Jan 3, 2021


 Yes this is one of those porch pondering type of posts. Well, kinda- It is a lil chilly outside here in these mountains to sit on the porch for any length of time. It was beautiful sunny weather in the 60's yesterday, but to me that is not porch dwelling weather. Any whooo- I know so many conservatives feel down and discouraged these days. God has this folks- HE is not worried and HE is still on the thrown. However, I firmly believe that born again Christians have dropped the ball in doing our part in this fight of good vs evil and of what is currently playing out in the political world. 

If you stopped by today to see a tiny house photo or holiday decor sorry to disappoint, please skip over to a fluffy house blog now instead of reading any further as you will find none of that here today. I never am looking for or concerned with pleasing everyone who is here. I am true to myself and while I sincerely hope the best for all readers I refuse to tickle anyone's ears to keep visitors to my blog. 

The church as a whole is so put off with President Trumps language and non perfect behavior or at how he tweets or says something that they find offensive that they forget what God has done in their own lives. No man or woman is perfect and God only uses the screwed up and flawed people like you and me all through the bible. Get over it. Jesus did not run for President.

The church in it's effort to be so politically correct and not offend anyone has watered down the gospel time and time again. Sweet and well meaning Christians that have conservative family and pro life values have been so sweet that they have exchanged a soft answer, and turned many cheeks instead of  taking a stand against baby murder and many other things they know are seriously against God's word. It is sickening that churches are bound up from preaching the truth because they are 5013c which limits their free speech. I would love to see churches free from the bondage that 5013c government status that limits and legally binds what is preached from the pulpit. 

I am sickened that one by one free speech is being banned and removed from Twitter, FB, IG and so many other social platforms. We need to wake up as this is a time for Spiritual Warfare. What can we do right NOW?  Pray and fast. I have entered into a 21 day water fast as I pray for our nation. Tuesday is the big day. THIS TUESDAY. Please join me in prayer and if you feel lead to fast, please do. This is important for our country and for those of you who have children and grand children.  Here is a small prayer list for today if you care to make a difference in this battle of good vs evil.

Pray that Jan 6th will be the day when the steal of votes  in many States which is criminal fraud will be exposed.

 Pray that Vice President Pence will have COURAGE and NOT certify this fraudulent and rigged election.

Pray that all inferior and dishonest advice from Pence's attorneys will not reach or influence him..

Pray that  illegal electors will be disregarded

Pray for strength, courage and wisdom for the 140 in the House who are stepping forward to contest this rigged election. Pray that more (ALL) senators will come forward and make a stand against this rigged Presidential election.

Pray for the current senate race going on in GA.

Most of  lifelong republicans are in bed with big money and are self serving and need to be removed from office. Unfortunately the swamp is still over flowing with scumbags. Yep- I said that.

I do not have a pet sitter or I would be at the Trump rally this Wed in DC. Our President has requested that patriots come out for this very important rally event. this Wed Jan 6th from 10-5pm.  You can read more about it it at www.wildprotest.com or www.TrumpMarch.com . I will be on my way to the Trump rally in GA tomorrow afternoon/eve. If any of you attend either rally I would love for you to do a guest post on my blog. 

 Below is a great video about the current voter fraud in GA that is very easy to understand and it is not to long. You researcher types who are the politically woke folk should not miss this one. You will never ever find this on the daily communist news shows.



For those who would appreciate some daily encouragement and prayer you will appreciate the video below. Dutch Sheets provides a daily short video, never longer that 15 minutes at most. You will be encouraged from Gods word and be led in a prayer for current world events. Be sure to subscribe to this YouTube video series and join thousands in the short daily prayer for out nation.

 I am expecting and believing for President Trump to have FOUR MORE YEARS as President and I hope you will join me in exercising your faith (believing things not yet seen). And while I pray for this fraudulent election I also want to pray for anyone reading this who needs prayer for themselves or for their family.
 Please feel free to leave your prayer requests in the comment section. After moderation of your comment it will be posted for others to read UNLESS you request privacy, and then it will not be made public on my blog. You are also welcome to leave a general comment in regard to this post but remember if you have a prayer request that you want to keep private you MUST let me know so it is not published.  You might consider sending a public comment and a private comment to keep personal prayer requests between you and I if that is your desire.  For other readers, if you are a believer then by all means pray for anyone asking for prayer. Thanks for participating in this way- as we all need prayer and encouragement. God Bless you all and stay strong during this battle of good vs evil. Praise reports are also welcomed here.

You all know I always end each post with this-
"It is never too late to create a happy childhood  - Make time to play"

Oct 29, 2020


Today I will be sharing photos of my never before seen sleeping porch, along with some ramblings about my life. Y'all know I ramble. I don't own a cell phone and today is the first day I have plugged in my computer in weeks. This post is a way to let folks and family know I am still alive over here in the mountains and all is well. If you are trying to call me..sorry- home phone currently is on "off" mode. I will resurface again at a later date.
My only real pumpkin - I prefer the faux ones as to not replace them each year

Amazingly beautiful warm weather and pleasant gentle breezes are currently undressing the trees in the woods and on the mountains that surround my tiny farmhouse. This is my least favorite season of the year because it leaves me seriously missing my favorite summer season and many 'never hot enough' but still beautiful bright blue sky summer days. Having lived in CA for 38 years and then WA state for many more years and Alaska for three years, I would not trade one day here in the Appalachian mountains for a day back on the West coast or Alaska. However,  I would  pick Alaska over the previous states I lived in before NC.  It's been over five years since I planted roots here in Western NC and I have not one regret. It is not the place for everyone, but for me, it is perfect. I love it here for now.
My farm charm cottage covered porch

Open shelving invites easy seasonal changes

Years ago I used to yearn for a covered porch and while shopping online only for my farmhouse it was on my list of "must haves". Praise God, HE he gave me the desires of my heart. Currently, I am enjoying the solitude of my covered sleeping porch, be it in the day or the night hours of the best Fall ever. I am an introvert and a happy and content loner, so I am making the most of the beautiful, sunny, warm Fall weather and hiding out for my much needed days in solitude. I am thoroughly enjoying these warm lazy days alone (except for my fur children) on my sleeping porch, while sipping fresh mulled hot apple cider or Turmeric tea, and enjoying good eats and reads. 
My covered porch and uncovered deck and patio area

All through the summer months I have had a slew of friends, neighbors and acquaintances stop in to visit and often share a meal or drinks. It is just a Southern Hospitality kind of thing to do (chat and visit and entertain) and I am trying hard to get used to it and be better at it. It is not always easy to share my time or home with others as I prefer to be alone for the most part. But, I know God has something to say about this all, so... well - I try to listen and open my home and share time with others, even when it's not my first choice or always easy for me to do. I do thank God for the nice folks I have met here in the mountains and a few of them are near and dear to my heart, and they understand my need for down or alone time. To them, I say Thank You for understanding.
      Cottage garden and cafe is the vibe here. Vintage coffee pot & tea cups hold faux succulents

 I have  never in my life experienced feeling lonely and as every true introvert knows, spending time with folks tends to be for the most part, very draining as opposed to energizing. It's been a super busy 'get together with friends' kind of year and I am utterly exhausted and am finally taking time again for myself to honor my deep needs and desire for silence, peace, time alone and much desired privacy. This porch quite often serves as a place to hide out.

Great spot to relax

Garden tools are hidden in a vintage tater bin

 I have in the past shared many photos of my privacy fence that surrounds my deck. I had vintage wavy glass windows installed in the fence just to confuse the builder. Not really, just because I like to add a new spin here and there in my home and yard decor. Patio furniture and an umbrella table offers seating options on the uncovered deck and a comfy chalk painted chair and Ikea daybed offer covered seating.

        All weather wicker furniture found on Craigslist for $20.00 creates a cozy patio vibe

My vintage farmhouse porch used to be a wrap around porch. I had it partitioned off to form two separate porches instead. It just works out better that way for my dogs and my desire to have a separate porch where the dogs don't fill my daybed with their hair. As it is, I pass out lint  k9/hair rollers to guests like party favors.

Former yellow truck painted white and left outside to rust

Being that an outside mattress would get moldy, stinky and attract mice on a porch, I choose to use an air mattress on the daybed. I dab or spray peppermint essential oil on the comforter to repel mice and it works really well. Y'all know I love to decorate so this wrought iron shelf works great for me to switch things out as the whim strikes me. I use lots vintage saucers and cups on the shelves and around my patio and on the fence to add pops of color. I purchased pillow covers to change out the accent pillows with the seasons. The covers don't take up much space which is super important in tiny or small homes. I store them under the daybed inside plastic bags and totes.

Vintage teacup holds faux succulent from the dollar store

Reading nook on the covered porch.

Vintage chicken feeder filled with faux succulents

Faux mini pumpkins and faux succulents are a great easy care choice

All faux- perfect for my lifestyle



  • I hope each and every reader is making time to enjoy natures Fall gifts this season. Please remember it is never to late to have a happy childhood. Make time to play.




Jun 28, 2020


Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to certain colors, home goods or decorating styles? What inspired you to start collecting a certain item? Was it a childhood memory, a special person or?  What feeling do those things evoke deep inside you?

 I  gravitate towards items that remind me of years gone by. What about you? I use colors, art and items that create an invitation to a feeling of  calm. I mix in odd or quirky things that make me smile. I don't care about current home trends or the paint color of the year. They are just selling paint and promoting consumerism that fades away with each new trend. I especially like to use things in my farmhouse cottage that make my heart sing and / or remind me of biblical truths.

 My home is by no means a fashion statement but it is a perfectly imperfect sweet spot where I dwell on this earth for time being. I am grateful and blessed yet  just like one of my favorite songs proclaims - All I know is, I'm not home yet and this is not where I belong. If you want to know what I mean by that statement listen to this short song video clip below.

 In the meantime.....
 I'm drawn to many forms, sizes and textures of certain items in particular. Some of the smaller home  decor items that capture my attention can be seen throughout my little cottage. My mini collections include hearts, vintage keys, sheep, pigs, bunnies, birds, nests and crowns. Tea cups, old quilts and galvanized watering cans can be found on my covered porches. This post will zero in (at some point) on crowns.

 I also have a thing for old chippy painted doors and windows, for well over three decades. I collected them long before they were a desirable 'must have' in today farmhouse style. I love that my old farmhouse still has most of the original wavy glass panes still intact. Let my eyes spot old fret work, or vintage porch columns, and I swoon over such treasures. Cast iron sinks, rusty items that tell a story..Yes please. You can probably tell that I would much rather spend a day at a salvage yard than take an all expense paid shopping trip to a mall. That says it all. 

Living in a tiny 570' farmhouse has helped me to walk away from some amazing deals, and curb my appetite to posses more things. I have a 'one item in, five items out' rule for myself. At this season in life I'm satisfied with all that I'm in charge over. I need nothing more. I am looking at things differently these days and I am tired of the make it, break it, buy it, use it, toss it circle of consumerism, of which I have been partaking of for way to long. Maybe this is a phase and maybe not? I have zero desire, nor a plan to become a minimalist, I've just reached a point where I no longer desire to purchase nor posses any more STUFF.

That all being expressed (cause ya all know I need to do that).... I will move forward with sharing some photos found online as well as some of the crowns that pop up here and there and there and there and there...in my little farmhouse. One of the reasons I like crowns is because they remind me of just
 who I am. Especially on those days where the enemy works hard to try and make me forget just who I am. I hope these photos will encourage you to remember who's you are if you are a believer in JESUS.

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One of my all time favorite memes. Source - Pinterest

The perfect way to remind yourself of your true identity. Download our "I am the daughter of a King" lock screen or wallpaper for your phone.
Source - Pinterest

Better than clothes and makeup is being in His presence. His beauty rubs off on your heart. :))
Source - Pinterest

What is the symbolic meaning of a crown?
A crown is a traditional symbolic form of head adornment worn by a monarch or by a deity (as distinct from a hat), for whom the crown traditionally represents power, legitimacy, victory, triumph, honor, and glory, as well as immortality, righteousness, and resurrection.


Okay, so play along with me. As a child.... did any of you gals take flower petals and make slippers for your Barbie dolls? I did, I used fuchsia's and I made them sweet crowns out of flower petals buds and leaves. I embrace and honor my inner child to this day as I make tiny crowns and place them on faux farmhouse critters. This is where my sense of whimsy comes into play.

                                          Paper napkins with a sheep in a garden made crown

Looking out my kitchen window past a birdie with a crown

  Kitchen towel- No pigs in a blanket at my house

French statuary complete with a crown

Shiny crown on a little rusty bird, all dressed up and no place to fly

Crowned bird is resting on the front room window

Sleepy princess

Bunny in a glittered crown

Crowned birdie

All I know is I'm not home yet... no suitcase needed

Crowned buck on a front room pillow

Crowned brown cow - say that ten x in a row

A crown and cross hang from my vintage headboard

Crowned bird watches over me as I sleep

Shabby chic crowned critter sits next to my tub


As always please remember that it is never to late to have a happy childhood. If you missed one the first time around then create one for yourself this very day. I took a break between uploading photos for this blog post. I took one of my dogs for a walk and went to a park. I took off my shoes and walked through the sand and got on a swing and had a ball. I came home and googled "princess on a swing" and found this photo below. I love it, even though I have no idea what is going on in the lower half of it? She looks to be wearing a crown?

XO, Tonita

Lol... even if it goes terribly wrong.

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