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Nov 1, 2011

In and around the coop

 I am blessed. Living in the country allows me to observe the process that many trees go through, as they oddly undress for the coldest months of the year. The cool winds of Autumn take many deep breaths in an effort to blow the beautiful leaves from their branches.  Thus far, most that surround me are refusing to budge from their 'connected place' and they are still hanging on for dear life before their final surrender, which will send them to their destiny.  

October 31, and the leaves are still holding on

The Coop for pampered chickens

A mini pumpkin

The fancy vintage wrought iron archway for the pampered chickens

Hank checks out the mini pumpkins

Not quite sure about the pumpkins

A lavender Orpington hen checks out her options.

Halloween at the coop

What is this? Who cares, LET"S EAT.

Small ceramic vintage chickens sit in the window flower boxes attached to the coop

Tricks are over, now it is time for treats.I make a cold stew mixture of organic foods for the chickens each morning.

Here they are enjoying Organic raw goats milk, raw sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, oats, grapes, sprouts, peas and brewers yeast, along with super green food supplements.

Come inside the coop

Another trick, - a plastic spider

OH NO !!!!! Pink spiders - IKE'S

The little chicks insisted I put this sign in the hen house.

Most of my chickens love to be held and they want to sit on my lap whenever they have the chance

 I love to listen to Hank, my rooster - as he practices his garbled crow. He sounds like he could use a throat lozenge but hopefully he will improve with practice. 

Morning dew,  left on a work of art

This is the real deal. I saw this web early in the a.m. near the coop.

Different yet similar. Strength and beauty

If only the spider would sell a set of plans for his web... Ah the possibilities.

Please come back to visit the coop during the Christmas season.

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