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Nov 28, 2021


 Officially Fall runs well into December, the 21st to be exact. I realize that Christmas lights and trees often go up just minutes after Thanksgiving passes but in my cottage there is no rush to move the pumpkins out the door just yet. If I do put up a tree I do it closer to Christmas eve, and I leave it up through Jan when it's lights brighten up short winter days. No rush on my part to jump into the next Hallmark holiday. I am going to linger in this Fall décor awhile longer. I no longer invite one drop of  holiday stress into my life. Been there, done that. Holiday commercialism drives me bonkers-no thanks.

I have to admit it's been unusually hard for me to get back into the swing of decorating my little vintage farmhouse. Normally I enjoy fluffing up my home especially with the change of the seasons. Not inspired in that way these days. The crumbling state of our world definitely sends me down bunny trails. But GOD!!! I trust in HIM and my only hope is in GOD and HIS word which tells us clearly of things to come. While, the rapid pace of world events should be no surprise to believers it sill feels stressful to me. I often think of  those old radio broadcasts that were interrupt by "this is only a test" message. But this unfortunately is our new realty. I have watched strong Christian friends completely come unraveled in this time. Fighting off spiritual attacks as well as living in this evil and very corrupt world is taking a toll on so many. It is a good vs evil battle for sure. Yet, we are to endure to the end.

 I have been involved in peaceful protesting at schoolboard meetings as well as health department meetings and have been out and about on the streets with props and signs to  give voice to  my free speech rights while there is still time. My days of protests on the UC Berkeley campus for different reasons back in the days have come alive again. Even though I am not a mom, I stand against grammar school children being FORCED to wear face diapers and eventually being forced into taking un constitutional experimental FDA (mafia) toxic clot shots jabbed into their little bodies. I'm for CHOICE  and against the far reaching destructive government mandates. I watch Dan Bongino and he talks about it being time for mass civil disobedience NOW and I could not agree with him any more.  That is what I am passionate about these days, not so much my home décor. 

My home is a place to relax, recharge and most importantly a place to retreat and hide out in the privacy that I so relish. So recently I pushed convinced  myself  to decorate this Fall to create a different inside vibe. I used my white and green colored faux pumpkins and also some gray and white checked fabric ones this year. Of course lots of candles to help create relaxing evenings at home.

I am definitely a non traditionalist when it comes to holidays, perhaps some of that has to do with so many dysfunctional 'family of origin' holiday memories, combined with my effort to not get caught up in commercialism. Now, I embrace and yearn for a quiet, private day to myself when Thanks-giving and Christmas roll around. Being an introvert and also a loner I normally dodge holiday invites in order to retreat and relax with my beloved dogs, add in a good read or movie all in the comfort of my own cozy home, ahhh perfect day!!!

 I don't eat turkey and so I am just not into sitting around a table eating bread out of a dead birds butt. Hey- just being real. Smile. The only dish I like on a traditional Thanksgiving  menu is candied yams or mashed potatoes- no gravy please. That is it. I don't want to see a dead bird, hate stuffing, cranberries and pumpkin pie no matter how I try to fake it. I am done accepting thoughtful invites and wondering how I can go un-noticed for only eating potatoes. Awkward! Am I the only one who just isn't into all that kind of holiday food?  It's stressful to me to be interrogated at a holiday dinner. I do remember the time I truly enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal and it was Swedish style. Salmon, no turkey, seasoned rice, no stuffing,  a beautiful green salad, fresh veggies not killed and hidden under mushroom soup and yep no pumpkin pie. YUMMY !!!. Now that was a  delicious Thanksgiving meal to remember IMO. 

I made delish, Organic, killer tacos topped with mango salsa for Thanksgiving dinner. Later in the day I was gifted with white chocolate dipped strawberries and a huge box of chocolates which consisted of chocolate dipped marshmallow squares, chocolate dipped peanut butter balls, Chocolate dipped mint Oreo's and much more. Who needs a boy friend? LOL. A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle. Just sayin.  Okay- I soon need to get back to my 'no refined sugar' lifestyle but for now I am off the wagon and indulging in all that delivered to my door sweet, sweet goodness. 

 Oh yeah, my fav self invented hot drink that I named ' Puerto Rican Hot Apple Pie' is wonderful on chilly Fall and Winter nights. Heat fresh spiced apple cider (not apple juice)  add  Butterscotch Schnapps and top with vegan coconut whipped cream (way better than regular whipped cream).. Sprinkle lots of cinnamon on top  The best ever Fall and Winter Hot drink for chilly nights. Enjoy. 

Thanks to my dear friend who actually made every delish morsel in this box. You are loved and appreciated SO much. 

Not only was I spoiled with these amazing treats but white chocolate dipped dog bones were made for all the children who dress in fur at my home. They devoured them. Thanks so much L & M. You so spoil me. 

I hope that in this crazy world you each find and dwell in pockets of peace. It's hard out here. Stay strong and realize there are 3 types of people in this world. Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs. Many are weary trying to wake the sheeple and there comes a time that you will have to leave the sheep and perhaps wake the other lions and dwell in the pride. You woke ones will understand exactly what I am saying. God bless the sheep, God bless the Sheepdogs. Stay strong, stay alert. 

Again and always- remember it is never to late to create a happy childhood. It sure seems harder these days to do that but little by little. 

Happy holidays and Blessings to y'all.

Scroll down to the comment section if you care to share. This blog is a safe place for patriots, proud non vaxers and strong conservatives.



Sue said...

"find and dwell in pockets of peace" what a beautiful saying. Reading your posts are some of my little "pockets of peace" in this crazy world. Blessings.

Tonita said...

Sue, Thanks for taking time to peek in on my blog and for leaving a comment. Many blessings sent to you and your loved ones.

ChiChi Mum said...

I have just seen this post. Glad you had a peaceful Thanksgiving and best wishes for the ongoing beautiful celebration of Christmas. Thank you for getting out there and standing up for Freedom. For each Freedom we are losing...once it is mandated and taken away..its not likely to return. I am still shaking my head as to why Americans do not see it. It seems like this new Administration has been in office for 10 years already...not less than one...and its a crying shame what is happening here...no I will not go along with it. Always say no and speak your peace. It is more than cruel that our kids..(I only have one 10 year old grandson in school at this time :( ) ....are being muzzled and good air is being sucked out daily..all out of fear when their odds are so great if they are infected. When will it all end..never it seems. I believe the virus is real..its definitely out there and I have friends and Family who have suffered with it...but I want to live my life with natural immunities and in the care of God, above. Take care and ps...your decor is pretty and peaceful...enjoy your home. Thanks for sharing your Blog and speaking out..Its nice to hear that there are others who, yet, do not live in constant fear and are not Sheep for evil things happening in our World. !!

A Joyful Cottage said...

Your cottage farmhouse is delightful, Tonita. Love your fall decorations. Those sweet treats look amazing. I'd even be tempted to eat the doggy treat. LOL. I'm glad you had a peaceful Thanksgiving. I much prefer salmon over turkey. Thanks for visiting my blog, and for the nice comments you left. :) May God grant you continued peace and joy in Him. Have a very Merry Christmas, my friend. I hope you'll share a post after your home is decorated for Christmas. I understand wanting to wait until Christmas Eve and leaving your tree up through January. Sounds wonderful. Warm hugs.

Sandra said...

Tonita, I've missed reading you. Had to search for you today. Merry Christmas and many God's blessings on you in the new year. Loved your November post.

Shani said...

Hello again, fellow introvert,

What a lovely post. It is so nice to finally meet someone else who has stepped out of the commercialised holiday seasons. We put our tree up a few days before Christmas and leave it up for weeks and weeks. Did you know the "official" end of Christmas is February 2nd? It's known as Candlemas and celebrates the Presentation of the LORD at Temple. I just last night wrote a post about leaving all of the fairy lights and decorations up through the darkness of January, so we're on the same wavelength.

Yes, it is insane out there. I've had something snap in me within the last few weeks and people have pulled away at times because I am done trying to be gentle. This is a Holy War and people need to get on board or they will regret their compliance! It's almost unbelievable at times how many Christians have been duped. It's horrifically tragic. Yes, prayers for God's unending mercy on all of our souls.

Happy New Year, friend. May the good God bless you and keep you.

Tonita said...

SO happy you took time to leave a comment here. I just put up my tree on Christmas eve and I noticed several folks here in the mtns also did the same. Thanks for providing such great info about the official end of Christmas. That is new to me, and I will leave my tree up for many weeks ahead. Each year I waiver back and forth between observing the biblical vs. commercial or traditional holidays and I do not put up Christmas decorations every single year. I just really enjoy the lights and never get into any aspect of shopping and all that. I left up my tree until Valentines day last year and kept it up but replaced the snowflake ornaments with handmade vintage quilted hearts.

My neighbors father finally got the CLOT SHOT, per her request before she would allow him to visit for the holidays. He got a blood clot within 20 minutes and was transported to a larger hospital where he went into a coma and died Christmas day at age 52 and in prior excellent health. The heart doc said it is the 12th person to have clots and inflammation of the heart that he has treated since Oct and blames the pretend vaccine for her dad's death. I am sure he will not have his job for long at that hospital. She remains devastated and it's been a sad Christmas for her whole family.

What is really amazing is how people are so motivated by fear to take that clot shot. Goes to show how fast folks will run to take the mark of the beast. This clot shot paves the way. Sadly many pastors and churches are now promoting the EVIL clot shot. The pretend vaccines and boosters have only just begun. I have read that ppl will need to get jabbed every 10 weeks with 5 boosters a year. 666. Oh, my---Stay strong and endure to the end sister. So many have come unhinged and unraveled. Continue to pray for the sheep and the sheep dogs. Holiday blessings to you and yours.

Shani said...

Hi again, Tonita,
How horrific for your neighbour! I feel badly for them, but then feel frustrated because they were given the same eyes to see and brain to use as the rest of us. It's as though some people WANT to be mislead. I just can't force it make logical sense. I can't talk to those people much because my filter is just gone after using it 24/7 with my mother. She knows our "opinions" and says, in response to a multitude of articles I have shared with her, "Isn't it wonderful that you can find anything on the internet to support anything you want to believe?" She actually said to me on our last visit, "No one can deny the v@xxine has saved lives." Um, yes, yes, I can. smh

It's very interesting to me that the longer this goes on and the more things go insane, the deeper entrenched I become in my position and the easier it is to spot all of the lies. False flags shootings, fake climate change nonsense, meaningless court cases to deflect from the real thing, and, as you pointed out, the churches and pastors that are getting on board. Once I know someone's position on the j@b, I know everything I need to know in this current clime. I have flat out said that if [they] want me dead, [they're] going to have to come to my house, force their way in and shoot me directly.

Stay strong over there, sister, and know others are fighting the good fight and standing in His strength alongside you. God always wins.
Merry Christmas and a very blessed New Year to you. x

Tonita said...

Dear Shani- Thanks for visiting again. Many bloggers have left comments about not taking the jab, but because they have a need to be "liked" to make money and not be banned from Youtube and other sites they request me to not publicly publish their comments, and so I honor their request. Many are of the same mind set as we are but won't take a public stand. For me- I believe that not speaking out against the face diapers and jabs due to fear is a person who is part of the cause of problems that are now here. I do not give an iota about being liked. I am now surrounding myself with other lions which is refreshing. Pure bloods need to stick together and like you there will be bloodshed vs a jab should it come to that day. If my blog goes away because of my stance - who cares, so be it. They will never take my free speech. God bless you.
Everyone reading this see- www.RealNotRare.com

ChiChi Mum said...

Hi Tonita. Was checking your Blog for posts..and read the above, also, after I commented.

I wanted to say I stand with you..the Jab should be a choice(it is not a "vaccine" by definition), as we all know since it does not prevent one from acquiring the curse.

I know of a couple friend..they both took the jab and three days later..both were sick. The Mr. died exactly one week later from taking it. He was a heart transplant survivor of 10 years plus. Its unknown whether he chose to take it himself, or whether or not he was advised to do so by his physician(S). Either way..he said his goodbye to her as he was carried away on an EMS stretcher from their home and she never saw him again(since she was not allowed in the hospital and she, too was sick). She recovered but is mortified, of course. Also, I know of a Senior back in my home town..was in a care facility that also died after the (non optional)Jab.

With the above said..I also have a couple friend..both contracted it..both had serious bad health before getting C. He had no symptoms. She was transported to the hospital and was treated with Mono C. treatment and recovered ..sent home in 5 days. She is hugely obese and diabetic so she was hit hard but blessedly recovered.

Again, C is real...and its Evil..pretty sure thats how it came into our lives..through Evil. But God is real and I agree we must live our lives. My Grandson goes to school in a school district controlled by Liberal nuts..and they are forced to mask up. He is getting sick alot prob from all the cooties in that freaking mask. Dear God Save the Children from this world..bless and keep them sane and safe.

Hope you are doing well and surviving the cold harsh Winter in the mountains...yow..too cold for me.

Take care and God Bless you.

I enjoy all of your past decor..its so pretty and peaceful. Thank you for sharing your Blog to us wannabe bloggers, too.

Prayers and Peace for 2022.

Tonita said...

Chi Chi Mum, Thanks for coming back to visit. The weather here is certainly not FL weather but it is deffinately not freezing here. I used to live in AK and that was cold. When temps drop here the days warm up with clear blue skies. We are not hit with the severe weather other places are often hit with. Only had an inch of snow here so far this year. IT is beautiful and many days of sunshine even through the winter. People working in their yards all around me.

Unfortunately, I am watching so many jabbed folks suffer with new and unexplained pain, physical limitations and side effects right after they got the jab. NOT A VAX for sure. I am also watching many jabbed folks suffer from brain fog, and arthritis which they did not have before the jab as well as inflammation of the heart. Please take a look at survivors of the jab- www.RealNotRare.com . What they are doing to children is criminal. EVIL EVIL EVIL

Dixie said...

I just found your blog for the first time, I think. I followed a link from Pinterest. I enjoy the holiday festivities so I participate every year, often hosting. We have several family members that just don’t like turkey, so we always fix turkey and ham. We also have a couple of vegans and I always enjoy finding new vegan recipes to add to our feast. (I just point out the vegan foods to my vegans only). I make enough of the vegan recipes so everyone can have some, even for the carnivores that don’t realize they’re eating vegan. Ive never thought about adding salmon, but this coming Thanksgiving I will! Our family loves Salmon. We always have a nice salad, that with the salmon sounds perfect to me!

I’m going to go read more of your blog now. Your writing is beautiful & peaceful.

Peace be with you… 💕Dixie

Gossamer said...

You've been pretty quiet so was just wondering if all is well, or if you've just decided to wait and watch. it seems that as each day goes by things unravel a bit more under our supposed *president. I can't help but feel that this Ukraine 'war' is nothing more than a smokescreen for something far worse. Sadly, as I work for a large medical facility, I was pretty much forced to take the jab as I am not quite ready to go without, nor can I afford to, go without a paycheck. If not married with a family, things most certainly would have been different. It's become increasingly difficult to any longer trust our supposed medical professionals when they push 'vaccines' that are not. Heck, my own primary doc has been double 'vaccinated' AND boosted and yet still got the virus and yet was trying to convince me to do the same. DUH! Anyway, hope your Christmas was a good one and that 2022 will return Republicans back to control of Congress minus, of course, as many RINOs as possible. And let's all say a little prayer that Donald Trump does run in 2024 and he's able to win for a third by a margin that makes it impossible for the Democrats to cheat. Because he truly is our only hope.
Take Care and God bless,

wife said...

After about 2 years of Covid crap, our nerves are frayed. I usually agree with your posts, being an unvaxxed RN conservative Christian. But I differ with you on a few things in this one. First, I love the traditional Thanksgiving menu--turkey, stuffing, and the rest. Why attack these foods? The turkey is dead, but so are the plants you eat cooked. Let's give the moral superiority of certain foods a rest.

I am also an introvert who is now alone with 2 kitties and my guardian angel as a result of the deaths of the two people who lived with me: my husband of 40 years, and my youngest son aged 31 when he died of brain cancer.

Finally, not all women are called to marriage, but that is not proof that "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." Just sayin'. Ironically, feminist hypocrite Gloria Steinem coined the motto you quote, then got married in her 60s to a wealthy man. Sadly many women who might have been happy married listened to Gloria and stayed single.

Thank God that with all the current insanity, we no longer have to go masked. Let's hope that vaccine mandates and masks on poor little kids in schools are also ended.

Wishing you a happy Spring. God is still in charge.

Linda Shukri said...

Hi Tonita,

I don't know why, but I received this blog post TODAY - March 26, 2022!! How in the world did that happen? Very strange.

Like you, I do NOT believe in the jab. I like the way you are so straight forward in your thinking and writing! :-)

Blessings to you!

Tonita said...

Hi Dan,
I still read your blog and it is one of my all time favorite blogs. Thanks for checking in on me and for sharing your updates. I am SO sorry you felt forced to take the jab. I think that is criminal what they made you do for sake of your lively hood. You are a good man and that saddens me greatly. I have been away from my blog because much of it's original intent was about decorating and farmhouse & tiny house charm. I am just in a different place in these troubled times and have had next to no interest in the home style world. I consider posting and then back myself off so I don't end up turning it into a current events rant. My followers are faced with insanity every day and are just trying to live a decent life in these trying times. I am not able to chat about decor at this time so have backed off. Keep Praying, keep Prepping and keep strapped.

Tonita said...

Hi Wife,
Sorry to respond so late but have not attended to my blog in a timely matter. Thanks so much for taking time to visit and leave a comment. First off, I can't imagine the loss of life you have suffered and know it is deeply painful. I am glad you have fur babies to keep you company while your heart is in pain.
Please know that I seriously do not care what anyone eats day in or day out. My dogs and my 28 yr old cat that passed last year ate or do eat a raw meat and bones diet. I did consulting in feeding species appropriate diets to dogs and cats for many years. So no food superiority going on in my home. Just jokes about Tx giving as I am a holiday non traditionalist. I am a lacto/pesco vegetarian and will kill a deer, squirrel, plant or fish in order to eat or feed my animals if I can not purchase what is needed. It's important to me to disagree yet keep in a convo regardless. The man comment- I myself have spent many years in a marriage and also many years single. I have seen many a friends marriage fail because they had a "need" for a husband and did not have a "want" for a life long companion. Many look to a man for things they lack. I believe when two fully complete individuals come together in marriage that is a beautiful and admirable thing. I totally respect that union and covenant. But one looking to be filled by the other because of being "needy" or half empty themselves does not seem a good fit IMO. Again, I have a sense of humor and will turn a joke back on myself in a minute. Next to my sign that reads " a woman without a man is like a fish without a bike" is a sepia tone photo of a man and it reads " All men are animals, but some make great pets" - I am into comedy of the old days when people were not easily offended by jokes. Many blessings to you and your fur babies.

Sue said...

It's so good to hear from you Tonita. I'm trying to set aside times for creating beauty, as a way to be in touch with my God-given creativity. And when I'm painting or making something pretty it's like God is closer. Just my thoughts, I truly get what you're saying about the darkness of these times, but here's a little flickering candle in crazy, liberal Oregon. Bless you. Sue

Gossamer said...

Glad to hear all is well. I continue to post if for no other reason than I find it rather therapeutic. If I kept it bottled up I'd likely explode. I do my fair share of ranting, I just can't help myself. Who would have thought we'd be where we are today considering where we were just 18 months ago. Folks keep talking about the midterms this year and how Republicans will take back Congress. But I worry if it will make that much of a difference. I guess we wait and see.

Take care,

ChiChi Mum said...

Hope that you are doing well and enjoying your mountainous(is that a word) Spring. Things are getting crazier and more crazy in the times under Brandon and his string holders. Take care and stay safe. Several of my friends have had blood clots or strokes..I think we know what thats about. I hope you find the desire soon to share some of your beautiful decor, too..though I totally get it.

Nancy K said...

I agree with almost everything you said here except the Thanksgiving meal 😊 I cook like a mad women for my daughter & 2 grandkids (14 & 23) & usually another young person or two but you’d think I was cooking for an army 😂 I hate crowds otherwise & large get togethers elsewhere. We’re all unvaccinated thank God! My daughter got Covid but took Ivermectin & was 100% better in 72 hours, back to work with doctor’s permission in 5 days. I have a lot of fear for our country’s future & try to give it to God but it’s just so difficult at times. God Bless & take care.

Cheryl said...

Tonita, just stopping by to say hi! I see it has been a long time since you posted and trust all is well with you. If you ever want to catch up, please email me. We can set up a time to talk on the phone. I would love to hear from you. God bless you, sweet friend. :)

Tess8110 said...

Tonita I am in complete love with your tiny house!!! I found your pictures and this blog several years ago . I am now wanting to build a tiny home of my own and would love some pictures of your bathroom, I remember comming across some before but I can't seem to find them again. Your house just screams comfort. Ty soo much in advanced
Tonia Samples.

Tonia Samples

Tonita said...

Tonia, This is the first time I have checked back on this blog in well over a year now. I just lost all inspiration to post. I do not live nor have ever lived in my TINY house as it is just way too small for me with the dogs in my life. I still own it and had planned to make it an air B and B but got sidetracked. I bought a not so tiny 560 ft vintage farmhouse of which much of this blog shows photos of. The bathroom is just 42 sq ft in my farmhouse. I have a whole post on this blog about it if you enter "bathroom" into the search section on my page. I never did a full post of my even smaller bathroom in the tiny 8x24'Teeny Tiny house. I may be interested in selling my TINY home and am in NC. Thanks for your compliments. Blessing as you embark on your tiny home adventure.

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