Jun 28, 2020


Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to certain colors, home goods or decorating styles? What inspired you to start collecting a certain item? Was it a childhood memory, a special person or?  What feeling do those things evoke deep inside you?

 I  gravitate towards items that remind me of years gone by. What about you? I use colors, art and items that create an invitation to a feeling of  calm. I mix in odd or quirky things that make me smile. I don't care about current home trends or the paint color of the year. They are just selling paint and promoting consumerism that fades away with each new trend. I especially like to use things in my farmhouse cottage that make my heart sing and / or remind me of biblical truths.

 My home is by no means a fashion statement but it is a perfectly imperfect sweet spot where I dwell on this earth for time being. I am grateful and blessed yet  just like one of my favorite songs proclaims - All I know is, I'm not home yet and this is not where I belong. If you want to know what I mean by that statement listen to this short song video clip below.

 In the meantime.....
 I'm drawn to many forms, sizes and textures of certain items in particular. Some of the smaller home  decor items that capture my attention can be seen throughout my little cottage. My mini collections include hearts, vintage keys, sheep, pigs, bunnies, birds, nests and crowns. Tea cups, old quilts and galvanized watering cans can be found on my covered porches. This post will zero in (at some point) on crowns.

 I also have a thing for old chippy painted doors and windows, for well over three decades. I collected them long before they were a desirable 'must have' in today farmhouse style. I love that my old farmhouse still has most of the original wavy glass panes still intact. Let my eyes spot old fret work, or vintage porch columns, and I swoon over such treasures. Cast iron sinks, rusty items that tell a story..Yes please. You can probably tell that I would much rather spend a day at a salvage yard than take an all expense paid shopping trip to a mall. That says it all. 

Living in a tiny 570' farmhouse has helped me to walk away from some amazing deals, and curb my appetite to posses more things. I have a 'one item in, five items out' rule for myself. At this season in life I'm satisfied with all that I'm in charge over. I need nothing more. I am looking at things differently these days and I am tired of the make it, break it, buy it, use it, toss it circle of consumerism, of which I have been partaking of for way to long. Maybe this is a phase and maybe not? I have zero desire, nor a plan to become a minimalist, I've just reached a point where I no longer desire to purchase nor posses any more STUFF.

That all being expressed (cause ya all know I need to do that).... I will move forward with sharing some photos found online as well as some of the crowns that pop up here and there and there and there and there...in my little farmhouse. One of the reasons I like crowns is because they remind me of just
 who I am. Especially on those days where the enemy works hard to try and make me forget just who I am. I hope these photos will encourage you to remember who's you are if you are a believer in JESUS.

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One of my all time favorite memes. Source - Pinterest

The perfect way to remind yourself of your true identity. Download our "I am the daughter of a King" lock screen or wallpaper for your phone.
Source - Pinterest

Better than clothes and makeup is being in His presence. His beauty rubs off on your heart. :))
Source - Pinterest

What is the symbolic meaning of a crown?
A crown is a traditional symbolic form of head adornment worn by a monarch or by a deity (as distinct from a hat), for whom the crown traditionally represents power, legitimacy, victory, triumph, honor, and glory, as well as immortality, righteousness, and resurrection.


Okay, so play along with me. As a child.... did any of you gals take flower petals and make slippers for your Barbie dolls? I did, I used fuchsia's and I made them sweet crowns out of flower petals buds and leaves. I embrace and honor my inner child to this day as I make tiny crowns and place them on faux farmhouse critters. This is where my sense of whimsy comes into play.

                                          Paper napkins with a sheep in a garden made crown

Looking out my kitchen window past a birdie with a crown

  Kitchen towel- No pigs in a blanket at my house

French statuary complete with a crown

Shiny crown on a little rusty bird, all dressed up and no place to fly

Crowned bird is resting on the front room window

Sleepy princess

Bunny in a glittered crown

Crowned birdie

All I know is I'm not home yet... no suitcase needed

Crowned buck on a front room pillow

Crowned brown cow - say that ten x in a row

A crown and cross hang from my vintage headboard

Crowned bird watches over me as I sleep

Shabby chic crowned critter sits next to my tub


As always please remember that it is never to late to have a happy childhood. If you missed one the first time around then create one for yourself this very day. I took a break between uploading photos for this blog post. I took one of my dogs for a walk and went to a park. I took off my shoes and walked through the sand and got on a swing and had a ball. I came home and googled "princess on a swing" and found this photo below. I love it, even though I have no idea what is going on in the lower half of it? She looks to be wearing a crown?

XO, Tonita

Lol... even if it goes terribly wrong.

May 20, 2020


Finally Spring is here, well maybe? It's trying to show up here and there and maybe everywhere? I feel confused and have heard that even the little birds seem confused about the season were currently in. Can we just move right into summer please? That would be fine for me as I am yearning for full on sunny warm, no- I mean HOT days. This past winter was a very long, cold and rainy season here in the beautiful Appalachian mountains, sigh. BIG sigh.

Beautiful Purple Iris came with my Farm Charm Cottage, I added the birdhouse

For many, this is a time of year to get on with new projects and clear out clutter, organize and perhaps spit shine our homes. Yeah, right- who am I kidding?  More importantly than all the attention that my little cottage could benefit from is the emotional closet or corner where I have let things pile up for days, weeks, okay...* I will tell the truth here and shame the devil*.... months or even years?  Yeah, I said it- 'years'. Spring cleaning of those emotional messes can create benefits for both our home as well as our emotions. IMO- cleaning out the inner self and letting go of things that don't serve me today is even more important .You know - the parts of you one doesn't ever read about on the blog, or the YOUtube videos, or on your InstaHAM account or the posts shared on Flitter or even on your posts on Spacebook. Cleaning your emotional state between your ears as well as all the negative self chatter will give you opportunity to grow into a happier you. Now is just as good a time as any to open that door and face the mess. Taking stock of what’s working and what’s not will help you move forward with an emotional Spring cleaning.

Lavender Rose of Sharon grows wild in my yard

 Consider this post an invitation to join me in sorting through a painful or messy feeling or memory as part of an emotional spring cleaning. Now is just as good a time as any to open that door and face those inner messes. If you don't have any inner mess to consider, then just skip this post, and enjoy the flower photos and well... be blessed and thanks for visiting here. Back to cleaning those inner messes we often hide in the back corners of our emotional closets so no one will find them. What is in there anyway?  Perhaps some negative emotions, attitudes and residue of left over dirt from unhealed toxic relationships or family of origin experiences? Or maybe just little things that hold us back in our lives from being our best selves, can pile up in our an emotional closets,  just as they do in our homes. Those emotional stacks that we avoid or are ashamed of because we want others to approve of us. You know, those hidden places that we allow few if any others to see let alone enter. That 'catch all nook or space where we store things that we don't know what to do with at the moment.

I am by no means a gardener, so I'm so happy this Lilly lived after I planted it.

Along with the emotional benefits of a physical spring cleaning, be aware of the benefits of spring cleaning your emotions. Getting your physical environment and your inner emotional environment clean and fresh will give you space to grow into a healthier, more productive, and happier you

      Tips for an emotional Spring Cleaning.

Taking stock of what’s working and what’s not will help you move forward if you care to participate in an emotional Spring cleaning. Past upsets that manifest in anger, jealousy, hatred, sadness and more all can end up being stuffed inside our mental closets or basements when we don't face and deal with them. They won't go away any faster than any other mess if  not  purposely sorted and sifted through. Not fun but necessary in order to have a clean house and to be emotionally healthier which leads to feeling better both emotionally and physically. Dis-ease (Disease) is ill-health and is often connected to unresolved issues birthed in toxic life experiences that manifest in the body.

Take notice of what is dragging you down. I find that keeping a journal is a good way to help bring these things to light as well as sort out and get present to feelings. Pay attention to negative thoughts and emotions and especially negative self talk that takes up brain space. You know- those things we nurse and rehearse, those things that could be cleaned out and replaced with positive fulfilling thoughts. Go through that emotional closet.  IF you don't love it and it doesn't serve you, dump it. Imagine one of those hoarding shows where a dumpster is placed in front of your home to get rid of everything that doesn't serve you well. DUMP IT.

 Toxic relationships current or from the past need to be trashed if you find any left over residue taking up space in your life.

 Emotions such as self criticism, guilt and shame are all USELESS and should be thrown out. When negative self talk, or stinking thinking messages try to creep back into your emotional space from anyone or any direction - remember you can consciously choose to throw them out and give no place to them in your life. It is a choice. Chose to honor yourself.

 Sort through and recognize  unrealistic expectations you place on yourself. Those go into the dumpster also. No use donating them to local thrift shops. They are of no benefit to anyone. They are worthless.

.Holding grudges?- purpose to let them go as they only hold you as a slave to them, living in bondage. Toss out pessimism, by speaking or writing out a new possibility to replace those negative memories, lies or pessimistic made up self talk.

 When you do this type of cleaning it will consist of you experiencing some new feelings. Some might surprise you. Let yourself feel them fully and take time to honor yourself at this time. Be aware of your feelings and don't minimize them Write in private or public, scream, yell, cry and know it is a process. This may take more than the Spring season and in some cases years to accomplish. SO WORTH IT. You do not have to remain stuck in the feelings. IT is just a choice.

Consider sorting through messy feelings part of your emotional spring cleaning. During this type of cleaning I get through it with prayer. Not all things can just easily be thrown out as we wish them to be, but God can heal our hearts and work forgiveness through us and turn ashes into beauty if only we invite that of Him. HE cares about your heart, and every situation in your life. Involve HIM.

Closeup of my Lavender Rose of Sharon

On a different  note - For way to many years I stayed over scheduled and busy in my professional life as well as my personal life. I see this same trait in people every single day. It is if out culture rewards the busiest people. Like the one with the most stuff to do in a day wins. NOT. What I learned about myself is that part of me staying busy every waking second helped me mask my pain and avoid my inner personal growth work. I just placed no value in being still. I was afraid not to have a plan, For when I was still my thoughts drifted to the messy areas in my personal life. Those areas went untouched and they felt dirty so I kept busy to avoid looking at and dealing with them.  I didn't know how to relax or quiet my busy mind.

I used to be the perfect Co-Dependent. Before a lot of self discovery, self help and recovery type of personal healing work I was a much bigger hot mess.  In the past, not without great cost to me. I over scheduled,and over extended my life and gave so much of me away that I lost a huge part of me and ended up that I eventually did not recognize whom I had become. I was angry and sad. One day while watching Joyce Meyer ministries It changed my life in this area. She explained that she had the same "Yes" syndrome as I once did and she said that instead of being an automatic
"yes", when presented with an invitations, requests and offers or, a call to help or a response to those who need you say this instead -
"Let me pray about it and I will get back to you"  I can not express how this simple change in my life and way of responding to requests of help and requests for much to much of my time freed me up to give me time to pray and seek God and then respond, instead of being an automatic "yes" to all those around me who requested anything they needed of me.  No more living in regret of over scheduling, over extending and helping out of guilt and later regret .I now take time to seek God first and make better choices that I feel at peace with.

When I was a child my mother was a neat freak, and kept what I consider to be a perfect house. Everything was sparkling clean, dust and spot free, ironed, everything at all times in its place and perfect looking both on the inside and out. Yet, there was complete chaos in our home behind closed doors. I think my mothers efforts to keep an immaculate home and be a great cook and baker on days she was not drinking was her way to not deal with her pain which she tried to kill with alcohol abuse and years of binge drinking. Later when I was twenty- one years old her many years of alcohol abuse killed her and the house was not so pretend perfect anymore.

Years later, many years later I find that doing home cleaning on the inside of me is much more important than what one's house looks like.  Don't get me wrong.. I love a clean home, but a clean home does not define me. It seems in vogue these days to "be busy" all the time. To have a never ending flow of projects lined up to tackle.

Since moving to the mountains I have settled into myself more than at any other time in my life. I have learned to be a human being instead of a human doing. My life has slowed down to a ridiculous pace, compared to days of past when my life was similar to a hamster on crack running on a wheel for 16 plus hours a day non stop day in, day out. Life is better these days, even when I sit on my porch and sip Kombucha and try to talk myself into embracing the gray hair that is growing in faster than I can pluck  out.  But- in a good way life is different. As a home owner there is always upkeep and work to do both on the property as well as the interior of my Farm Charm Cottage. I suspect there will always be inner work to do also. It doesn't always get me excited but I love the end results.

         My flower garden needs serious help. I did not inherit any gardening genes or skills. Thank goodness I don't depend on my gardening skills as a food source. I am going to continue to work on it and see if I can get better results in coming weeks or months. Just like personal growth work, a garden takes an investment of time, weed pulling, hard work, patience and love. Then one day you realize all the dirt you sifted and weeds you cleared away and the areas you fertilized produced flowers and  finally made way for something healthy and beautiful.

May you be blessed in clearing those weeds of negativity that pop up here and there in one's life. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot in the dirt and grass. It is never to late to create a happy childhood. Go play.


Apr 6, 2020


Wow, how the world has changed since my last post.  How does a gal post about her farmhouse or Spring decor and not mention the elephant in the room,  Not one to be politically correct I can say that this Kung flu virus is a sobering game changer for the human race and most recently a tiger who tested positive for the Chinese virus. What does social distancing look like for a tiger? I've got that   part down pat as I started social distancing when most if not all dems lost their minds and their self control this past Presidential election. Can you imagine what America would look like had Killary won? I imagine some feathers are already ruffled. Welcome back to my blog where I exercise free speech and oh yeah, I talk about God also. Politics and God...I have always disliked small talk.

Tulips hanging on my vintage bathroom door

While the Kung Flu pandemic invites, panic, fear, stress, anxiety and depression there is a different side of the Kung Flu virus.  I am living fearless in the face of it because of knowing and walking in Gods favor. Knowing that should I fall victim to that virus God is faithful to heal, either in this life or life hereafter. 
First off, as an entrepreneur my business is now shut down. Money is not growing on the Dogwood tree outside my kitchen window just yet  I'm sympathetic to those in financial trouble due to lost businesses, lost jobs and income of all sorts. . Fear, worry, doubt, stress, anxiety, depression, ill health and even loss of life are all real experiences many are facing or in the midst of. Yet, in the middle of  this biological and viral warfare I am thankful and for the most part still joyful. I am not ashamed to say that the JOY of the LORD is my strength and that I have not had a sleepless night because of this biological Kung Flu warfare. I am part of a supernatural not natural present time and a future so I have decided to Fear Not even though all things in the world and on the news  point towards fear, despair, doom and gloom. There is so much uncertainty but one thing I know for sure is that when God brings you to nothing HE is up to something. This is no surprise to God and He's got this. We can easily get off course asking so many questions.. Why this and why that. I know that road...it leads to stress most often. I have exchanged the "Why's" for - I declares. I use Gods promises found in the bible and declare them over my life daily, in order to experience the Joy of the Lord.
There is a cost to being a Christian, but totally worth it

Yesterday, on my way home from a farmers market where I bought fresh garden veggies I stopped by a friends house. She recently lost her day job as well as her income from her Air BnB rental. She pointed towards the chicken coop she just finished building for her new chicks. She will be planting a veggie garden tomorrow in an effort to have some fresh food this spring. She smiled at me and said " God just set the reset button and I can't wait to see what HE does".  I said "Amen sista and gave her a (OMG) hug before heading home. She has a mortgage, and no income, yet she is excited to see what God will do.Living on the edge... with total trust in God. Exciting times.

Lambs, Bunnies and Nests adorn the shelves and tabletops in my TINY Farmhouse cottage

A few days ago while shopping at Big Lot's I ran into a joyful 89 yr old lady who gave me a high five (OMG) contact without fear when she realized I was also also a believer. We talked about how in spite of the current world events our God is wonderful and worthy to be praised. We shared  how we both have no fear for our own lives coming to an end because we are assured of everlasting life after leaving earth, and it only gets better according to God's word.
Just makes me want to bite the bunnies ear off
I met another gal today who invited me to come to her churches drive in service on Easter Sunday. My church is doing internet services which I can view anytime so I accepted her offer to attend services at her church as we park and remain in our cars 6' apart.
 Unfortunately all Messianic Passover Seder's are cancelled in Western NC. Believers can celebrate Jesus in our hearts and homes.

My vintage mantle provides a perfect spot for seasonal vignette options

Another dear Christian friend just lost her husband of 37 ish years.after a heart attack this past Jan.The doctors could not operate or do anything to prolong his life. He wanted to go home and Hospice services were set up. Shortly after his wife took his hand and said to him " I am jealous that you are going home before me". He responded to her " Diane, when have we not stood on the word of God? Stir up your faith".   A couple of days latter he went home. His last sermon was - "STIR UP YOUR FAITH". His funeral was a celebration of life and most importantly eternal life. Diane misses him immensely  but continues to live full of hope and full of joy which overshadows-the pain of loosing her best friend and husband.
Birds, Bunnies, Nests - The joys of Spring.
 I know many disagree with me, that is okay- but I believe this Chinese virus was unleashed on purpose to test the reduction of the worlds population. The after math of fear will drive thousands to line up for vaccinations. I would not ever consider getting vaxed for love nor money. In the midst of this Kung Flu virus believers in Y'shua (Jesus) still can experience the joy and peace of the Lord.  The  JOY of Lord is my strength and more so in times such as these.                                                              
Springtime Farm Charm
Another lifelong friend calls often to share her excitement of what God is doing each and every day in her life and in Las Vegas. Even in the midst of this mess she shares her enthusiasm, joy, laughter,  hope and peace which comes from her relationship with God Almighty. 
Love this little butler bunny. A score from Ross store years ago.
A sweet lady who is new addition to my tribe recently started a completely new life. Her X husband has a new name now- "History". I know divorce is a difficult thing but not for me to judge.   She lost her job due to Kung Flu and she currently has no home, no idea of what is next for her but she lingers in the love of Christ and her blessed assurance as a daughter of a King. She is filled with joy and a peace in knowing God is not shaken by this mess and she too has her peace and joy in HIM. 
Itty Bitty Bunny

I do not have my head in the sand here and I am saddened that so many lives have been lost both in America and around the world. I can only hope that folks will be stirred and disrupted enough to get woke, to pray, to consider how blessed and favored we are in America and to be Thankful. IMO -This is a wake up call to all. Who will answer the call in these sobering times? To think folks are more concerned about their butts and not running out of toilet paper than they care about their souls. Folks upset at the thought of running out of toilet paper or upset because of the current low meat inventory. Seriously?  Could it be time to repent and perhaps time to reset our mindset, and check our eternal life Insurance plan?
shelves work great to keep things changed out over seasons

In the midst of this world crisis Gods blessing and favor can be yours. Even if you are sick, disabled, broke, without a job, the joy of the Lord can be yours TODAY. You can experience the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. I am still a mess and being refined and my mind is being renewed by God daily. Relax already and be patient with me and consider this - Do you want God's favor in your life?
Got this little vintage bunny for .25 cents. Score!

IF you are born again, you by faith are a believer and child of God then God’s favor is yours, but there are a couple of things you must do to fully enjoy its benefits. First, you must receive God’s favor like every other spiritual promise—by faith. Then you must release your faith.

That’s what Abraham, the father of our faith, did. The circumstances looked hopeless when God promised him he would be the father of many nations. His age. Sarah’s lifelong barrenness. How could it be? They received God’s promise by faith and God’s favor.

My favorite vintage saucers

[For Abraham, human reason for] hope being gone, hoped in faith that he should become the father of many nations, as he had been promised, So [numberless] shall your descendants be. He did not weaken in faith when he considered the  impotence of his own body, which was as good as dead because he was about a hundred years old, or [when he considered] the barrenness of Sarah’s womb. No unbelief or distrust made him waver (doubtingly question) concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong and was empowered by faith as he gave praise and glory to God, fully satisfied and assured that God was able and mighty to keep His word and to do what He had promised….

Behold the lamb of God

[Righteousness, standing acceptable to God] will be granted and credited to us also who believe in (trust in, adhere to, and rely on) God, Who raised Jesus our Lord from the dead…. Through Him also we have [our] access (entrance, introduction) by faith into this grace (state of God’s favor) in which we [firmly and safely] stand…. (Romans 4:18-21, 24, 5:2, ).
Look at Romans 5:2 again. We have access by faith into grace! God’s favor surrounds us—our faith    releases it! Glory to God!

A very old piece of furniture hand made here in the Appalachian mountains

So, we are just like Abraham. That’s how it is in life for all of us. Sometimes things look bad. But we have to learn when we walk in faith and face the natural facts, we believe God anyway. We grow to the point where we can hear bad news without wavering in our faith…and receive God’s favor no matter what the circumstances are.

Vintage teapot, $5.00 thrift store score

                                        Receiving God’s favor by faith is a simple act on our part.
Get into God’s Word. Put the Word into your heart and speak it out loud and declare it. Believe it and act on it. Receive it!
My toilet paper built-in  gets decorated with seasonal decor

When you do that, you will be victorious in every area of your life. There is no situation, no circumstance—nothing—that is stronger than the grace of God…the favor that surrounds you.
Whatever you may be facing today, stand up and get right in its face and say this: “I’m a born-again child of Almighty God. His supernatural favor surrounds me like a shield this very moment. His grace is more than enough to deliver me out of this trouble. My faith is in God’s Word, and I’m coming out of this triumphantly by the favor of God!”

Bunnies in my bedroom

Then, begin to expect great things to happen. I can tell you from the Word of God and from my own experience, your life will never be the same when you act like the favor of God is yours!        

Please let me know in the comment section, if I can hold you or your family up in prayer during these difficult times. All comments are moderated before being published. If you prefer to not have your comment made public please request that and I will honor your request  I  strongly believe in the power or prayer. If you request a private response or a phone call, remember to leave your contact information. 

As always I sign my posts - "It is never to late to have a happy childhood". Even in times such as these it is so important to honor yourself with self care and love and go do something fun and childlike.


Jan 7, 2020


 I am sharing some photos of my farmhouse Christmas decor as I chat, rant, and publicly share my thoughts today. First off I want to say - Happy Happy Happy NEW YEAR to y'all. All is going well here in the Appalachian mountains where I am for the most part, cozily tucked into my little mini (560') vintage farmhouse.

Today, (seriously)... I remembered I have a blog. Yeah, I know,, crazy - right? You probably wonder how someone can actually forget that she has a blog, but yes, I actually have not thought about blogging in months, until I got some snail mail from a friend.  Don't be concerned, it is not that my mind is slipping it's that I  haven't had much interaction with  my computer over the past several months. Y'all know I am a low tech girl. I see it as a good thing, for myself anyway. If the grid went down, I would be just fine and not miss a beat.

During winter months I tend to hibernate. I consider myself a happy loner and while I am not at all shy and am very chatty it comes as a big surprise to many that I identify myself as an introvert.
Introvert Definition: The definition of an introvert is someone who prefers calm, minimally stimulating environments. Introverts tend to feel drained after socializing and regain their energy by spending time alone. ... In other words, if you're an introvert, you were likely born that way.

Chilly darker and shorter days of winter give way to more time curling up near the fireplace and appreciating the opportunity to be still. Yes, I guess that comes with being more mature or in other words (older).  Mature sounds so much better...don't cha think? I didn't  slow down and chill out  when I was younger. I was always a hyper active kid and considered myself a human doing instead of a human being.  I only truly relaxed when I was alone, with animals or in nature. I feel blessed to have never experienced being lonely. As a child of God I realize I am NEVER alone.

 Tiny white lights are covered with white garland to give a faux snow effect. I enjoy the sparkle of light they give off and quite often leave them on during the darker days of winter. Snow flakes are on my trees and hanging from my chandelier as well as in my windows. I have always loved snowflakes.

 Decorating the farmhouse with Christmas lights and trees makes the winter months more enjoyable.. The twelve days of Christmas ended this past Sunday but I intend to leave my decorations up through this month of January. By now you must have figured out that I totally march to my own drummer. It is not like the decor police will come a knocking on my door.

 I really like these farmhouse window grids. They can be a pain to wash and dust but the fact that I can decorate each little sill  over rules the washing and up keep  part. The charm and cute factor over rules practical IMO. Maybe in 20 years I will change my tune on that. Sometimes I use cafe curtains or vintage dish towels on the lower half. Old chippy ceiling tin makes a great awning. I took apart an old chandy to create crystal fringe for the awnings. Not the norm, 'I know' but again this is how I roll.

 If you have visited here before and read any of my posts you know I tend to go on rants about technology on a pretty regular basis. So many people get upset and irritated with me because they are SO used to being in instant contact with everyone else they know.  I am out of their loop because for the most part, I'm a  technology rebel.. One of the few who has never sent a text and who does not use a cell phone. Heck, I don't even use, or carry a purse. I would have no idea what to put in it. And for the life of me I don't know why I would carry a tiny computer (phone) on my body to be in constant communication with anyone, not even a significant other. Hey, It works for me just fine and life is good this way in my humble opinion. Don't ask others though, they get irritated with my choices.

The past few weeks of cold chilly weather as well as more gray days than I like have given me flash backs to my life in WA State. YUCK... Some love it there and thrive, but for me the PNW.... not so much, actually not at all.  I so dislike dark gray dripping drizzle days and am forever thankful that we only have a couple gray days in a row before we have sun breaks, Bright blue sunny  winter days brighten my spirit. They are much needed for a gal who gets SAD (Seasonal affect disorder).

I recently had lunch with a freind and she told me that  I am in big denial of a sunny, simple lifestyle. That is my motto to help me keep on track for a peaceful life.  She lovingly tells me I have way too much stuff and well, I probably do. All right I DO have to much stuff in my little home. I just get so bored with looking at the same old same old and like to change things out now and again. However some things are in place for many years to come due to the size and layout of my little farmhouse. I mean where else can I put my sofa or the kitchen table? I am limited here but the feel of being mortgage free vs having a big home to shuffle things around works out much better for me.

 My friend has a beautiful farmhouse and prefers a minimalist home style. She tells me that I "romance the ordinary". A cute way of defining my style. I rescue what others toss out and add a new touch to re purpose many items. I have in my farmhouse cottage.

Did you make any New Years Resolutions?  I didn't officially make any but I do hope to be warrior like in my 5 to 1 rule. For every new thing I buy for my home 5 things have to be donated. This self imposed rule worked pretty well last year.  I am so very thankful that my friends are finally on board with not sending me stuff that adds clutter to my home and stress to my life. I have more than I need..

Dual or multi purpose items work great for tiny or small space living. I do not think you have to give up changing out decor or completely restrict your desire to decorate your small home for different seasons. I bought this little truck and it was originally yellow. I spray painted it white and I have used it for so many things. I have used it as a candy dish (before I removed refined sugar from my diet). I have used it in my bathroom to hold guest soaps. I have used it on my porch to hold tiny succulents.
This year I mostly used it on my kitchen table to hold the salt, pepper and Tabasco. And of course here it is this Christmas under a vintage style silver faux tree.

I have not purchased any new Christmas decor for many years now. I don't think that I will ever need to either. I put up four Christmas trees this year in my little cottage. And I have a couple in storage that I have yet to bring out. Maybe next year?  I opt for ornaments that are tiny and reflective as well as flat ornaments such as my snowflakes which store away easily in minimal space.

 This old hand made vintage cabinet (above) is a prized possession of mine. I adore the untouched original patina and the mis matched hardware. It dates back well over a century. I was thrilled that it fit on this wall within less than one quarter of an inch. Once I measured it, I knew she was coming home with me.  Back in the day they used a LOT of this green paint color.

My farmhouse is mostly dressed in shades of white, off white, greige and gray except for this vintage piece. IT is sort of a sage green which is a calming color to me and works well in my home. The vintage scale is the same exact color. For winter I have a Hot Chocolate station.

 This little hand made snowman or snow woman was purchased at an art and craft show many years ago. It fit perfectly on this little Victorian shelf this Christmas. A thrift store scrabble game was a deal at just fifty cents and allows me to add messages in the tiniest of spaces.

Tiny trees from the dollar store line the top shelf.  I like using small shelf's in the farmhouse. They allow me to change them up as often as I want, with out adding nails to hang things.

I don't blog for months on end and then post a picture heavy update. I won't share my bedroom or front room holiday decor because..well because that would take a whole other post and you guys know how I roll by now. However, I am sharing a few photos of my tiny 42' sq bathroom dressed up for Christmas. Am I the only blogger just now blogging about Christmas? Ah, life is good in the country. 

When living in a tiny home, one must get creative when it comes to decorating. The bathroom window has a deep sill that holds seasonal and everyday items. Another 'Dollar Store' Christmas tree  keeps company with a sweet tiny vintage oil lamp that actually works and is used quite often.

What is this you ask? When my forty two square foot tiny bathroom was remodeled , I requested a built in spot for my toilet paper rolls. Actually one can be stored on top but why waste a great nook to decorate. I always say.. cute rules over practical. A vintage itty bitty nativity fit this nook perfectly.

A bit of shiny bling bling surrounds a faux silk rose. This spot is just above my claw foot tub.

Ah,, I so look forward to soaking in my tub at the end of the day. A perfect place to relax IMO.

Thanks for popping in to visit my corner of the world. I am looking forward to spending time this month sifting through my favorite blogs and catching up on what is new in your life. I hope this year finds you in good health and surrounded with blessings.

As always I will  not let a blog post go by without letting you know that - It is never to late to have a happy childhood. Many of us as children as well as adults have experienced hiccups, neglect, and dysfunction as well as early childhood trauma. We can choose to listen to the inner child, honor our inner child and re parent that hurt, angry, abused or neglected child.. Be kind to yourself and know that you are made in the image of God and he adores you just as you are now today. Blessings-

Should any reader desire prayer please do not hesitate to ask. I will not post your request publicly but will honor your privacy and hold you in prayer, just please request to not have your comment go public. If you care to have your comment go public so other believers can also lift you up in prayer that is also fine. Make your request for privacy or your comments will be public. Other believers in the Lord JESUS CHRIST-please hold up others in prayer. Prayer is powerful. Please visit back to share what God has done in your life as you see fit.

 God restores and turns ashes into beauty. He heals and I truly know that while I am a blessed child of God, I know that I am not home yet. I am a pilgrim in this land.  The JOY of the LORD is my strength and may it be yours.

                                                                   Love, Tonita
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