Aug 14, 2011

Waiting for my tiny home ... guess I have to decorate the chicken coop instead

As time goes by . . .

Back in Nov, of last year I noticed what looked like a very well built tiny home that was designed and built by a custom tiny home builder from Mountain View Arkansas. I have been looking at tiny homes for many years and I know that to build your own tiny home you can easily spend twenty thousand dollars for a 8 x 22 foot home on wheels. So I was thrilled to discover Scott was offering his tiny homes at a very reasonable price. .  I spoke to him on the phone a couple of times and really liked the fact he would customize the tiny home to my desires. I communicated with others who bought tiny or small homes from him and heard great things about his work and customer service. I decided to order the Annemarie unit from him. Once it is built I will have it towed from Arkansas to WA state. Even after transport to WA state it is a wonderful deal. I had hoped to be decorating my tiny home by now but there have been some delays, but hopefully It should be built and finished in about a month or close to it. As soon as it arrives I will paint it, shabby-chic it, decorate it, girl-ify it and fill it with vintage treasures . OH, my little chick shack - I can hardly wait. Scott, (my tiny home builder) - I am counting the days.

In the meantime, I am going to fix up a chick shack of a different kind - The ultimate chicken coop.
This little  6 x 8 foot, old play house has been re purposed and made into a chicken coop for my rare breed lavender Orpington chicks. I can't wait to move them from my bathroom into their new home. Take a look -

A  fresh coat of white paint will brighten it up. Yeah, I already hung the chandelier. I knew that would be a must have in the little fancy hen house. The hens will need a bit of bling bling in the coop. Why not?

I found these wonderful vintage nesting boxes on Craig's list. They came from and old egg production barn that was over a hundred and fifty years old. I just love them.

 They are  finally attached to the wall. They were just one inch shy of being a perfect fit. My honey had to carefully  retrofit them, so that they would squeeze into the proper place in the coop.  I have two old table legs that I purchased for $1.00 each that will fit nicely underneath the nesting boxes to make it appear as if the nesting box is a piece of standing furniture.

I found this old  rusty wrought iron piece at a garage sale for $1.00. The mirror was broken in it, but I think it will be a nice addition to the coop. It will  frame out the door way where the chickens will  eventually go in and out.
I bought washable wallpaper for the coop. It is a chicken wire  pattern with little pink roses, how appropiate for spoiled chickens. I purchased it at a closeout sale. I thought one roll would be enough for a 6 x 8 space. Not....(sigh). It was a discontinued pattern and I bought the last roll. Thank goodness for the Internet. After searching the world for a matching roll or paper, I found one more roll in the crevices of some old warehouse in the Midwest that  someone was willing to ship to me. So, after a 2 week delay in decorating the coop, the hens were happy to know the wallpaper had arrived. I can't believe a roll of wallpaper has shrunk so much since the last time I wallpapered. Why is it, that everything keeps shrinking, except my jeans that is?

A old milk can makes a great place to store the organic chicken feed. A vintage tractor seat makes a nice place for me to sit and hang out in the coop and watch my little chicks grow.

I filled the nesting boxes with organic hay. Pink roses and white painted scalloped trim adorn the roof of the nesting boxes. I added a bit of stenciling and bling bling to the inside of some of  the nesting boxes. Only the top egg producing hens get to occupy these extra fancy little nesting condos. Just kidding, don't send me hate mail.

Just in case my hens start to squabble over what space belongs to them, I put their names above their space. I named some of my hens after my favorite Aunts who have passed away as well as  mother hen figures in my life.

Here are some of the chicks that will be living in the coop. I can't wait to get them moved out of my bathroom. They sure create a lot of dust. I guess a vacuum & duster is in order for the upkeep of their coop.

. The recipients of fresh organic eggs, once they arrive. Are they waiting for eggs or the chickens?

The outside coop run needs to be build now. It will be a chick playpen of sorts. A place for them to be safe when I am not able to supervise their free-range activities.

The coop is still under development - More chick shack (coop)  pictures to come.
Wait till you see what I've added to the coop for my lavender fuzz butts.


Passionate for White said...

How absolutely wonderful!! Can't wait to see more...

Victoria Strauser said...

This is so cute! You should submit it to MaryJanes Farm - she often features chicken stories and coop ideas in her magazine!

Melanie said...

That is the sweetest chicken coop ! There is nothing more lovely than well looked after animals. I think your chicken coop is the equivelent to Buckingham Palace ! lol I am sure your hens will be very happy and very well loved.

Julia said...

This is wonderful! I love it. :)

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