Jun 26, 2017

Life is good in the Appalachian Mountains - 2 yr update

Time seems to fly by SO fast. It's hard to believe that it's already been over TWO years since I said goodbye to my home, land and business of 15 yrs in Washington State I have zero regrets!!!! Looking back, it was a huge leap of faith to change my lifestyle and purchase a home far away in NC, online, sight unseen, in an area I had never been to nor heard of. Trusting God was a huge part of this transition. Neither do I miss living in the San Francisco Bay area where I am originally from and where I have lived most of my life. I can't imagine living on the West coast or Pacific North West ever again. Quality of life is so much better for me here in the beautiful Appalachian mountains. Life is good here in the country.

Wild Iris grow right outside my door.  I don't have a green thumb, but they thrive in spite of it

Living in a 570' farmhouse after owning a large home comes with challenges as I continue to sort, sift and downsize my treasure chest as well as my lifestyle.  But, it's all good. My goal was to change my life in a radical way, simplify and find sunshine again, which is very important for my health and well being. What an amazing place to live a sunny, simple life. It's an outdoor playground here & that makes my heart sing. Life is good in the country.
The original outhouse still standing in the woods just across the way from my back door
I especially love the warmer summer months. I live in a rural area that is tucked away from the traffic and tourists that are drawn to nearby small mountain towns. Many of them have second homes here in the mountains, others just come to play in Gods country or escape the hot and humid weather in Atlanta, Florida and surrounding areas.

I am a VERY low tech gal, but I can tell you this makes me really appreciate my toilet.
One of my favorite pastimes is sitting outside on my covered porch, late night surrounded by several dogs, gazing at stars, listening to crickets, watching fireflies and enjoying the sounds as the creek  sings a new song every night. What a perfect place to dance. What a wonderful place for a sunny, simple life plan.

 Life is just way to short to not notice, appreciate and experience the simply joys and blessings that surround us. Mother nature with open open arms, inviting us to partake in her beauty. Some folks get so busy making a living that they forget to make a life. I certainly know all about the blessing of hard work, to the tune of working seven days a week for years at a time and being super busy. At that time I didn't pay attention to the fact that even God rested on the seventh day. I have since created a simpler life for myself and now I'm enjoying learning the art of slowing down my dance. Life is good in the country.

 Blogging takes a seat (way back) there on my list of things 'to do'. I like to play at the river, rafting, tubing, swimming my dogs as well as a long list of other hobbies that capture my time and attention. The time I spend on-line these days is mostly reading political blogs, as the fake news shown on TV is enough to dull the mind in no time and so I do my own news research online. This  little blog of mine remains neglected for months on end. It is what it is. As you may know, I am the only blogger not trying to grow her blog. I do pop in now and again to post and let others know I am vertical. Thanks for stopping by to visit here today.  Life is good in the country.
What does this picture make you think of?
While lots of people spend their time on Space book, (FB) Flitter,(Twitter) Insta-Ham,(Instagram) Zoogle,(Google) Take-A-Rest-(Pinterest) and surfing blogs writing posts, reviewing blog statistics, tallying 'friends' and 'likes', - well it's just Chinese to me. OMG, I just don't understand the draw or addiction of the high tech social media way of life. Documenting every movement, or writing about a new roll of toilet paper, has become a lifestyle that I just don't get?. Not saying anyone is bad or wrong - just keeping it real here from my point of view. I find it purely amazing that people walk around with little phone/ computers and document every minute of life and live to see what is going to pop up next on that device. Whoa- I don't get it????????? I just have no interest in that lifestyle.

  After my friends call my home phone (they know I don't use a cell phone) and haggle me to send pictures I manage to get out my big old camera and snap a picture, upload it and post it here. I just hate that people snap pictures all the time from their phones. ugggg. Keep your face clean as you are sure to be on YouTube at 5:00pm. Did I mention that I have never sent a text in my life? Life is good in the country. Yep, sunny, simple life - Loving it!!!!!

Original farm house bathroom in the woods next to my farmhouse

 I am somewhat out of touch with those who can't make time for a good old fashioned "meet you on the front porch" & share a cold drink. Or, a phone call were my phone rings at my home only, and when I pick it up I am most likely am on my old fashioned plugged into the wall phone (safer for your health) line, as opposed to a cordless phone. Ahhh - Life is SO good in the country. 

The lady who lived in my farmhouse in 1966 told me she hated using this outhouse in winter months while being almost 9 months pregnant. Do you think were just a little bit spoiled these days?

When I purchased my old (over a hundred years old) farmhouse it came with a bathroom, thank goodness. But, it was plain nasty and while I tried to remind myself that I sounded like a spoiled kid, I still would freak out each time I went in there. I am a bubble bath kind of girl and taking a shower in a nasty old crusty, funky bathroom with no bathroom sink for just about two years began driving me nuts. I tried to remain positive imagining that one day I would find a way to make it lovely.

 The tiny bathroom remodel took a bit of a toll on me. There were days I wanted to shrink the animals and buy a condo. After a successful dumpster dive to snag a wonderful vintage window and trading a headboard for a claw foot tub that had been a fish pond for a dozen plus years I was inspired to redo my nasty farmhouse bathroom. Then I spotted a cool vintage dresser and after chalk painting it I knew that I had a few good pieces to begin to make my nasty little bathroom a lovely space.

When I spotted this vintage tub (that was also a fish pond for 12 years) in an old barn it was love at first sight. Wait until you see it in an upcoming post.
SHOCK,- for those that know me, I documented the redo with lots of pictures, (like big girl bloggers do).  Of course my readers never hold their breath as they wait for my next post (they would be dead) - but I am going to put a post together soon to show you the 'beast to beauty', swoon worthy IMO transformation.I am loving my new relationship with my new / old claw foot tub and we spend wonderful evenings together. I will be back.....................

Be blessed until we meet here again - and remember it is never too late to have a happy childhood. Go play like no one is watching you.




Sharon said...

Hi, I enjoyed your post. I am in the PNW, Oregon. Is it really sunny there? The winters here are so terrible. I like your photos and wish that I could sit on the front porch, drinking an ice tea with you.

Tonita said...

Hi Sharon,
The PNW is beautiful and both WA and Oregon are so pretty (when it is not raining) of course. However, I crave sunshine and there sure is plenty of blue skies and sunshine here in NC. I very rarely need my rain boots. When it rains here, it does not last for days and certainly not weeks or months on end. It's more of a tropical rain with full out sunshine popping back out on the same day and right after a downpour. The difference it has made in my life is amazing. If you come out my way, you most certainly are welcome to come sit on the porch with me and sip sweet tea and exchange stories. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoy these posts and your pictures. I can relate to that outhousea

The Rusty Rose said...

Love it when I see a post from you in my email. Looking forward to your bathroom reveal-I know it will be awesome! As a former NY'er now living in the East TN countryside-I can totally relate!

Jannette Rotz said...

This PNW girl so enjoys your post. What lovely photos. Thank you for sharing.

pugsmom said...

Tonita, I love getting a post from your blog. I wish it wasn't so far between, but I appreciate that you are doing what you love and living the life you choose and sharing with us when it strikes you to do so. I loved your shabby chic tiny house (that drew me to your blog in the first place), but I love the adventure you have taken us on as you move your fur family and all your possessions across the United States. I can't/but will wait for your next post with the bathroom transformation. God bless you, Sandra

Tonita said...

Hi Connie,
Thanks for stopping by. As old fashioned and low tech as I am in many ways ... I really appreciate having an indoor bathroom complete with a toilet and a lid that you just gently nudge and it goes down quietly. Still a luxury to many people on the planet. We are completely blessed.

Linda S. said...

It was wonderful to receive an updated post from you, Tonita! :-) I look forward to seeing your bathroom reno.

jeanannemarie said...

I live in Eastern Ohio Appalachia and I love it. I enjoy your blog and will be hoping to see the bathroom makeover post soon!

DownTheLaneWithDaisy said...

I have been wondering where you have been...now I know....relaxing and it all sounds good. We moved from NY to southern Virginia and we have enough snow(5") last winter to make it exciting for a couple of weeks and then it all melts. The weather is pleasant most of the time.

Relaxing is good. Enjoy your found tub. We drive 30 miles with almost no cars, to the next big town(by that I mean one that has a Walmart, haha. Otherwise, we do use the internet to get the things we can't buy locally.

Life is good.

A Joyful Cottage said...

Hello my friend! It's so nice to see a post from you and get an update on your life in the Appalachian mountains. I'm so glad you found your happy place and that you are dancing the dance you dreamed of. Technology is a pain. We try to keep it to a minimum. Unfortunately, all our kids are engrossed in it and if we want to keep in touch with them we have to engage at some level. Sad, but true. Looking forward to the bathroom reveal. I know it will be great! Hugs, Nancy

Tonita said...

Pug Mother,
Thanks for connecting with me here and for your nice comment.

Tonita said...

Down the lane with Daisy - Thanks for popping in with your update. Hope you are living a blessed life there in Southern Virginia. Sounds wonderful.

Tonita said...

Wish I knew how to set this blog up so I was able to respond directly under a comment but no such luck at this point. sigh... Anyway- wanted to send a shout out to sweet blogging sister @ Joyful cottage. I am so happy you jumped over my way. Funny as I was just reading this article about young children being addicted to I pads and how to detox them. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2479109/The-signs-child-addicted-iPad--digital-detox.html This is insane IMO.

Joanie McLaughlin said...

Tonita: I can't wait to see your bathroom. I'm sure it will be adorable! Living in Appalachia must be amazing. My family's roots run deep in Bakersville, NC, but a job opportunity took my dad to Cleveland, OH, where I was born and raised. I did get to vacation in Bakersville each summer, at least, but I wish they never left and I could have been born and raised there instead. It's so beautiful! Have you had any encounters with the snakes yet? That's the only thing I don't like about that area!

Tonita said...

HI Joanie,
Bakersville NC sure has some interesting history. NO- I have not yet encountered any poisonous snakes here in NC. There were numerous meet and greet occasions for that in both CA and WA. I used to have pet Boa Constrictors but a Copper Head is not one I would spend much time around. LOL.

Rebecca Lynn said...

Good morning!!!! IM so very happy to see your latest post, as I was wondering what and how you are? So glad your ok! Time does go by very fast, reminds us all to slow down a bit? Ive family in NC as well as friends , its such a beautiful state, especially driving threw the mountains. Take care girl and cant wait to see your new pics!! Love & Blessings...Rebecca :)

P.S. Where did you get your dish drain???

Tonita said...

Hey Rebecca Lynn-

Thanks for stopping by. You forgot to drink your sweet tea, still sitting here on the porch for ya..LOL.

That amazing dish drain was snagged off of Ebay many years ago. I do really like that thing, if I do say so myself. I have another vintage style one that I picked up in an antique store for about $20.00. They seem to get snapped up pretty quick.

Thanks for sending blessings and love my way. And back at cha!!!!

Rebecca Lynn said...

Oh honey girl! I do enjoy my sweet tea!!! I actually made a pitcher for the 4th. But Le Sigh, Im trying to watch my sugar intake! Thanks for responding and take care,hope your howling at that Southern Moon! Love & Blessings...Rebecca :)

Tonita said...

Rebecca, You can make your sweet tea with raw Organic honey added and it is WAY better for your health and tastes DELISH. I stopped consuming ALL refined sugar last Nov, minus half of a Carmel apple as it was a Christmas present and especially made, just for me. I feel SO much better since eliminating processed sugar in all it's sneaky forms and finally don't miss sugar at all. I used to be a total sugar addict. I am free from it now.

Anonymous said...

It's great to hear from you, Tonita! I agree that life is good in the country, too.
Can't wait to see your new bathtub installed and bathroom redo!
Thanks for sharing this post with us.
Lily - from the very dry and hot east side of WA State... Phew! What a summer!

Rebecca Lynn said...

Patiently waiting on some of your inspirational pictures and post. Hope all is well with you? Hotter than Hadies in Pa. Take care and have the happiest day ever :)

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