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Jul 31, 2019

HIDING A REFRIGERATOR in a 570' house.

Resurfacing once again to connect with my blog and my dedicated and VERY patient readers. Oh, how I love this time of year. I am a sunshine girl for sure and thrive in the glorious warm summer months. I hope y'all are blessed and making time to be barefoot and taking some time to play, no matter your age.

How did I ever live without a covered porch? It is my favorite place to be on warm, yet very comfortable summer nights. Oh and to sit out there in the morning as the hummers and other wild birds come to enjoy a free breakfast and offer a song in exchange. I enjoy watching the cows, bulls and many calves as well as the beautiful horses just outside my front door, as well as the occasional black bear who wanders through the woods behind my home. The deer and wild rabbits are an almost daily sight.  As much fun as I have nesting and fluffing the homestead, I am really an outside girl. Gardening..not so much. Rafting, hanging out at the river, hiking, driving country back roads.. picnics on mountaintops, activities with my dogs, porch dwelling...YES please. More time for learning to be still and less time doing. YES please.

When I was younger I had zero interest or appreciation for anything vintage. It's funny how things change. I now SO appreciate quality craftsmanship in both architecture and furniture. Back in the day furniture and homes both, were built to last. It seems funny that today with the onset of a bajillion laws, regulations, codes and inspectors that there is still a huge void of quality workmanship. Common sense has been mostly replaced by NON sense and a general lack of integrity in the trades and in life in general in my humble opinion.

on another note.. but it all ties in (to me anyway)...I can not express how irritated I am at the advancement of technology at every turn and corner of life. I feel that much of it has turned people into stressed out idiots who are not able to be present with the person or task at hand. I am  opinionated, proudly NOT PC, and well that is totally how I roll. Sorry..  I forget to say "Welcome back" if you are visiting. Any hoo.. I can not change others nor do I care to. How does this all play into this blog post about my refrigerator, you ask? It does, bear with me as I travel this bunny trail.It's been awhile and I am making up for lost blogging time here.

I am of an age where I watch how cell phones and social media are destroying SO many relationships because people are not able to leave home, work, drive, or live without them. Always some excuse.. In my experiences and IMO as I observe people, most technology does not invite folks to be present with whom they keep company nor to fully be present where they currently and physically are located.

People are over the top busy these days and it's as if it is award worthy to be on a non stop merry go round. I know.. I used to be on one for many years. Over the years things have intensified as far as folks being so over the top busy and totally stressed out with never enough time in one day. It is almost like you are not important if you are not scheduling every minute of your day and staying busy. It is the new norm for folks to be stressed out day in and day out. I can see that now.

Vintage items remind me of a more simple lifestyle and a time when folks were not so stressed out.

 I thought technology was supposed to make things easier? I guess it has for many and for many NOT.  When I am around people I am very engaged, and chatty and then I come home and crash and am sapped. This by the way is how you can tell if you are a true introvert or an extrovert. IF people for the most part energize you, you are said to be an extrovert. If for the most part people drain you, then you are probably like me.. a TRUE introvert. Okay.. I have expressed my rant, thanks for bearing with my chatty loner side. I am now finally getting to how to hide a refrigerator in either a small or large home.

My little farmhouse is my nest, my refuge and place of peace. If you have ever visited this blog, you probably can tell that I embrace a mix of interior styles such as Farmhouse, French Country, Vintage, Thrift store and dumpster style decor. Okay.. throw in a few items from Etsy and Wally world too.

Birds and critters adorn my little farmhouse cottage shelves and nooks year round

I totally embrace all things chippy, rusty and well- you know.. all those beat up and well worn treasures that beg to be repurposed instead of thrown in the dumpster. Ahh.. and the treasures one can find at the dump. With these interior design and style choices it allows me to relax more and keep within the lanes of a more simple and frugal lifestyle. Minimalist I am not. No apologies. I surround myself with what I like. My friends remind me I have yet to attain a simple life. What can I say.? Each of us has their own idea of what simple means to them. I don't equate minimalism with simple. I am always in transition and open to change so well see. I am at the point of not wanting, or needing one more material object to have and to hold. I shop the house and rotate items for change ups.

When I decided to buy this little funky 570' farmhouse I knew I wanted to hide or camouflage all things electronic as well as completely hide my refrigerator and create an old timey vibe as much as possible. That sort of vibe or decor style transports me to days gone by when technology was non existent and folks were okay that way. A more simple time when people seemed (to me) to be more civilized, less angry, less confrontational, less stressed and generally happier. Life was not as complicated and fake with 'like's and friending and unfriending. IT seems so insane to me...I guess I am out of touch and I enjoy it this way.

I still enjoy dialing, yes you heard that right. I still enjoy looking for the number on my old dial style home phone. I place my finger in the little round hole and dial it all while pulling the combination of numbers out of my head where they are stored in order to reach someone.IF the grid goes down, no worries.. I know your phone number.  It slows me down. It calms me down. I enjoy it this way. And about half of my viewing audience is saying "what the heck is she talking about"?
Ah,, the good old days. Ahhhh- the simple ways.

My fav sweet but since passed away roo, Rudy

Now-don't get me wrong.. I am totally happy to have a refrigerator as opposed to keeping things in the farmhouse root cellar just behind my house.  I am also thankful for an inside bathroom which was not the case for the generations of families before me. Oh, and the electricity and running water .. no complaints at all and very thankful for both. 

 One neighbor who purchased this farm house in the sixties told me it was hard for her to walk up the hill to the out house when she was eight months pregnant, especially when it snowed. It was also not the most fun to draw her daily water from the well under my current patio. She also shared stories of how she hand washed the baby diapers in a drawn buckets of water and then hung them on the hand rail to dry and they would freeze in winter months and she brought them inside to heat by the fire. So...No- I would not want to live the Amish type lifestyle..even though I often ponder it. I like my running water, electricity and refrigerator but I don't take them for granted and feel totally blessed. The farmhouse vintage vibe reminds me to be thankful for life today. So...on to the refrigerator story.

The original bathroom that still stands

Hiding this big new hideous hunk of metal, aka; 'the frig' (below) was a big deal to me.I had in mind to make it appear more like an old farmhouse cabinet or broom closet once it was in it's disguise.I wanted it to blend in instead of stand out. And of course I wanted to keep on budget for this project. I don't now remember what the wood cost, but it certainly was the most expensive part of this project.

Before photos of the metal beast in my farmhouse kitchen

Find out how I hid this beast - Read on

A one inch thick piece of lumber was used. It was bead board on one side and that is the side that  faces the kitchen. The same style wood was used on the side of the frig and a piece on the top of the frig was used to form sort of a three sided rectangle box to in close the frig. The top piece was attached directly to the wall as was the newly built door. I did leave an open space by not fully in closing it along the top of the frig so it could breathe.Important to remember should you build something similar.

I wanted this faux refrigerator cabinet to look like it was a free standing piece so a separate piece of lumber was cut to mimic legs and attached on top of the base wood. Another separate strip of wood was added along the top to balance it out.

Next step was to distress the frig door. I used pebbles, rocks, a chain, nails and other tools to scuff up, beat up, bang and scrape this new wood and turn it into a vintage looking cabinet / closet.

                                   Beat it, hit it, scrape it, scratch it, kick it and just have fun.

My (most of the time) go to chalk paint is Anne Sloan paint. I used Old white and dark wax to distress it. I wanted the knots in the wood to show through so I did not make any effort to conceal them.

On several ares of the door I slopped paint on and left it thick and chunky. While it was still damp I added some crackle paint to give it a layered and aged look.

 Adding dabs of AS dark wax and mixing it into the AS clear wax allowed crackling glaze to stand out.

I am happy with the results of the paint and wax distressing technique. I left a darker wax near the area of where the handle was later attached. Remember the days when we wiped stains off of walls and furniture and now we put them there on purpose.. well some of us do anyways... LOL.

The above picture was last fall. I have since then added a little strip of wood with pegs that allows me to hang different items from, instead of adding hooks and nails to the door each time I want to change things up. Not that a nail would mess it up... It just is nice to use this wooden thingy that makes change outs fast and easy. I think I bought the wooden peg rack (below) from Ikea some years back?

                     Rusty old hinges and a seriously old metal door knob complete this project. The farmhouse floor is not level so I might need to add a hook so it closes up tightly. But for now it works.

                I am happy with the outcome and think it works well with my farmhouse vibe. I like that I  can hang old but useful vintage utensils on the side of the frig cabinet where there might normally be magnets. Every bit of space is useful in a very small home.

               From the creaking of my old front porch screen door to the old and original pine planks to all the little nooks and crannies this place makes me smile. I have never not one day regretted selling my home in the Pacific North West and sight unseen buying this home online and relocating here about four years ago. The people here are beyond the nicest people I have ever come across and mountain country life just suits me well. I feel at peace being here in the Appalachian mountains and can not imagine life anywhere else. 

Just an FYI.. because many people notice the smallest details in a not so good photo. Yes you do see something on my ceiling near my frig. It is an old vintage ceiling tin that is concealing some holes in the ceiling where someone may have been trying to run wire and did not have any tools available to do it correctly? That's my best guess. I can only imagine by the look of things that they proceeded to drill many holes and then gouge out a snake like pattern in the wood plank ceiling. Oh, yeah.. there are a couple of those sweet spots in this little farmhouse kitchen. I decided long ago to pick my battles. In keeping it simple and low cost I just covered those mini messes with vintage ceiling tins. People look at them and it then creates a whole new conversation.

Isn't that lovely? sigh....

A frame had to be built to hold this 3 dimensional ceiling tin. It was then attached to the frame and attached to the ceiling

Another ceiling tin conceals a farmhouse ceiling blooper

That being said, it is time to go sit on my porch and play with the pups.
Many blessings, and of course I can not close without saying this-
It is never to late to create a happy childhood. Please let your inner child out every now and again and go play.

One of my neighbors
Thanks for visiting.


Rebecca Lynn said...

How absolutely bizarre that I was wondering how your fairing your wonderful life just today so I thought Id hop on here tonight to say "Hi" and here you are!! I always appreciate your ideas and input on how our over reacting world are/is, Uggg, but Im one of those sadly that uses the internet, especially at work :( BUT!!! Im getting better, at least I hope so. Love your idea for the fridge!!!! Take care and have an terrific summer. Many Blessings to you and your fur babes :)

Tonita said...

Thanks for stopping by Rebecca. The internet has many advantages and opportunities for people to connect in ways to help one another, serve one another as well as learn new things and of course a very important personal cause... to spread the gospel as well as help save and find homes for voiceless animals. So many positive avenues of computer use and so many evil ones also. The internet can be used for much evil and also be the source of much emotional and physical ill health. I just find it terribly sad so many people are addicted to it as well as so many electronic devices. Balance is important and addiction in any form is real. God bless you and thanks for sending blessings my way. I receive them.

wife said...

Nice to see your latest project and read your update. The fridge cover is lovely, so charming. I especially love your reminding us readers that it's never too late to have a happy childhood. Stay cool in the midst of this heatwave!

Tonita said...

Hi Min-bee,
Thanks for stopping by. IF one's previous childhood was a train wreck or even off course as mine certainly was... then no worries you can make time to play like a kid at any age. Color a picture, find a swing in a playground and swing like nobody is watching you. Slide down a slide.. honestly if feels great and is a load of fun AT ANY AGE. Go get an ice cream cone and do something to love on yourself and plan a play day. We have to take care of ourselves or who else will? Blessings.

Junkchiccottage said...

Hellooooooo so good to see your post pop up on my " bad computer" lol! I agree with a lot of what you said in your post. As time goes on I think each generation we become less and less involved in human connections. With that said I still need my computer to communicate with the dear friends I have made through blogging. Otherwise I would not have gained these beautiful relationships such as yours. I love to take time in my day where I have everything turned off and just enjoy my surroundings. I think if we can un plug sometimes that is the best. I miss the days of my childhood when you played outside all day and were not hooked to any electronic device for entertainment. We made our own entertainment. Ok I just love your refrigerator cover. Oh that is so clever and beautiful. Love it. I am trying to figure out something with my frig to disguise it some. Love you sweet neighbors face. Adorable. Happy to connect with you today.

Tonita said...

Hey beautiful lady...When I post, I just have to rant a little bit about something or other..LOL. I want to let you know I am still loving my little sheep balls and had considered never posting again just so everyone could see those little cuties as soon as they visited my blog. I finally resurfaced and got in the mood to share and post again. I know you moved again and I look forward to catching up with your cottage adventures. I am sure it is totally beautiful by now. I know just what you mean by making time to turn everything off as you enjoy your surroundings. I get it, and I often do just that.. for weeks at a time. I am so bad.. I often times pull the plug on my phone also. I have always marched to a different drummer and been a non conformist. Thanks for making time to comment. Blessings to you and yours.

Junkchiccottage said...

We should all unplug! It is good for the soul. I love that you posted. I have missed seeing your sweet tiny house. Our new house is only 780 sq. ft. We keep shrinking!!!! Have a beautiful evening.

Donna Marie said...

Good morning beautiful Tonita- my oh my how many times I have thought of you, wondered what is unfolding in your world...particularly as of late, I thought of your beautiful fur babies...we just helped ours to get his angel wings yesterday- it's unspeakable, this loss. I need~ a project. Girrrrl...your update couldnt have come at a better time. I needed badly to sink into your writing, your world, go back through so many of your older postings, allow your words and beautiful creations to help take me away from the emptiness that surrounds. Your words heal me..there, i found a moments reprieve, some softness, pleasure, true worth and value. I relate, want to steep myself in so much that you say and the way your live Tonita- the authenticity of the world you've surrounded yourself with..this is just unreal b.s. all of- the rest of it, the false world in the "internet" that we're surrounded with. I'm sorry, just deep in my loss this morning. Just wanted you to know how this connection, following your beautiful, NATURAL life has blessed me. Warmest hugs of appreciation dear Tonita...thank you, deeply for all that you do for the world. My soul has found a moment of rest this morning!

Tonita said...

Donna Marie,
The simple word "Sorry" doesn't even begin to touch the depth of pain a person experiences at the loss of a beloved fur child. From early childhood I had a special bond with dogs. They became my family and many have stood by my side throughout my life. There amazing presence still lives in my heart and I daily(it seems)think of those that are in heaven. I miss each and every one of them SO much and it pains my heart to this day to be away from them. The worst day in a dog mom's life is the day she has to make that decision to separate from the depth of love that has been by her side for so many years. I know the pain all to well and sit in tears this very moment knowing your anguish. And from the bottom of my heart know that I will hold you up in prayer in coming days. I hope the tears will make a rainbow over your heart to remind you of the beauty and good times of the friendship, love and relationship you had with your dog. It is so hard to not dwell on the last day and moments with them, and to wonder if you did all you could do. In these times I remind myself everything is for a season and God trusted you to be that dogs earthly pet sitter and now that baby has gone back to the Heavenly Father. You need to just grieve in your own way and know that one day you will heal from this pain and loss and hopefully down the road you will again find a special bond with another special fur kid who needs your kindness, love and care. I feel humbled that my little raggedy blog in some way touched your life for the better. My world also has ups and downs like everyone else. I don't want to give a false sense of it being perfect, and I am not always 'soft' for sure. However, at this stage of the game- I am more aware than ever before. I also realize that nothing is impossible and that we can create a better life for ourselves by changing our attitude and by also being thankful for what we have instead of what we don't. But my life can get into a mess just like any others. I am a mess myself and well it helps to know that God specializes in messes. HE turns ashes into beauty.. and like the song says - "All I know is I'm not home yet, this is not where I belong. Take this world and give me Jesus, this is not where I belong". However, in the meantime I fluff my cottage, act silly, and sometimes walk naked in the woods. Making the most of it even in the messes and pain. There you have it, straight from the mouth of this hippy, dippy, silly cottage dweller chick. God bless you sweet lady. Take time to rest, hydrate and lick your wounds and be extra kind to yourself at this time. This is a season of healing for you. Hugs-

A Joyful Cottage said...

Very clever disguise of your refrigerator, Tonita, and so very much in keeping with your farmhouse cottage and style. I like it that you embrace the imperfections in your home, such as the ceiling goofs, and use them as an opportunity to add charming decor. Our culture is oftentimes obsessed with a perfect home, and I find those perfect homes to be rather boring. Like you, I like the old timey homes. They remind me of how I grew up. Our old farmhouse was drafty and the floors were uneven, some doors didn't shut all the way, and the wallpaper over the floor furnace vents was worn through because we kids in the cold midwest winter would stand over the vent, lean up against the wall, and then slide our butts down until we were sitting on the vent. My poor mother never enjoyed a "perfect" room in those days. Keep posting when you are moved to, as I always enjoy seeing your home and reading what you're up to. Enjoy your unplugged life, my friend! Hugs, Nancy

Mama Zeno said...

Hi Tonita :
I love reading your posts. I wish there where many more.
Love the cabinet to hide the hideous white box.
I feel the same way you do about People not engaging. I have several friends that we always sent What I call Happy mail to each other.
Cards Letters and such. Well they have informed me they no longer want to do that because we could just text or e mail.
I am so sad about this.
What has it come to, are we not important enough to spend the money on a stamp.
The whole point was the thrill of receiving something you held in your hand and cherished.
I guess I will have to find an old fashioned Pen Pal. I have the time to be doing this, and so do they it is just pure sadness.
Oh well, thank goodness for your posts they keep me happy and old fashioned.
Keep Well and God Bless
Angie 🙂🐞

Tonita said...

Hi Mama Zeno,
If we don't hold onto and keep some old fashioned ways in use then who will? We are just a couple generations or less away from cursive being eliminated all together. I used to have a font on this blog that was in cursive. People cursed me out over it because they were not able to read it. Really? yes, really. Come to think of it, I should of kept it that way, hmmmm. I have saved special cards from friends and family over the years and I still cherish them. Nothing at all like an e-card, which seems impersonal to me. I have never sent or received a text in my life and don't plan to change that. It drives people nuts. Oh well. Do you remember calligraphy? I used to practice it with one of those old style dip in ink pens and write a nice hand written message on a card I formed out of designs I made from construction paper and fabric and then cut with pinking shears. Yeah,, the world.. she is changing so fast, and mostly not for the better IMO. And don't even get me started on how our history is being erased by those who are PC. History, good, bad and ugly need to be passed down to each generation. And the brainwashing continues in our public schools and colleges. Sickening. I am holding true to some good old fashioned ways from days and years gone by. Better say goodbye before I get on a long rang. Thanks for visiting and for your lovely comment.

Tonita said...

Hi Nancy from Joyful Cottage,
Thanks for popping on over my way. This little vintage farmhouse is perfectly imperfect. Like your farm house description, It is drafty in the winter, with uneven original planked floors, doors that don't close all the way and wonky nooks and crannies, but she has good strong bones and is surrounded by woods mountains, nature and beauty. When I start to voice a complaint about this house, I remind myself how blessed I am. I have worked hard to be at this stage of life and finally rest in my imperfect farmhouse nest. I love your furnace story and as a kid we stood over the big old floor furnace, sometimes burning the bottoms of our feet. Ouch.

Cheryl said...

I totally agree with all you said. I HATE this technology, materialism-obsessed, chaotic mess that is called "progress." My family and I also live very simple lives and do our utmost to swim upstream against the current. Living for Jesus always has been counter-cultural, and it is HE who calls us to live this way - unattached from and not in love with this world. People think I am insane for not becoming engrossed in a facebook account or following along like a lemming, but I really don't care one bit! Having God's approval on the way I choose to live means everything to me, and He is the only one I am endeavoring to please. So wonderful to find someone of like mind and in tune with what is real. Many blessings to you, Tonita!

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