Nov 4, 2017

It's not Christmas, it's November. It's Fall y'all.

 Remembering and yearning for days gone by. The days when Christmas ornaments and candy canes did not appear on retailers shelves until one or two days after Thanksgiving items went on clearance. The same shelves then ushered in Christmas lights, bulbs, Christmas candy and holiday gift items.


  Commercialism of the holidays can certainly side track us. It's overwhelms me to walk down the store isles and see pumpkins, costumes and Christmas do-dads side by side, and often falling off the shelves having already been picked over in September and definitely by Oct.


As we know, Christmas is one of the most enterprising times of year for businesses.Each shop, mall  or website is trying to out do the other in drawing our attention to their business with decorations and advertisements months ahead of  the actual holidays. It takes the fun out it if we buy into it and rush from one holiday to the next instead of taking time to enjoy the day, season or current moment.
I am not an experienced gardener. I had several old boxes of seeds from the dollar store and I literally scattered them over the dirt and they created a simple but beautiful garden for $3.00

Not trying to be a holiday buzz kill, but why are we in such a rush?  Isn't 30 days of Christmas decor enough already?  Have you seen the holiday ornaments that look like a pumpkin on the one side and  on the backside they become Santa's head ornaments.? Or the fence boards that are painted like a snowman on one side and on the flip side is an angel. Now they need to come up with a 3 way ornament to use one side for a heart theme as not to forget Valentines Day. Well those multi holiday ornaments will save us alot of time on decorating our abodes. We can then spend more time on social media or Pinterest, learning about 365 uses for a pine cone.

 One might take a hint from dogs, who dwell in the moment. They can certainly teach us something about life if we just make time to observe them. For a dog, a walk in he woods is not about the destination, it is broken down into sniff size increments of joy and fun. They fully experience every moment.

 After weeding my dollar store wild flower garden yesterday I decided to snap a few pictures of my November flowers in full bloom. I took time to sit on a deck full of colorful leaves instead of being in a hurry to sweep them away. Then I decided to sit a bit, among pumpkins and just take some time to appreciate turkeys everywhere who are are enjoying their last days on earth. To be thankful for the beautiful warm days of November as I'm surrounded with trees dressed in their seasons finest colors.

98 cent chrysanthemums fill my flower boxes.

Alright, already... on a different note. How does the color orange make you feel? Orange can be a very strong and energetic color.  It  is  attention-grabbing and often used in advertising. Some people describe orange as bright, happy, and uplifting. For me orange is, way too bright and overwhelming. It's a controversial color and I think it is best suited for leaves, pumpkins, oranges, animals, flowers and sunsets. Other than that, I am not such a fan of the color orange.  That being said - only tiny splashes of orange show up inside my home during the fall season.  I have relegated the seasons most popular color (mostly) to my old farmhouse porch, my deck and my flower garden.

I designed this privacy fence around my deck. I incorporated several vintage wavy glass windows into the design. I will add some all weather lace curtains to the windows and possibly some shutters? The theme of my deck area is "Garden Cafe" and I have got some fun plans for this area.


This little all metal bistro set was purchased on Craig's list for $75.00. I like that all three pieces fold up flat for easy storage if I want to store them away for the winter months.


If you coat your pumpkins with a layer of any brand of floor polish or soak them in a bleach water solution it will preserve them and they will last much longer than normal, outside. I use a combination of real and faux pumpkins to decorate with. I do not decorate for or observe Halloween and so I pick up real pumpkins after Oct 31st at greatly reduced prices.


Welcome to my front porch, (below). Here you will see rusty stars, a galvanized farmhouse porch light and a large vintage feed bin that I scored from an old barn stall in WA. They all set the stage for different decor that surrounds them as the seasons as well as my mood changes. The old galvanized metal feed bin also provides lots of great storage options for my porch.


An old milk can and vintage tractor seat are put to good use as another storage spot (under the seat) and it's also a comfortable place to sit. You may remember that this used to be in my old chicken coop?

I love my old handmade screen door. It is a simple design that sounds so sweet as it swings shut. It whispers 'farmhouse', 'sweet farmhouse' to me every time I hear it squeak upon it's opening or closing.


    Cheap bandanas add a splash of color when needed. I borrowed them from my dogs necks.


I have a thing for galvanized vintage watering cans. I have a collection of them. Well, I sorta have a crush on all things galvanized. My geraniums are still blooming like crazy this 4th day of October.






I  recently found some pillow covers at a great price, so I decided to try to like the color Orange a bit more. I added a few pillows to this Victorian Iron child's bed that is a centerpiece on my farmhouse front porch. So, of course the new pillow covers inspired me to re arrange my front porch. I know many of you completely understand just what I mean.


 And here we have two of my children who dress in fur. They are not related but one would think so. One was rescued online from Burns flat, Oklahoma. Left on the streets when her previous owners moved. She ended up in a high kill shelter and was scheduled to be put down. She cost me a fortune to rescue her and I did not plan to keep her, but ended up falling in love with her. The girl on the left was destined for a life on a chain. She was left with no food , water or shelter as a young pup and chained up outside. She had been attached by another animal or dog. I freed her from a life on a chain and she just happened to win her way into my heart. One is 3 years old and the other is 10.

 These girls are best friends and are shepherd, cattle dog, and husky mixes. They look like sisters.




So, even though I am not a fan of the color orange.. I must say that when my amazing PRESIDENT gets a tan... I like orange more and more. I LOVE PRESIDENT TRUMP and continue to do happy dances on my porch. And every time I hear a liberal squeal, yell, scream and have a meltdown I sing "oh happy day"  because I know our president is  busy trying hard to make America Great Again. Then  I just keep on dancing..... And now to get that swamp drained on both sides.

I do like his shade of orange.

 When I think of the color orange and IMO where it looks best.... Hands down, orange looks best on Killary.  I can't help but have this image (below) on my mind.  And- before anyone gets their panties in a wad and wants to go on a rant, know this- this is not a design blog. Nor do I care if people like or don't like this post. Snowflakes can leave and look at other blogs if offended. I believe liberalism is a mental disorder and I hope one day a cure will be found.  All are welcome here but if you are offended grow a backbone and deal with it. I spent years being offended by O'bummer. If you leave nasty comments remember this, - I will delete them faster than you write them. I believe in free speech but I also don't entertain low information non sense and hate speech comments from liberals. 

Women for Trump and Hispanics for Trump

       DEPLORABLE LIVES MATTER --- YES THEY DO,   I am a deplorable, how bout you?.

Oh, my, my my,.... Martha... did she just say that?  I was just looking at her sweet little farmhouse porch and cute little doggies and now that shabby chic woman went on a political rant. My, my, my.  YEP... That I did. No apology. I am sick and tired of the liberal agenda and all that it stands for, which by the way seems to be against everything that God stands for. I am not afraid to say it loud and clear. And one more side note. I am sick and beyond tired of liberals phobias, attacks and hate of white men, Christians and anything that is related to Jesus.                                 

 I am a Hispanic and a legal one. And I know which bathroom to use. My grandparents came to America to work and contribute to the American way of life. Leaving their country and languages behind. Grandpa joined the Navy and became a United States citizen. He and grandma, like other immigrants of the time were never handed  free medical care or one food stamp.  Nor, were they provided with free attorneys. They were not free loaders or criminals. They came to America  for a slice of the American dream, to contribute instead of suck from our country. I stand strongly for borders, language and culture and building the WALL. 

                                                   Enjoy this beautiful time of year.
              Remember, it is NEVER EVER too late to have a happy childhood. Please go play. 



pugsmom said...

I always look forward to a blog post from you. They are always refreshing. Your porch is so inviting. If I lived on that side of the U.S. I might hint for an invite. LOL The dogs are so adorable. I have a grumble of pugs myself. I do not have a front porch. All I have is a 4 x 8 size of concrete outside my apartment, but the flowerbed under my bedroom window is full of color all summer. Keep posting. I'm lovin' it. Sandra

Linda said...

I LOVE your post! I voted for Trump. :-) And I love to hear stories of animals being rescued. It breaks my heart to hear about abuse and pets left for dead or otherwise. It's horrible. Your dogs are beautiful! :-) And I can tolerate a little bit of orange. :-) Like in leaves and pumpkins! I decorate in red, black, sage green and muted shades of yellow.

Tracy said...

Great photos. Your flowers are gorgeous. Love the porch. And your two girls are beautiful! The fall colors here in East TN are so pretty right now. I'm in no hurry for Christmas. Killary looks great in orange...and behind bars! #LockHerUp Yes, I am definitely deplorable! Love our president.

DownTheLaneWithDaisy said...

Love your blog, your sweet dogs, good for rescuing then and especially your last several paragraphs. I love President Trump too and am crazy on how the Republicans are acting like such jerks! I expect Democrats to be idiots, but he really needs to Clean the Swamp completely and eliminate all these self important yahoos.

Tonita said...

Hi Pugma...You are fortunate to be owned by pugs. I bet your patio area as well as your flower bed is charming. Keeping it simple sounds wonderful. Small spaces are so sweet. Thanks for visiting.

Tanya said...

Enjoyed your update from North Carolina. I'm still in the Northwest, but maybe one day I'll move to a sunnier place too : )
Your place is looking so pretty and your pups look very happy! Agree with your ending rant, amen!

Trish said...

You are a breath of fresh air!!!! Thank you, maybe I can make it another day.

Stephanie LaFever said...

I love your spunk and it is so refreshing to hear from other women who share the same opinions as myself. I enjoyed the pictures, the puppies, and the presidential rant! I love how real you keep it!!! God bless you Tonita! Will be looking for your next post!!!

A Joyful Cottage said...

Good morning, my dear friend. I'm so happy to see a post from you. Your porch is charming, and I love all your flowers grown from seed. This is something I'll be doing next year as I continue to simplify my garden. You know I totally agree with you politically, and I'm glad to see there are other women commenting here that feel the same way. Some of the blogs I used to read I know no longer follow because of the liberal dribble I read there now. The way our president is being treated by the left and the drive-by media is disgusting. I'm elated that President Trump doesn't let it deter him from keeping his promises to his supporters. He's doing everything he said he would do and America is better for it. Go President Trump!

Tonita said...

Hi sweet Nancy, glad you popped in here. Seeds will be part of my future 'simplicity' flower garden. The flowers are still blooming, and look so happy in the mid Nov warmth & sunshine.

I appreciate you (and others) here for sharing their conservative political views. AMEN, sister- Nancy!!! Several bloggers have sent private emails expressing appreciation for me keeping it real here. Some bloggers represent brands or depend on their blogs income, and so choose to keep their comments private. However, I have 9 comments on this post alone that are 'unpublished' (by request)from like minded conservatives that love our President Trump. Their voices are heard at the polls instead. PRAISE GOD!

This blog and comment section offers a 'safe space' for JESUS loving women, men, conservatives, patriots and Trump supporters. I say just what I want here, with no fear or holding back. I will not bow down to political correctness, nor concerns of losing a follower.

If someone wants to comment and request it not be published, I will respect that- as many know. All 'liberal dribble' is instantly deleted if it even makes it past filters, or the comment moderator, as I don't tend to my blog on a daily basis. God Bless You.

Anonymous said...

Love your fall interior blog. You are such a wonderful outlook on life. Keep it up. E in NC

tiny house said...

I like also tiny house thanks for sharing

Jaybird said...

You keep preaching sister......There are too FEW of us who can see that America needs protection from herself!! Thank you for a wonderful post....even though I am so late to the party!!
Oh, and the pups are wonderful....I bet anything you spent has been repaid a thousand times by their total love!!
Blessings to you,

Tonita said...

Hi Jaybird.
So glad you took time to stop by. Glad you enjoyed the post. I love to spend money on kids that dress in fur. They are simply the best. Please visit again.

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