Feb 14, 2017



Year round my home is filled with heart shaped items in one form or another. To me, they are just plain, simple and sweet. Some hang on old plank walls, others sit on primitive shelves. They even make appearances on my covered porch, and a few of them have made their way into the garden and onto the deck. Being that it is Valentines Day today, I am sharing some farmhouse frills and Valentine vignettes, roses, hearts, cherubs,Valentine cookies, candles, and pearls all seem perfect for the interior of my itty bitty 570 square foot, sweet farmhouse this Valentines day.

Old farmhouse plank walls are a backdrop to romantic décor

Beautiful feminine vintage dress becomes part of the farmhouse bedroom vignette

Jesus holds the key to my heart

My closet door


A $2.00 vintage pillow adds charm all year round

A wreath of white roses on my closet door

I designed this farmhouse style  kitchen cabinet 
The countertops are made with galvanized  metal that I antiqued so that they looked really worn and old

Perfect dishes for Valentines Day festivities

Valentines cookies made with love

Farm fresh Organic ingredients


The cast iron heart shaped pan hangs on the wall when not in use

Lacy doilies line my kitchen shelves..... and oh' how I love my little pie safe



Tiny heart shaped pans make adorable mini muffins

Real handmade heart soap adorned with little roses... Yes, it is my everyday bar of soap. Life is short, use the fancy stuff today

My dishwasher

Cherub guarding the fancy farmhouse soap

 A $14.00 antique mirror separated from a dresser hangs above the cast iron sink

Cherubs weighing in

God knows I need angels in my kitchen

My kitchen windows dressed for Valentines Day

An old heart made from wood and found in the street

A handmade heart made of strings of pearls and the masculine heart version made of wood

A hand carved rustic rose graces the side of my refrigerator cabinet

Hmm, should I add some white chalk paint to the rose?

A shelf in my kitchen

Adding a bit of color to the farmhouse as Spring approaches

My mantle in her Valentines attire

My Valentine mantle décor is dedicated to the amazing dogs in my life, both past and present.


I heart dogs

Dogs leave paw prints on your heart

This buffet is in my little dining nook area

Yes, that is a sterling silver tea pot hanging from my ceiling

My buffet was originally dark wood that needed some help. Chalk paint to the rescue

I have a thing for galvanized items, especially hearts

When you live in a tiny space it helps to merchandise items 'upwards'.

Roses,  hearts,  Cherubs, Valentine cookies, candles and pearls....I hope you enjoyed.

May you find some time to play on this Valentines day.
It is never to late to have a happy childhood. If you missed it the first time around, create one for yourself starting today.


A Joyful Cottage said...

Utterly charming. As always. I never tire of your style, Tonita. Your little farmhouse is wonderful. I'm so happy now that I know where you are and that you are living life to the fullest. Your decor is so sweet. That vintage dress is amazing. I just love all your special touches. Hugs, Nancy P.S. Totally agree about using the pretty soap. Yes!!

NanaDiana said...

Thank you for finding me and leaving me a comment today, Tonita. What a sweet blog you have here and some wonderful hearts! I love them. Years ago I had my first few homes full of hearts. I parted with my collection over the years as I found new things to collect (it's a sickness I tell you)...lol
Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. xo Diana

ps. Just so you know you are a NoReply blogger so I can't respond to you directly as your email is not attached to your comments....not sure if you are aware of that or not.

Carla said...

I adore your Mora Clock. I've never seen one like that!

Tina said...

Lovely inspirations...Thank you for the vintage charm!

faith said...

Thanks for sharing from your heart again. I never tire of seeing your tiny place and the wonderful things you bring together. Your mantel vignette is amazing and your final message so inspiring!

jeanannemarie said...

Everything is so pretty! I enjoyed my "visit" to your home very much. I can't wait until you post again!

Valerie said...

I just love the glimpses we are getting of your charming home! And I loved what you said..."Life is short, use the fancy stuff today"!

A Daughter of the King said...

Absolutely stunning!

June said...

I've always love your little house Tonita! I first saw it on Pinterest and fell in love!
Thank you for your lovely comment about my Christmas aspens!

Donna Heber said...

I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day. Everything looks so lovely, especially those heart-shaped cookies.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy seeing all your progress through the different NC seasons. Your imagination is endless and so is your energy. You have such a keen eye for details. Your never ending creativity and ingenuity is endless. Your house is now a home. Thank for for sharing. E

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