled into the draping. Thanks for the reminder. You may also consider what they call rice or fairy lights that are made to be used near fabric and are VERY low wattage. You can see them in some of my other holiday posts.

Unknown said...

stunning I am lost for words

Tonita said...

Thanks for stopping by this little blog. Glad I shared something that you enjoyed. Many blessings to YOU.

Tonita said...

Oh Lilias, I just noticed your logo and blew it up so I could read it. I love the message and want to share it below -

Lilias sweet logo says this.......

"The creative Adult is the child that survived".

MarilynsTreats said...

The guest loft looks so warm and inviting! And the lot is beautiful.

Eclectic Red Barn said...

OMG, I love this tiny retreat. I would never leave it. You did a wonderful job decorating.
Please stop by Thursday Favorite Things since you are being featured.


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