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Jan 7, 2020


 I am sharing some photos of my farmhouse Christmas decor as I chat, rant, and publicly share my thoughts today. First off I want to say - Happy Happy Happy NEW YEAR to y'all. All is going well here in the Appalachian mountains where I am for the most part, cozily tucked into my little mini (560') vintage farmhouse.

Today, (seriously)... I remembered I have a blog. Yeah, I know,, crazy - right? You probably wonder how someone can actually forget that she has a blog, but yes, I actually have not thought about blogging in months, until I got some snail mail from a friend.  Don't be concerned, it is not that my mind is slipping it's that I  haven't had much interaction with  my computer over the past several months. Y'all know I am a low tech girl. I see it as a good thing, for myself anyway. If the grid went down, I would be just fine and not miss a beat.

During winter months I tend to hibernate. I consider myself a happy loner and while I am not at all shy and am very chatty it comes as a big surprise to many that I identify myself as an introvert.
Introvert Definition: The definition of an introvert is someone who prefers calm, minimally stimulating environments. Introverts tend to feel drained after socializing and regain their energy by spending time alone. ... In other words, if you're an introvert, you were likely born that way.

Chilly darker and shorter days of winter give way to more time curling up near the fireplace and appreciating the opportunity to be still. Yes, I guess that comes with being more mature or in other words (older).  Mature sounds so much better...don't cha think? I didn't  slow down and chill out  when I was younger. I was always a hyper active kid and considered myself a human doing instead of a human being.  I only truly relaxed when I was alone, with animals or in nature. I feel blessed to have never experienced being lonely. As a child of God I realize I am NEVER alone.

 Tiny white lights are covered with white garland to give a faux snow effect. I enjoy the sparkle of light they give off and quite often leave them on during the darker days of winter. Snow flakes are on my trees and hanging from my chandelier as well as in my windows. I have always loved snowflakes.

 Decorating the farmhouse with Christmas lights and trees makes the winter months more enjoyable.. The twelve days of Christmas ended this past Sunday but I intend to leave my decorations up through this month of January. By now you must have figured out that I totally march to my own drummer. It is not like the decor police will come a knocking on my door.

 I really like these farmhouse window grids. They can be a pain to wash and dust but the fact that I can decorate each little sill  over rules the washing and up keep  part. The charm and cute factor over rules practical IMO. Maybe in 20 years I will change my tune on that. Sometimes I use cafe curtains or vintage dish towels on the lower half. Old chippy ceiling tin makes a great awning. I took apart an old chandy to create crystal fringe for the awnings. Not the norm, 'I know' but again this is how I roll.

 If you have visited here before and read any of my posts you know I tend to go on rants about technology on a pretty regular basis. So many people get upset and irritated with me because they are SO used to being in instant contact with everyone else they know.  I am out of their loop because for the most part, I'm a  technology rebel.. One of the few who has never sent a text and who does not use a cell phone. Heck, I don't even use, or carry a purse. I would have no idea what to put in it. And for the life of me I don't know why I would carry a tiny computer (phone) on my body to be in constant communication with anyone, not even a significant other. Hey, It works for me just fine and life is good this way in my humble opinion. Don't ask others though, they get irritated with my choices.

The past few weeks of cold chilly weather as well as more gray days than I like have given me flash backs to my life in WA State. YUCK... Some love it there and thrive, but for me the PNW.... not so much, actually not at all.  I so dislike dark gray dripping drizzle days and am forever thankful that we only have a couple gray days in a row before we have sun breaks, Bright blue sunny  winter days brighten my spirit. They are much needed for a gal who gets SAD (Seasonal affect disorder).

I recently had lunch with a freind and she told me that  I am in big denial of a sunny, simple lifestyle. That is my motto to help me keep on track for a peaceful life.  She lovingly tells me I have way too much stuff and well, I probably do. All right I DO have to much stuff in my little home. I just get so bored with looking at the same old same old and like to change things out now and again. However some things are in place for many years to come due to the size and layout of my little farmhouse. I mean where else can I put my sofa or the kitchen table? I am limited here but the feel of being mortgage free vs having a big home to shuffle things around works out much better for me.

 My friend has a beautiful farmhouse and prefers a minimalist home style. She tells me that I "romance the ordinary". A cute way of defining my style. I rescue what others toss out and add a new touch to re purpose many items. I have in my farmhouse cottage.

Did you make any New Years Resolutions?  I didn't officially make any but I do hope to be warrior like in my 5 to 1 rule. For every new thing I buy for my home 5 things have to be donated. This self imposed rule worked pretty well last year.  I am so very thankful that my friends are finally on board with not sending me stuff that adds clutter to my home and stress to my life. I have more than I need..

Dual or multi purpose items work great for tiny or small space living. I do not think you have to give up changing out decor or completely restrict your desire to decorate your small home for different seasons. I bought this little truck and it was originally yellow. I spray painted it white and I have used it for so many things. I have used it as a candy dish (before I removed refined sugar from my diet). I have used it in my bathroom to hold guest soaps. I have used it on my porch to hold tiny succulents.
This year I mostly used it on my kitchen table to hold the salt, pepper and Tabasco. And of course here it is this Christmas under a vintage style silver faux tree.

I have not purchased any new Christmas decor for many years now. I don't think that I will ever need to either. I put up four Christmas trees this year in my little cottage. And I have a couple in storage that I have yet to bring out. Maybe next year?  I opt for ornaments that are tiny and reflective as well as flat ornaments such as my snowflakes which store away easily in minimal space.

 This old hand made vintage cabinet (above) is a prized possession of mine. I adore the untouched original patina and the mis matched hardware. It dates back well over a century. I was thrilled that it fit on this wall within less than one quarter of an inch. Once I measured it, I knew she was coming home with me.  Back in the day they used a LOT of this green paint color.

My farmhouse is mostly dressed in shades of white, off white, greige and gray except for this vintage piece. IT is sort of a sage green which is a calming color to me and works well in my home. The vintage scale is the same exact color. For winter I have a Hot Chocolate station.

 This little hand made snowman or snow woman was purchased at an art and craft show many years ago. It fit perfectly on this little Victorian shelf this Christmas. A thrift store scrabble game was a deal at just fifty cents and allows me to add messages in the tiniest of spaces.

Tiny trees from the dollar store line the top shelf.  I like using small shelf's in the farmhouse. They allow me to change them up as often as I want, with out adding nails to hang things.

I don't blog for months on end and then post a picture heavy update. I won't share my bedroom or front room holiday decor because..well because that would take a whole other post and you guys know how I roll by now. However, I am sharing a few photos of my tiny 42' sq bathroom dressed up for Christmas. Am I the only blogger just now blogging about Christmas? Ah, life is good in the country. 

When living in a tiny home, one must get creative when it comes to decorating. The bathroom window has a deep sill that holds seasonal and everyday items. Another 'Dollar Store' Christmas tree  keeps company with a sweet tiny vintage oil lamp that actually works and is used quite often.

What is this you ask? When my forty two square foot tiny bathroom was remodeled , I requested a built in spot for my toilet paper rolls. Actually one can be stored on top but why waste a great nook to decorate. I always say.. cute rules over practical. A vintage itty bitty nativity fit this nook perfectly.

A bit of shiny bling bling surrounds a faux silk rose. This spot is just above my claw foot tub.

Ah,, I so look forward to soaking in my tub at the end of the day. A perfect place to relax IMO.

Thanks for popping in to visit my corner of the world. I am looking forward to spending time this month sifting through my favorite blogs and catching up on what is new in your life. I hope this year finds you in good health and surrounded with blessings.

As always I will  not let a blog post go by without letting you know that - It is never to late to have a happy childhood. Many of us as children as well as adults have experienced hiccups, neglect, and dysfunction as well as early childhood trauma. We can choose to listen to the inner child, honor our inner child and re parent that hurt, angry, abused or neglected child.. Be kind to yourself and know that you are made in the image of God and he adores you just as you are now today. Blessings-

Should any reader desire prayer please do not hesitate to ask. I will not post your request publicly but will honor your privacy and hold you in prayer, just please request to not have your comment go public. If you care to have your comment go public so other believers can also lift you up in prayer that is also fine. Make your request for privacy or your comments will be public. Other believers in the Lord JESUS CHRIST-please hold up others in prayer. Prayer is powerful. Please visit back to share what God has done in your life as you see fit.

 God restores and turns ashes into beauty. He heals and I truly know that while I am a blessed child of God, I know that I am not home yet. I am a pilgrim in this land.  The JOY of the LORD is my strength and may it be yours.

                                                                   Love, Tonita
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