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Apr 1, 2018


 I placed a few eggs and nests throughout my little farmhouse cottage a few days ago. It has been a slow go for spring to arrive here in the Appalachian mountains.  Finally.... sigh..It is about time.


 For me, eggs have a  deeper meaning than pretty decor that is part of a Spring time decorating trend. Eggs are part of the Passover Seder, as well as being the target of a Easter egg hunt for children. They represent many  different things to Jews, Messianic Jews and Christians who celebrate Passover or Easter at this time of year.


  An egg once laid seems to be perfect on it's own. They can be eaten raw, boiled, scrambled, fried, over easy or incorporated into a favorite recipe. Still, the egg itself is incomplete as it can become much more. It can come alive, apart from it's existence and usefulness as an egg.  And so it is with us. There is also more for us as human beings. We can also be transformed and have a new life, which we receive when we enter into a relationship with our Heavenly Father by accepting and inviting Jesus to live in our heart.

And that is so exciting it makes me do a happy dance. We have the potential to have new life when we are born again from above. We might be good eggs, but there is much more for us. We can come alive in a new way. When we invite Jesus to be the Lord of our lives we can then live up to our potential as a child of God. We can have a new life, and a new realized purpose and potential.


GOD is a good GOD and HE adores you. You are made in the image of GOD and well HE is just so in love with HIS creation.  At this time of year when Passover and Easter is observed by millions around the world, I am so thankful for the bless-ed assurance of HIS love for his kids. A relationship with God does NOT mean religion. Religion binds one up and God came to set us free from sin and bondage. Praise God. You can pray anyplace, anytime, right now or in the shower, garden or where you feel comfortable. 

                                   These little sheepies remind me of the lamb of GOD.


   I hope you enjoyed seeing peeks of my little farmhouse as we enter a much welcomed season of Spring or at least a season of Spring that is trying. Many blessings to you and yours.







 As you observe the wonders of this season, remember it is never ever to late to have a happy childhood. Take off your shoes and walk through the grass, dirt or even on pebbles. Take a break from your computer, your phone, and social media and go play or dance like nobody is watching you. Try to be present with what is before you. I dare you to take off your shoes today and go walk around outside barefoot and fancy free, even if  it's for 5minutes.. Let me know in the comment section if you allowed yourself the joy of this experience. It is called 'earthing' and it actually a very healthy thing to incorporate into your life on a regular basis.

                                   Many blessings. Happy Yappy Spring Time to you and yours.

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