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Nov 8, 2016

Early Congradulations to President Donald J. Trump (NOV,07,16)

Playing house, and fluffing my little nest pales in light of the current world events and election. I have never labeled myself as a Democrat nor a Republican. I have always considered myself an Independent. I grew up near Berkley (BIZERKLEY) CA. I watched first hand and up close what liberal politics did to CA.

When I was in high school and later at college I really enjoyed debate courses. I learned new ways to seek out information that would challenge my original thought process and conclusions. I began to question why I believed the way I did. That critical thinking process taught me to use avenues of study, research, and reasoning in order to reach my answers. See, I believe that in many instances, the problem is not that people are uneducated, but that they are educated just enough to believe what they have been taught. And not educated enough to QUESTION what they have been taught.

For the better half of my life I half heartedly paid attention to politics and world events. I  remained dumbed down as I got most of my news from biased media sources on television at the end of my work day. I was educated just enough to buy into what I had been fed by limited media sources.  Years later I woke up and started reading more political books and I began listening to independent radio hosts that were free thinkers and not sold out to liberals. Talk show hosts such as Michael Savage who provides- insightful psychological nudity, Drudge Report which has breaking news much earlier than you will find in other places, Alex Jones- whom liberals fear at www.Infowars.com, Wiki leaks (I have read a few hundred of those VERY interesting emails) as well as a dozen or so favorite blogs that I find to be very informative and educational.

 There was a time when I was not out spoken about my political views. Over the years that has changed. Heck, there was a time when I believed our government was not corrupt. These days I refuse to be less than my authentic self. So- here on my tiny house blog, and in conversations, with friends or family I share......  I am angered as I watch my country going to hell. I am sickened about the state of distress that America is in. My heart aches for the live babies with beating hearts that are murdered and ripped from their mothers wombs and dissected like frogs, so their body parts can be parted out and sold. All while we invite illegal aliens to come to America as we hand them food stamps, shelter, medical care and welfare. Yeah, while our vets are treated like dirt. I am sickened by the everyday assassinations of our police officers and I am amazed that so many Americans are asleep in an information age. I  am distressed as I watch the rapid decline of my country and our BORDERS, LANGUAGE AND CULTURE.


So here is the deal..... Jesus is not running for president of the United States. Therefore, there will NEVER be a perfect person to take office as president. Bottom line, I believe that we will have life under Trump and death under criminal Killary. Will America be perfect under President Donald Trump?  No. He has a hard road ahead of him. He has to fight Republicans, the media, and the elite. He has to clean up years of disaster that Obummer and Killary have caused.  I fully believe with every fiber of my being that America will be revived as best as can be under President Trump. There are many questions and time will tell. Prayers are with him.

 Will Killary serve any time in prison?  Most likely if the current president is not playing golf he will make some time to pardon her.


Did you all catch that skank, 'Beyonce' who was called in to attract a crowd for Killary the other day?
The skank talked about how Obummer was a role model for her nephew and how she wanted a woman president as a role model for her daughter. Then her husband got on stage to entertain the crowd and belted out nasty lyrics that included several "F_ _k" bombs as well as "nigger" or "nigga". Hey Killary, why is it that you were you so offended by a behind the scenes locker room talk by Donald, a decade ago? IF Trump would of had these nasty people at his rally the media and you would of turned it into a racial ordeal. What Donald said a decade ago In private was nothing compared to the company you promote and keep.  Just one more reason you would make a horrible president, since you condone those lyrics that put women down, call people niggas and use profane language every other word. It is shameful that you and Obummer praise those nasty skanks- Beyoncé and that JZ jerk.  But you get away with much more than Trump could ever get away with. UNFAIR.            

Oh,, and below we have some other Hollywood role model by the name of Jennifer Lopez or J-lo. whoever she is...?  She headlined a free concert for Killary supporters. This is a shot of her best side I guess?.  Can you imagine if this skank preformed at a Trump event?  This is current Sat night performance, mind you - not a decade ago nor something that was done in private. Seems to be a double standard and "SHE" gets away with this because she is a woman.

                                      SPEAKING OF DEPLORABLE
                                                   A SIGN IN MY FRONT YARD

                                                           MY FRONT PORCH              

                                                         TAKING IT TO THE STREETS







                                                      I LOVE MY COUNTRY

                                                         GOD BLESS AMERICA


                                                    GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN

As always - Remember, it is never too late to have a happy childhood. Go VOTE and then go play.



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