Jan 3, 2021


 Yes this is one of those porch pondering type of posts. Well, kinda- It is a lil chilly outside here in these mountains to sit on the porch for any length of time. It was beautiful sunny weather in the 60's yesterday, but to me that is not porch dwelling weather. Any whooo- I know so many conservatives feel down and discouraged these days. God has this folks- HE is not worried and HE is still on the thrown. However, I firmly believe that born again Christians have dropped the ball in doing our part in this fight of good vs evil and of what is currently playing out in the political world. 

If you stopped by today to see a tiny house photo or holiday decor sorry to disappoint, please skip over to a fluffy house blog now instead of reading any further as you will find none of that here today. I never am looking for or concerned with pleasing everyone who is here. I am true to myself and while I sincerely hope the best for all readers I refuse to tickle anyone's ears to keep visitors to my blog. 

The church as a whole is so put off with President Trumps language and non perfect behavior or at how he tweets or says something that they find offensive that they forget what God has done in their own lives. No man or woman is perfect and God only uses the screwed up and flawed people like you and me all through the bible. Get over it. Jesus did not run for President.

The church in it's effort to be so politically correct and not offend anyone has watered down the gospel time and time again. Sweet and well meaning Christians that have conservative family and pro life values have been so sweet that they have exchanged a soft answer, and turned many cheeks instead of  taking a stand against baby murder and many other things they know are seriously against God's word. It is sickening that churches are bound up from preaching the truth because they are 5013c which limits their free speech. I would love to see churches free from the bondage that 5013c government status that limits and legally binds what is preached from the pulpit. 

I am sickened that one by one free speech is being banned and removed from Twitter, FB, IG and so many other social platforms. We need to wake up as this is a time for Spiritual Warfare. What can we do right NOW?  Pray and fast. I have entered into a 21 day water fast as I pray for our nation. Tuesday is the big day. THIS TUESDAY. Please join me in prayer and if you feel lead to fast, please do. This is important for our country and for those of you who have children and grand children.  Here is a small prayer list for today if you care to make a difference in this battle of good vs evil.

Pray that Jan 6th will be the day when the steal of votes  in many States which is criminal fraud will be exposed.

 Pray that Vice President Pence will have COURAGE and NOT certify this fraudulent and rigged election.

Pray that all inferior and dishonest advice from Pence's attorneys will not reach or influence him..

Pray that  illegal electors will be disregarded

Pray for strength, courage and wisdom for the 140 in the House who are stepping forward to contest this rigged election. Pray that more (ALL) senators will come forward and make a stand against this rigged Presidential election.

Pray for the current senate race going on in GA.

Most of  lifelong republicans are in bed with big money and are self serving and need to be removed from office. Unfortunately the swamp is still over flowing with scumbags. Yep- I said that.

I do not have a pet sitter or I would be at the Trump rally this Wed in DC. Our President has requested that patriots come out for this very important rally event. this Wed Jan 6th from 10-5pm.  You can read more about it it at www.wildprotest.com or www.TrumpMarch.com . I will be on my way to the Trump rally in GA tomorrow afternoon/eve. If any of you attend either rally I would love for you to do a guest post on my blog. 

 Below is a great video about the current voter fraud in GA that is very easy to understand and it is not to long. You researcher types who are the politically woke folk should not miss this one. You will never ever find this on the daily communist news shows.


UPDATE 4-10-21, Came back to ck and see it the above link had been taken down. Yep. Conservatives are now being silenced. RISE UP FOLKS - ORGANIZE AND RISE UP.


For those who would appreciate some daily encouragement and prayer you will appreciate the video below. Dutch Sheets provides a daily short video, never longer that 15 minutes at most. You will be encouraged from Gods word and be led in a prayer for current world events. Be sure to subscribe to this YouTube video series and join thousands in the short daily prayer for out nation.

 I am expecting and believing for President Trump to have FOUR MORE YEARS as President and I hope you will join me in exercising your faith (believing things not yet seen). And while I pray for this fraudulent election I also want to pray for anyone reading this who needs prayer for themselves or for their family.
 Please feel free to leave your prayer requests in the comment section. After moderation of your comment it will be posted for others to read UNLESS you request privacy, and then it will not be made public on my blog. You are also welcome to leave a general comment in regard to this post but remember if you have a prayer request that you want to keep private you MUST let me know so it is not published.  You might consider sending a public comment and a private comment to keep personal prayer requests between you and I if that is your desire.  For other readers, if you are a believer then by all means pray for anyone asking for prayer. Thanks for participating in this way- as we all need prayer and encouragement. God Bless you all and stay strong during this battle of good vs evil. Praise reports are also welcomed here.

You all know I always end each post with this-
"It is never too late to create a happy childhood  - Make time to play"


wife said...

Yes, Tonita the silence of the Church on these issues is scandalous and despicable. I am appalled at how limp-wristed our Catholic bishops and the Pope are. I am believing with you that President Trump will receive the 4 years we the people re-elected him to in a LANDSLIDE. Praying 15 decades of the Rosary daily for this to happen.

Will listen to the video of Christian encouragement that you posted.

Happy 2021.

Shari Strandell said...

This made me cry, because you are so correct in what you wrote. It just feels like such a crazy time to be alive. I'm writing with a prayer request for my oldest son......he'll be 40 in June (but always my baby).....he's having a hard life and living on the streets in Seattle. The only way we've had of communicating with him the past several years is when he gets arrested for something and has to stay in jail, then he calls us. But with everything going on the way it has this past year people aren't getting put in jail much or for very long, so we haven't heard from him for over a year. His name is Bjorn and his biggest problem is that he won't submit to God.....he takes it out with drug abuse and being angry.....please pray for him.

ellen said...

I'm with you, girl! I wish I could go to D.C. but I will be there in spirit. I will prayer for the safety of everyone, especially President Trump, his family and everyone working on behalf of our freedom. This isn't about parties, because the swamp is everywhere. It is about Good and evil. We know how that ends! Bless you.

Tonita said...

Hi Shari,
Holding your son Bjorn in prayer. Believing for salvation and addictions broken. Thanks for visiting the blog. Blessings.

ellen said...

Shari, if you read this, please know that you and your family are in my prayers. My son was addicted to Oxycontin and went through hell. We all did. I understand your worry. I'm happy to say, he was healed of his addiction with medicine and therapy. He sings in church and is married with a beautiful new baby girl. There is always hope. Don't stop praying. I will have your back, too, with prayer. God bless you.

Barb, from Texas said...

Thank you, Tonita for sharing your heart. Every word you said is true. Am anxious for you to post your experience at the rally too. God is in control, NO MATTER WHAT.

From the Front Porch said...

Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. I agree with everything you said. This fraudulent election must not be allowed to stand. Evidence of the massive cheating that took place is overwhelming. Have never made it to a Trump rally, but have always wanted to attend one. Enjoy yourself! I was kicked off of Twitter a couple of years ago, but found a new home on Gab.com, USA.Life and Parler.com.

Here's to wishing you a Happy New Year and for four more years of President Trump!!!


Bonnie Schulte said...

I am praying along with you and everybody that knows Trump won this election. God is on our side, good against evil!

Tonita said...

Hi folks, Me- Tonita here. I hope you take time to visit a great blog. No- it is not about fancy farm houses or cute cottages.Yet, It is one of my favorite blogs and it's filled with daily posts that are very well written by a conservative man who loves our country and tells it like it is. Please jump over to his site and leave him comment. Tell him Tonita sent ya.

Miss R said...

Loved this so much....thank you!

Linda Shukri said...

Thank you, Tonita, for sharing your heart! LOVE IT! I've been praying that it's God's will for President Trump to stay in office for four more years. That evil will be exposed and taken care of, including fraudulent voting.

A Joyful Cottage said...

Well said, Tonita, and you know I agree with everything you wrote. Unfortunately, I believe the Church is reaping exactly what she has sown. For decades Christians have stood by silently and let the radical left culture take over. Beginning with the murder of babies, and moving on from there. It is a grievous thing, but I think many people could look the other way because abortion somehow did not "touch" them personally. However, now they're beginning to see their own individual rights are in jeopardy and suddenly they are awakened to what's going on around them. Back in the 90's I wrote conservative editorials for a local newspaper warning about where we were headed and I was largely ridiculed by other Christians, not to mention threatened by the left. Yes, "cancel culture" was around even in the years of Clinton's presidency. I feel the Trump presidency has been God's wake up call. I like what you said about nobody being perfect, and yet God uses them for His purposes. I am very proud of Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz along with others for pledging to take a stand on behalf of truth and justice. We must pray for these brave souls and their families, for surely they are and will be targeted by the violent left. The failure of the MSM to tell the truth to the American people, to lie and deceive our nation, is despicable. Praying for God's protection for America and for the light of His truth to shine forth in the darkness and expose every bit of evil, and that He will continue to raise up men and women who will stand firm for Him during this troubled time. Also, praying for Shari's son and for God to encourage her and the rest of the family. Also, I will check out the conservative blog you mentioned. God bless you, my friend.

From the Front Porch said...

No I hadn't seen the video, so thank you. Also had a visitor who stopped by on your recommendation. So thank you for that as well. How was the Trump rally?


Sharon said...

Thank you for this post. It hit me right in my heart. We share many viewpoints about this time in the USA. I pray every day for President Trump to stay in office. His life is going to hell either way tomorrow goes.

Amelia said...

YES. I so agree with this! And I'm encouraged that someone else is posting on this information as well! I have also been trying to post on what is happening along with home life too.

I saw your blog title on the sidebar of homeliving and I knew I must come visit.

God bless you! ~Amelia at myforestcathedral.blogspot.com

christy said...

I agree wuth you and I am so tired of people acting like trump supporters are horrible people.P.S. I also live in the mountains of WNC.

Tonita said...

Yes, the true colors of fake PRESIDENT TRUMP supporters are not hidden anymore. Barr, Pence and the growing list of Rino's make my stomach turn. If Texas succeeds I want to move there.

Lydia said...

I agree. Its time to clean out congress. They have been fleecing us for decades.

PeachyPris said...

Now that some time has passed since this post, I wonder how you are doing? It doesn't look like Trump is going to do anything to try to stay President. People who were at the rally and entered the Capitol Building are being arrested. Perhaps not having a pet sitter was a good thing - you could have been hurt, or worse!

living from glory to glory said...

I agree also! So sadly we now have a government and president that are for communism... kiss our freedoms goodbye! Hope you are well! It’s been a long winter but enjoining a warm fire today! Hugs, Roxy

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