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Sep 22, 2013

Summers last gasp ....

Just yesterday summer made its final gasps and allowed some sunshine to break through as a final goodbye to what was a wonderful North West summer. I was working around my yard and decided to stop and snap a few pictures of my storage shed and my chickens to share with you.

A few last glimmers of sunshine broke through the questionable clouds at summers last day of the year. All while, angry clouds and grey skies hovered  in the background just waiting to step up to take center stage. I felt a cool mountain breeze blow lightly through my hair as I sat on my John Deere riding lawn mower to give the field grass the final trim for the year. The leaves on my apple tree seemed  to be in an argument with summers last breeze, as if to say that they were going to continue to clothe the old apple tree as long as they possibly could. The still green leaves have not yet changed into their beautiful fall colors, as tons of yellow apples are still clinging to the branches in protest.


This is my storage shed. It might look larger than my tiny house and that is because it is much larger than my tiny house. It's twenty feet long and ten feet wide. I suppose one could finish it off and make a tiny house out of it. I use it for storage. Instead of just having a plain looking boring storage unit I wanted it to resemble a little cottage. I bought used French doors on Craig's list for $65.00. I then bought new windows with interior grids at a discount contractors overstock supply shop. I paid $35.00 for each window, and they came with screens. Faux shutters were made from scrap cedar wood. I found some metal scroll work pieces at a local craft shop for about $7.00 each and painted them white to add a bit of charm to the shed. Vintage lace valances were $2.00 each at a local thrift shop and were hung on the inside of the shed. I hauled the already made old cedar deck section from my friends old property. It was destined for the burn pile until I salvaged it.  Metal flower boxes were purchased at Grocery outlet for $12.00 each. Road side picket fence sections complete the look I was after when I first had my cottage built.

Below you can see my tiny house on the left, the chicken chateau & run in the center and the shed on the right. Next year I plan on putting some gingerbread trim on my tiny house to make her even sweeter.

Below, My rooster enjoyed his last day of summer and now my neighbor is enjoying chicken soup. The problem with letting eggs hatch is ending up with roosters. I am such a bad farmer girl. I actually searched for a rooster rescue to place 3 of my 5 roos. I could not find one and instead I had to pass them along to my neighbor who was happy to have a good healthy organic meal.


The chickens and roos are enjoying their last day of summer. We will all miss summer SO much.

I grew up in the California bay area and after living in the North West for about 15 or so years I have never adjusted to this weather. I am a sunshine girl, and while some rain is ok, it overwhelms me, every year here in WA state. If I never ever saw rain again, it would be fine with me. But rain aside it is what seems like endless months of grey skies that I do not do well with.  Life is too short and I am unsettled and greatly affected by what seems like never ending months of cold grey weather. We do have many nice summers overall. I soak them in and try to think positive, but fall just reminds me of the long months of grey that is around the corner. So, I have made the decision to move out of state. I am looking at moving into a very rural area in Western N.C.  If any of my followers are from North Carolina, I would love to hear from you. Nothing is set in stone but I am seriously shopping for a new place to call home. 

Many blessings,

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