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Jan 29, 2014

Tea for Two in my sweet retreat

Today, I took some time off from work to curl up in my cozy nook and catch up on some reading. I am yearning to see and feel the sunshine upon my face again someday soon. The rain pelting down on my 8ft x 24ft teeny tiny retreat's metal roof reminds me that it may be weeks till that happens again, after all I do live in Washington State.

 The cold and wet January weather just screams the words "comfort food" to me. Cupcakes happen to be at the top of my comfort food list and seem even better when paired with a cup of delicious loose leaf tea. Just what I need, on this cold rainy stay inside the house kind of day.

With February just around the corner I decided to pull out some of my Valentine fancies to spice up my little retreat. Glad you took the time to stop by. Come on in, pull off yer boots and join me for a cup of hot Organic Cinnamon tea and a delish Vanilla Bean crème filled little cake. Enjoy.........



As always, I want you to remember that it is never too late to have a happy childhood.
Love and Blessings,
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