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Sep 14, 2011

Building the outside chicken coop run -

Keeping chickens seemed like the perfect solution, to my desire for fresh organic eggs. I try to take very good of all the critters in my life, and my chickens are no exception. After watching me re-purpose an old playhouse and turn it into a fancy little chicken coop, my friend decided that I needed a chicken coop run attached to the side of the hen house so they would have a safe and secure place outdoors, when they are not free ranging on the land. He built a secure enclosure that will keep any predator out. And now my hens have a great space that will allow them to go outside and still be sheltered from the rain.

I am a 'shabby chic, it will do' kind of gal while my builder and friend is a 'perfectionist plus' kind of guy. So, we continue to learn to work together and compromise on projects and areas where we both have completely different ideas. Most guys eyes just glaze over at the thought of the whole shabby chic decor movement. My friend thinks that items that are rusty or have paint chipping off them should be tossed into the burn pile or taken to the dump. I think those same items are treasures and I am thrilled with each old or vintage object that I can re-purpose. My coop ended up being a combination of shabby, vintage, old and also brand new. Sometimes it works well to blend opposing thoughts, ideas and plans.

The little coop is in it's final resting place, in a beautiful spot in the front yard. I wanted it to set it at an angle along the fence line, and the outside coop run needed to be built at a different angle to fit perfectly along side of the coop. It took a lot of planning and a lot of time. Being that my builder is a perfectionist he bought all new materials to work with and told me once he was finished that I could beat it up and fill the run with rusty and chippy painted vintage items to give it a distressed feel. What a guy. He is finally getting it, or at least it seems that way.

              Below are some pictures of the coop run being built and attached to the hen house.

    A trench was dug out and pressure treated cedar was laid below the earth to predator proof it.

               Gravel was dropped in along the foundation boards for drainage and reinforcement.

          The framing is put in place for the roofing material. Nothing shabby about this work. 

                                       Every board is plum and all the notches are perfect.

(Below)  - This is the doorway cutout that leads from the hen house out to the run.
It was cut this way because a fancy vintage wrought iron piece was used on the opposite side to frame out the archway and add a bit of style for the hens run.  Yep, that is wallpaper you see.

My little chicken coop is a work in progress. I am currently painting the outside run, and of course I will be decorating that also. However, that part may have to wait until next spring.

I will post more pictures and updates from my coop as time goes by. Thanks for visiting.
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