Oct 6, 2011

The chicken coop is dressed for Fall

I placed mini pumpkins, gourds, apples, Indian corn &  a variety of seasonal squash on a vintage ladder in front of the coop.

The seasons seem to be in a rush. We slipped into a late and very short summer here in WA State. I just said good bye, to my last tiny cupcake rose bloom as cooler weather is fast approaching and we are headed into the Fall season. Yesterday, I was at a big box store and they had roses on sale for 75% off of regular price. I couldn't resist picking up a few more pink and white varieties at that price, to plant near my hen house. Hopefully, they will welcome in next years spring with beautiful blooms and bursts of color that compliment the interior coop decor.  You see, my sweet hens and the rooster are a bit pampered. Check out prior posts to see more coop pictures and the interior, complete with wallpaper and chandelier. Anyway... As I went inside the store to pay for the roses I noticed that the isles were filled with artificial Christmas trees and holiday decorations, geez... can't they at least wait until after Halloween?  They may as well display the plastic pumpkins under the Christmas trees and use a ghost decoration as a tree topper. The overlapping, and rush of holidays just seems ridiculous to me.  For the stores, it is all about marketing and consumerism.  

The Chicken coop - for my pampered chickens.
To see the fancy inside area please see older posts.

On my way home I stopped at a country farmers market to pick up some organic fruit. I felt a sense of calm again, as I took time to appreciate the colors of fall that surrounded me at this locally owned farm stand and little market. I couldn't resist buying some of their beautiful gourds, as well as a few tiny wee-be miniature pumpkins that sat on golden bales of hay. The uniquely shaped gourdes capture the beautiful colors of Fall and are genetically modified man made creations at their best. It is not nice to fool mother nature.  After picking up some apples, edible squash, and colorful Thai chili peppers, I returned home with my bounty of seasonal food and décor.

Fresh organic apples and miniature Indian corn add beautiful warm colors to the chicken coop garden area for fall.

Each window in the chicken coop has an outside window basket filled with plants and flowers. I found these little vintage chickens for .10 cents each at a garage sale.  They add charm to the outside of the coop.  Old scrabble game pieces spell out "Sweet Hen" in the window sill of the chicken coop. The super tiny pumpkin is the real deal. It is called a Wee-be pumpkin.

(left)  Edible Thai chili peppers           (center)  Hens and chicks,         (right)  Sweet potato vine

Fall colors in front of the coop.

I purchased this old picture frame for .25 cents at a garage sale. I threw a coat of paint on it and then stapled some rusty chicken wire inside the frame. I found  wrought iron chickens at a flea market for $4.00 each and I  used one in the center to make a decoration for the top half of the french door on the chicken coop.  

Small vintage chick feeders can be used to also decorate a coop or garden area. They make great candy dishes for M & M's, candy corn or peanuts.  It may require little or dainty fingers and some patience for this purpose.

Thai chili peppers hanging to dry on a vintage gutter made of solid wood.

Vintage turkey or chicken feeders can easily be used as a planter. They also make an ideal container for a flower arrangement.  

I found these vintage feeders at a flea market. I paid $5.00 each for them.

The door to the chicken coop outside run.

I was able to get these flat surfaced stones for free. My sweetie spray painted a pattern on the grass and then laid them to form a perfect little pathway to the chicken coop. Hopefully next spring pink and white roses will be blooming on the side of the pathway.
No sooner than when I was uploading my pictures did I notice this caption and story -  Unofficial Kick Off To The 2011-2012 Tahoe Ski Season | 10-14+ Inches Of New Snow Overnight!
http://unofficialnetworks.com/unofficial-kick-20112012-tahoe-ski-season-1014-inches-snow-overnight-45965/   It is already snowing in Tahoe, Utah and Colorado and some people are already skiing. Wow - winter is fast approaching. It just seems like the world is spinning so fast and so often days, months and even seasons of life, as well as whole years - just fly by us, way to fast. I need to remind myself to slow down and appreciate each and every single day as well as each season of  the year and of my life.

 The wonderful dogs in my life teach me so much. When you take a dog for a walk in the woods it is all about each step, each smell, each potty break - for the dog, it is not about the destination. As you go through life,  slow yourself down and embrace each day, so that you can be in the moment and count your blessings. Take time to smell the roses, the pumpkins, to notice your surroundings, and even slow yourself down and enjoy a good potty break. lol.

Food for Fall thoughts --- Where can you give up what you already know for what is possible. ?

Fall blessings to you all.



Passionate for White said...

Wow...great job!

Victoria said...

Wow! That is just beautiful. You should do professional staging and decor.

My Shabby Streamside Studio said...

To hell with the hens, I want to live there.

Godmother Tonita, I really appreciate your sympathy on the loss of my Belle. I'm moved how moved you were.



Fishtail Cottage said...

love it! thanks for finding me and saying hello! adoring your chicken coop & all the decor you added to make it a sweet home! i'm your newest follower & hope to see you at ruffles & rust too! xoox

Darla said...

A chicken's paradise!

Fishtail Cottage said...

Yay - you linked! I love all that you've done with your coop - off to share this on fb! xoxo, tracie

Unknown said...

I appreciate seeing your place.. your tiny home.. full of character and charm.. your outside is equally as wonderful.. I love your photos.. My heart is sad for the passing of your fur baby, Bandit.. as we just laid our ol' boy to rest not 2 weeks ago.. Your boy has a gentle and loving look.. and beautiful.. your words for him are heart felt.. It's easy to see that you loved putting this together to share with others.. it shows and there is a wonderful feel here.. much joy in all you do... Xo

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