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Nov 28, 2021


 Officially Fall runs well into December, the 21st to be exact. I realize that Christmas lights and trees often go up just minutes after Thanksgiving passes but in my cottage there is no rush to move the pumpkins out the door just yet. If I do put up a tree I do it closer to Christmas eve, and I leave it up through Jan when it's lights brighten up short winter days. No rush on my part to jump into the next Hallmark holiday. I am going to linger in this Fall décor awhile longer. I no longer invite one drop of  holiday stress into my life. Been there, done that. Holiday commercialism drives me bonkers-no thanks.

I have to admit it's been unusually hard for me to get back into the swing of decorating my little vintage farmhouse. Normally I enjoy fluffing up my home especially with the change of the seasons. Not inspired in that way these days. The crumbling state of our world definitely sends me down bunny trails. But GOD!!! I trust in HIM and my only hope is in GOD and HIS word which tells us clearly of things to come. While, the rapid pace of world events should be no surprise to believers it sill feels stressful to me. I often think of  those old radio broadcasts that were interrupt by "this is only a test" message. But this unfortunately is our new realty. I have watched strong Christian friends completely come unraveled in this time. Fighting off spiritual attacks as well as living in this evil and very corrupt world is taking a toll on so many. It is a good vs evil battle for sure. Yet, we are to endure to the end.

 I have been involved in peaceful protesting at schoolboard meetings as well as health department meetings and have been out and about on the streets with props and signs to  give voice to  my free speech rights while there is still time. My days of protests on the UC Berkeley campus for different reasons back in the days have come alive again. Even though I am not a mom, I stand against grammar school children being FORCED to wear face diapers and eventually being forced into taking un constitutional experimental FDA (mafia) toxic clot shots jabbed into their little bodies. I'm for CHOICE  and against the far reaching destructive government mandates. I watch Dan Bongino and he talks about it being time for mass civil disobedience NOW and I could not agree with him any more.  That is what I am passionate about these days, not so much my home décor. 

My home is a place to relax, recharge and most importantly a place to retreat and hide out in the privacy that I so relish. So recently I pushed convinced  myself  to decorate this Fall to create a different inside vibe. I used my white and green colored faux pumpkins and also some gray and white checked fabric ones this year. Of course lots of candles to help create relaxing evenings at home.

I am definitely a non traditionalist when it comes to holidays, perhaps some of that has to do with so many dysfunctional 'family of origin' holiday memories, combined with my effort to not get caught up in commercialism. Now, I embrace and yearn for a quiet, private day to myself when Thanks-giving and Christmas roll around. Being an introvert and also a loner I normally dodge holiday invites in order to retreat and relax with my beloved dogs, add in a good read or movie all in the comfort of my own cozy home, ahhh perfect day!!!

 I don't eat turkey and so I am just not into sitting around a table eating bread out of a dead birds butt. Hey- just being real. Smile. The only dish I like on a traditional Thanksgiving  menu is candied yams or mashed potatoes- no gravy please. That is it. I don't want to see a dead bird, hate stuffing, cranberries and pumpkin pie no matter how I try to fake it. I am done accepting thoughtful invites and wondering how I can go un-noticed for only eating potatoes. Awkward! Am I the only one who just isn't into all that kind of holiday food?  It's stressful to me to be interrogated at a holiday dinner. I do remember the time I truly enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal and it was Swedish style. Salmon, no turkey, seasoned rice, no stuffing,  a beautiful green salad, fresh veggies not killed and hidden under mushroom soup and yep no pumpkin pie. YUMMY !!!. Now that was a  delicious Thanksgiving meal to remember IMO. 

I made delish, Organic, killer tacos topped with mango salsa for Thanksgiving dinner. Later in the day I was gifted with white chocolate dipped strawberries and a huge box of chocolates which consisted of chocolate dipped marshmallow squares, chocolate dipped peanut butter balls, Chocolate dipped mint Oreo's and much more. Who needs a boy friend? LOL. A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle. Just sayin.  Okay- I soon need to get back to my 'no refined sugar' lifestyle but for now I am off the wagon and indulging in all that delivered to my door sweet, sweet goodness. 

 Oh yeah, my fav self invented hot drink that I named ' Puerto Rican Hot Apple Pie' is wonderful on chilly Fall and Winter nights. Heat fresh spiced apple cider (not apple juice)  add  Butterscotch Schnapps and top with vegan coconut whipped cream (way better than regular whipped cream).. Sprinkle lots of cinnamon on top  The best ever Fall and Winter Hot drink for chilly nights. Enjoy. 

Thanks to my dear friend who actually made every delish morsel in this box. You are loved and appreciated SO much. 

Not only was I spoiled with these amazing treats but white chocolate dipped dog bones were made for all the children who dress in fur at my home. They devoured them. Thanks so much L & M. You so spoil me. 

I hope that in this crazy world you each find and dwell in pockets of peace. It's hard out here. Stay strong and realize there are 3 types of people in this world. Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs. Many are weary trying to wake the sheeple and there comes a time that you will have to leave the sheep and perhaps wake the other lions and dwell in the pride. You woke ones will understand exactly what I am saying. God bless the sheep, God bless the Sheepdogs. Stay strong, stay alert. 

Again and always- remember it is never to late to create a happy childhood. It sure seems harder these days to do that but little by little. 

Happy holidays and Blessings to y'all.

Scroll down to the comment section if you care to share. This blog is a safe place for patriots, proud non vaxers and strong conservatives.


Aug 4, 2021


 With heavy heart I am back to say this -

    A close friend and Virus researcher has kept meticulous notes & statistics since the beginning of this Chinese PLANdemic and she has been most helpful to me in guiding me to additional wellness products for the season we are in. We are NO longer free people in America we do not have free speech any longer nor access to health products that work, against the plan of the elite and we are heavily censored, and the day is coming when the fake vaccination police will knock on your door. BEWARE and hopefully be locked and loaded as well as prepped.


 My heart goes out to those whose numbers are in the tens of thousands now who have died, become paralyzed, have weakened their immune system and are VERY sick, many of whom with no insurance to cover a non FDA approved drug. All directly related to the jab that they believed was for their own good. This grieves us deeply. This post is dedicated to Deb in appreciation of her long hours of study and research and detailed and diligent record keeping. Thank You from the bottom of my heart - You are SO appreciated. 

Also- this post is in memory of the victims of this pretend vaccine. The ones no news dare to report on, the voices that have been silenced, except for deep searching and video viewing of their stories before most are banned, and taken down. It is sickening that the victims of the BIO WEAPON JAB are being silenced. I am SO SORRY.

 Copy and paste the below link for a short video that you won't see on the daily news lieworks.



Here are the supplements that 5 Holistic doctors use themselves to keep their immune system functioning at its best in these trying times. Should you feel symptoms of ill health and especially if you work close to, live with or socialize near bio weapon (JABBED!!!!) people, yes- that is right- many after watching rapid health declines in those jabbed are concerned about bio weapon shedding from those who are JABBED.  We want to strengthen our immune system in holistic and dietary ways. The below supplements are what many concerned people use as well as the Holistic doctors themselves as seen in the below video. Sorry- not able to link it for you to click it here as as Blogger only lets videos uploaded from my computer or those censored ones from youtube to be uploaded on this blogger platform. Just copy and paste in your search engine before it is taken down by the internet police.



To be very clear - I am not a health care practitioner and I do not make any recommendations about what may or may not work for anyone’s immune system or health. The below supplements are only part of my Holistic wellness pantry along with herbal tinctures, homeopathic remedies, and essential oils. Also- a healthy diet filled with fresh Organic (when possible) veggies and fruit and fresh purified water (NOT water from a plastic bottle) are great choices for supporting an immune system and overall thriving vs surviving.

In a quest for a good trustworthy supplement brand I am happy with the Now Foods brand which I have used for many years as part of my wellness regimen. Do your own research and buy what works best for your health needs and concerns.


I did a price comparison for each supplement listed below with no brand substitutes at www.VitaCost.com as well as Amazon. I chose to order from Vita Cost and here’s why.  Combined with a 15% discount, 20% discount If you are new to Vita Cost and place a first time order, I saved over $19.00 going with Vita Cost and also got FREE shipping, like Amazon members get. No membership fee at Vita Cost. Keep in mind prices may change at any time and I am not affiliated with any brand or company in this post, nor do I have any discount codes to offer you. And really- I am thrilled to not be supporting any trips to the moon for those connected to Amazon. On second thought maybe I should of paid more and help support his trip back to the moon in hopes he would stay there.


About the below list - I am in no way affiliated with the below brands and or companies listed, nor do I receive any incentives or money from them. I am sharing my personal current supplement list for this season of my life and having been inspired by the 5 Holistic doctors video. Link to that is above.

 If I feel that I am getting sick I will immediately use 1200 mg of the NAC everyday for 3 days and then 1200 mg 2x a day for 3 days Then 1200 mg 1x a day for 2 weeks. I will use Magnesium 500 mg 1x a day during that time if and when needed. I will also double up on all supplements. Not for everyone- do your research this is not advice , my protocol only. YOUR BODY YOUR CHOICE.


Brand name and product SKU # -highlighted in YELLOW

Product name is highlighted in GREEN

Quantity is highlighted in Fushia

Price of product highlighted in Blue


  THE LIST - Purchased from www.VitaCost.com and last 2 products are from the InfoWarsStore.com

NOW Foods brand NAC -- 1000 mg - 120 Tablets  SKU# 733739001856  $13.79                   


NOW Foods Brand, Quercetin With Bromelain -- 240 Vegetarian Capsules  SKU #733739030719 $27.99


 NOW Foods Brand NAC -- 1000 mg - 120 Tablets SKU #733739001856 $13.79


Garden of Life Vitamin Code Brand® RAW Zinc™® Zinc™ -- 60 Vegan Capsules SKU #658010116527 $10.59


NOW Foods Brand  Vitamin A -- 25000 IU - 250 Softgels SKU #733739003423 $8.32


NOW Foods Brand Vitamin D-3 -- 10000 IU - 120 Softgels SKU #733739003768 $7.79

Total Price: $15.58

NOW Foods Zinc Picolinate -- 50 mg - 120 Vegetarian Capsules SKU #733739015525 $7.17


NOW Foods brand B-12  -- 2000 mcg - 100 Lozenges SKU #733739004598 $6.63


NOW Foods brand Selenium -- 200 mcg - 90 Vcaps® SKU #733739014856 $4.76  ( I PURCHASED 3 bottles at this price)


NOW Foods brand  AlphaSorb-C® 500 -- 180 Veg Capsules    SKU #: 733739007179    $14.99


 OR- Some prefer Vit C crystals instead of the Capsules, Crystals listed below.


NOW Foods brand Vitamin C Crystals --  8 oz   SKU #: 733739007902   $6.99

I cannot forget my need for the wonderful products below for such a time as this. Both recommended by Holistic Doctors. All-important Magnesium and Iodine each purchased at www.infowarsstore.com


 InfoWars Life  FizzyMagnesium 5.5 oz $19.95  https://www.infowarsstore.com/fizzy-magnesium

Delish and tastes like an orange Creamsicle from your childhood. Brand new 64- 94% positive reviews.


 InfoWars Life Iodine1floz https://www.infowarsstore.com/survival-shield-x-2-nascent-iodine (6,635- 98% positive reviews) WOW...!!!!!! 

Top of the line products on the Infowars site above. Current sale price of   $23.95 


Vita Cost has customer service by phone and it is so easy to call and place an order as well as use their website.My oder at Vita Cost was under ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for all on that list PLUS the cost of the last 2 products - A low cost investment in my health.


Now before it is too late, go outside and and do some earthing (walking barefoot on the earth) and go play like someone left the gate wide open for you. It is never to late to have a happy childhood. A happy adulthood in these days is oftentimes questionable IMO- but heck yeah to play like a kid- I can do that. I hope you can also  God Bless.

PS.  If you care to comment scroll all the way to the bottom of this page. We do not have to agree but this is a safe place for conservatives and for those who opt out of the so named Covid vaccination depopulation (IMO) agenda.




























































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