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Oct 2, 2011

Construction on my tiny house has begun

My little shabby chic tiny retreat is now out of my dream state and construction has begun. My builder, the awesome Scott Stewart of Slab town custom homes, in Mountain View Arkansas is working on it daily, well at least Monday - Friday. I ordered it from him online last Nov but time seemed to fly by this year and finally it is underway and becoming a reality.. It was a bit scary not knowing Scott personally but after viewing other tiny homes he built and speaking with happy owners of his creations I felt confident that he would do his best to custom build a tiny home for me. I think his work is amazing and after looking at the popular Tumbleweed tiny homes as well as other builders offerings I decided that I would order a custom built tiny home from Scott. He is more than willing to add any custom features I want, he is pleasant and  he is easy to work with. He also has a finished product that is a better value than the competition can offer me. My 8' x 24' tiny home with upgraded flooring, an apartment size refrigerator with a freezer, 2 burner glass stove top,  double granite kitchen sink, bathroom sink, tiny bathtub and custom faucets as well as upgraded loft carpets and other custom built features will cost  near to $15K. I will let you know the final cost once it is completed.


This is the trailer that will be used for my tiny house on wheels.

Tiny homes are not inexpensive just because they are tiny. I have watched videos and followed blogs with great interest, as people take on a big project of building their own tiny home. It seems that many people spend an average of  $20k plus to build their own quality tiny home on wheels that measures 8 foot wide up to 22 foot long. Some pay around fifty thousand dollars for a carpenter to build a tiny home of similar size. That seems expensive for such a tiny home. However once you have it built and paid for you don't have a mortgage, and how wonderful is that?  Of course this calls for drastic downsizing and a huge lifestyle change. Many in America now welcome that change, as we live in such an uncertain world economy.

Double brake axles for a long safe trip from the building site in Arkansas to Seattle area of WA state.

One of four leveling jacks on the trailer to help balance it.

As described in my other posts having a tiny home gives me more possibilities and options. For me, it is like an insurance policy. I will at least have one home paid for and mortgage free. That definitely is reassuring for me. While I am definitely not at the minimalist stage in my life, one day I just might be. I can see how freeing it can be to rid one's self of  "stuff".  In the meantime I get to try my tiny house on for size and consider all the possibilities it will provide in my world.


The tiny house will be painted brown to match the trailer. White window trim and shutters will be added for contrast. Paint is not forever, and the color choices may change with my moods over time.


 A hydraulic jack was added to the trailer. A really nice feature.

 Welcome to my front porch (below).  The tiny house interior measurements are 8' x 18'.There will be an attached 8' x 6' front porch. This is a huge front porch for a tiny home but I really like the idea of a comfy and usable front porch. I already have a wonderful white wicker settee to sit on one side of the front door. And I may put a rocking chair on the other side. OK, I am getting way ahead of myself here. I know I am rushing & jumping ahead, but my imagination works overtime.

Decking for the 6' x 8' front porch.


The framing is going up.


Moving right along......

Thanks Scott, for sending me pictures of the progress on my tiny house.  

The tiny house walls are tall because there will be a sleeping loft on both ends. This tiny house will actually sleep 4 people in the loft space, and 1 - 2 people on the lower level depending on the furniture that is used. Not that there would be any reason to have that many guests in a space this small. It just gives you an idea of what is possible.

It is hard to believe that this will actually be a house in a couple of weeks.

There are so many great options for a covered front porch area.

Here is the cutout for the front door

The wrapping begins.

It isn't even Christmas, but Scott has decided to wrap up my tiny house anyway.

All wrapped up and no place to go....just yet.

Once the tiny home is completed, arrangements to tow it back to it's resting place in Washington State will be made. Stay tuned for more progress on my Shabby Chic Tiny Retreat.

Until then - Where can you give up what you already know for what's possible?



Anonymous said...

I like your blog. I would also like Scott to build one for me. Maybe two,one for my sister. I am following to see your blogs updates & pictures. Thank you...Ann

Anonymous said...

Hi Torita, I am going to order from Scott when I get my house cleaned out and sold. I started reading your blog last night, I was so inspired, by your drive in the inclement weather, from Kansas City to your new home. I have a new blog, I am just begining my journey from last sundays home invasion, to all this year, and last reading, "The Tiny House Blog" I know now I need to make the changes it's just the right change for me, I'm sorry you lost your amazing dog, I love your chickens and am fascinated by them. I have 6 cats and I know one loft will be there play area. You are amazing, I could never do the driving of a uhaul, I tried it and after 30 minutes I thought I would run off the road. I would love to hear from you, and be updated on your amazing tiny house, and how you like it. Take good care! Kate

Rachel Lawshe said...

Hi Tonita! I live in the Seattle area as well and want to buy or build a tiny home, and are quite obsessed with the tiny home movement. My hubby & I live with his parents (have for the past year) and are desperate to get out on our own. Do you have the contact info for Scott at Slabtown builders? I couldn't find a website for his business. My email is relawshe@gmail.com. Thanks so much, and do you think I could perhaps see your tiny home when it is finished? Thanks! --Rachel

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