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Dec 25, 2018

Farmhouse bedroom dressed for Christmas -2018

As the final hours of this glorious Christmas day are approaching, I am finally sharing (just what is the rush?) more farmhouse goodness. These photos were taken on different days over the past two weeks. If you would like to see my front room decorated for Christmas just go back one post.

 I think that a lot of bloggers self impose stress on themselves in order to get a post up by a certain date. I am not one of those self proclaimed home stylist bloggers. I give myself permission to 'roll slow' these days, live in the moment and break all so called rules that would otherwise manifest into stressful "have to" or "must do" deadline moments.  I wasn't always like this, I used to live a rushed and, 'way to busy', over scheduled every minute type of life, no more. Relocating to and living in these beautiful Appalachian mountains has a way of chilling a person out. Especially,- if you move here from the West coast or the Pacific North West, like I did. Life is so much different here, and all in a very good way. My only regret is not leaving the West coast much sooner than I did.

 Back to my farmhouse....My bedroom is very small but also sufficient for my needs at this time in my life. It has the original plank walls and molding as well as the original plank flooring. Oh, yeah- wavy glass window panes abound in this little farmhouse. Since this 570' farmhouse is a real OLD farmhouse it is drafty in the winter. That just comes with life in a real farmhouse. Can I get a witness from anyone else who lives in a REAL farmhouse?  Winter invites use of heavy blankets and an assortment of quilts. I bet some of you are surprised to see that I actually use more than monochromatic colors in my farmhouse decor. But I do change it up now and again with my whims and seasons. I found this old simple quilt for just $10.00. It is a tad colorful and somewhat bright for my taste, but  it will be changed out as the weather warms up and the drafts stop flowing.

A vintage iron bed fits this space perfectly

In different lightening this old quilt shows it's true colors.

A pink Christmas tree gives off a beautiful glow at night

A handmade vintage angel relaxes on my bed

Another pink Christmas tree sits on my bedroom shelf

A crown, a cross and floral sachet's hang on my iron headboard

My vintage prayer bench is the perfect height for kneeling and prayers

This little angel sits in different spots throughout my farmhouse

Farmhouse bedroom 2018

 Merry Christmas

Vintage quilt, only ten dollars at a flea market.

Original plank ceiling, walls and flooring

Angel resting on my bed side table

Christmas Day -2018

Yes, I do own furniture that I have not yet painted

Cozy farmhouse bedroom at Christmas

Early morning bedroom light

I'm dreaming of a Pink Christmas

My peaceful farmhouse bedroom

My R&G very rare vintage corset bust - one of my favorite things

I have more photos to share but I might hold onto them so that I can shock myself and get a post up early next  Dec. LOL. Then again, since I march to a different drummer, I may share them later in the week.

 I hope y'all had a blessed Christmas. YOU are the reason for the season. Jesus is not the reason, the reason is YOU. HE was born, died, rose again to bring salvation to the world. He came to the world in flesh for you to receive salvation and life on earth more abundantly and because HE adores us and desires to dwell with all his creation in a one on one personal relationship. If you would like prayer please leave a comment, and if you do not want your comment public, just let me know and I will read it personally and pray for you. It will be posted unless you request privacy. God bless you.

As always - Remember, that it is NEVER too late for a happy childhood. Now please make time to play, and hopefully make time to pray.

With love and Christmas blessings...

Dec 18, 2018

Farmhouse Cottage Christmas 2018

Traditionalist - is a word that does not describe me in any way what so ever. I have no 'must do's' on my Christmas list. In fact, I don't even make a Christmas list. Some years I decorate and some years I don't bother digging out my ornaments nor the off gassing faux Christmas tree. Yes.. that's right- faux Christmas trees even from the over priced companies like 'Balsam overkill Hill'  are made in China and are toxic.Warnings suggest washing your hands after handling faux trees and advise that children and pets do not come in contact with the tree due to lead exposure. Holiday buzz kill, yeah, I know. After learning this I now use USA made leather work gloves to set up my faux tree. All that aside, I felt super happy and very festive this season and decided to dress up this little cottage for Christmas.
 I went all out this year by adding Christmas cheer to the front room, the dining nook, the bedroom and even a dash of Christmas charm in my itty-bitty bathroom. Do y'all decorate your bathroom for the holidays? I don't know what got into me this year, but I'm posting pics that document the results.

A mantle with multiple shelving options works out great in a 570' tiny farmhouse
These tiny silver trees remind me of the vintage silver trees from the 50's.

One of my favorite chippy & tattered vintage frames

Natural and painted pine-cones add charm and are a cheap ornament


This little bird is wearing a dainty crown

This little iron dog with wings is a favorite of mine. He is also wearing a crown

Mantle jewelry adds bling for the holidays


My coffee table is an old wash basin stand with wheels and it also folds down flat


A vintage star tree top adds ambiance in this little space



A cozy spot to snuggle up for cold winter evenings



A vintage rocking chair was a bargain for $25.00

My tiny front room dressed for Christmas

A chippy rusty angel dog sporting a crown and pearls

Chain garland holds vintage family photos as well as silver paper stars 

Thanks for visiting the front room in my little 570' farmhouse in the Appalachian mountains. Come   back soon to see more farmhouse goodness. I will be sharing pictures of my kitchen nook and the     bedroom as well as my Christmas tree in upcoming posts.

                                    Remember - It is never too late to have a happy childhood.


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