Dec 9, 2016


 Oh my...It's already December.  I was supposed to do a 'three baby boo pumpkins' post, (part two back in Nov. LOL. I've scattered some of those pumpkin pictures below.  It's definitely time to say goodbye to Fall and usher in the Winter season and it's holidays with some pretty decor to fluff my nest. I'm amazed at the bloggers who have their homes decked out for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, or even earlier. Who needs to buy a magazine these days when you have such a wonderful variety of free blogs to choose from with some pretty amazing holiday eye candy?


Most recently, I have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather. Yep, painting the exterior of my home in late Nov through early Dec. The weather has been sunny and warm (love it) allowing me paint away.  My little farmhouse was formally a dark green-grayish color with a yellowish tan trim. When I think of old farmhouses, white or red just comes to mind. I'm not quite as fond of red, as I am of a crisp white paint, so white it now is. But, you probably guessed that. The metal roof is grey so I decided I would use a grey trim that matches the roof.  I hope to eventually hang some homemade shutters around the vintage wavy glass farmhouse windows and then add flower boxes under the windows. Oh, and banisters.. yeah...I need those also. To me, a home without shutters is like a gal without mascara. I mean, you don't need make up to look pretty but mascara can add that 'pop' to a gals eyes like shutters enhance a house. Don't cha think?

Hens and chicks growing inside of my vintage chicken feeder

Many of the trees that surround my farmhouse cottage are stubbornly holding on to their beautiful bright red, orange and yellow leaves for dear life. They seem to not want to get undressed for the winter. See the pictures I took of the beautiful colors just days ago, near the end of this post The sky has been filled with a lot of smoke lately from several wild fires here in the Appalachian mountains. The evenings have finally met up with the cold snaps of winter and it is now the time of year to cozy up near the fireplace and sip hot cider.

  We have invited and welcomed the rain here in NC after many long dry months that caused a drought. I am thankful that I have my own water well and that I also live near streams and rivers.  After leaving WA state I never thought I would look forward to rain. But, the thing is.... here in NC I don't feel as sad when It rains, because I know that a bright blue magnificent sky and sunshine will reappear VERY soon after a rainstorm. Quite unlike life in WA state where I experienced fifteen years of days and weeks on end that turn into months of hovering grayness in all directions. What seemed like never ending dripping, damp, misty, clouded skies with no sun in sight is not the case here in NC. God bless all of you who love it there and who are not bothered by the weather, but I am happy to have escaped it. Beautiful state it is, but the minimal sunshine was unbearable for me.  I remember being so desperate in Washington State to see and feel the warmth of the sun that if I was driving and the sun popped out I would often stop my car, get out and face the long awaited sun and say to the sun...'come on, don't stop... please, please keep shining ... at least for 20 minutes."   Oh, how I love the sunshine and my new location here in the mountains of beautiful North Carolina.

Until a few days ago I was often taking time out of my day, to just stop all activity, take off my shoes and feel the earth below me as I would lay down in the pasture (no blanket, no pillow) and just soak up Vitamin D like a sponge. I love to lay in the grass with my dogs and I so enjoy the time we have together. As I look toward the heavens, I give praise to my amazing creator. He blesses my sox off.

My fencing with wavy glass windows in the midst of the fence.

I want to mention, that since my last post that was written before President elect Donald Trump won, I have been doing a happy dance every day. Not because we deplorables now have a savior in a PRESIDENT elect Donald Trump, but we don't have to wake up each morning and worry what the heck the current president ( I call him O'bummer) is doing to destroy or weaken America or abuse his power in order to help destroy the constitution, borders, language, culture, and the safety of Americans. I thought It was actually better that he golfed and vacationed a lot, because on those days I figured less damage would be done.

Just like the sadness and upset experienced by those who did not support Trump, we conservatives felt HUGE upset, rage, despair and disbelief DAILY for the past eight years. We just pulled up our big girl panties and the guys did what they needed to do and we acted like adults and went on with life. The past eight years was grueling for us and we are relieved to have a new president whom we hope will work to make America great again for all legal Americans. We know he will make mistakes and lots of them, but for the first time in many more than eight years I feel more hopeful about our country. We need to keep Trump and his family in our daily prayers.

Not sure why University of Pennsylvania didn't set up post election trauma wards for conservatives like they did most recently for liberal students. The liberals who could not cope with the reality of post election news were offered self care events. Stanford as well as the University of Michigan's Flint campus offered free psychological counseling for those with issues of fear, anxiety and anger. University of Kansas offered therapy dogs. Where were the post election rooms set up for conservatives at the Ivy league colleges four and eight years ago? They most recently offered liberals safe spaces with puppies and coloring books.  What about the University of Michigan LAW school? They offered post election food and play events, complete with coloring books, positive card making classes, bubble and Lego play. At Cornell they hosted a "cry in" for fearful libs. Yale hosted a "group scream."  Tufts offered arts and crafts. I am not making this stuff up. Links included below.

Where were the fluffy puppies, frills and free boxes of Kleenex and therapists to help conservatives when we had the bad news of Obummer winning?  We were kicked to the curb, left in upset to deal with it on our own. Imagine that, we sucked it up and dealt with it. We didn't shut down roads, freeways, businesses, stores, cause property damage or track down Obama voters and beat them up because of who they voted for. See links below to watch what happened to innocent Trump supporters JUST BEAUSE THEY VOTED FOR TRUMP.  We didn't smash windows out of cars and buildings and nor stop citizens from going to and from work. We did not act like wild thugs. Nope, we stood strong, we didn't act out like red diaper doper babies. We made it without pacifiers, diapers, baby bottles, play dough, puppies, coloring books, dispatched therapists or any special events to help us cope.

 Maybe conservatives should band together and file some sort of class action law suit, because we were unfairly treated post election after Obummer won. We were never cared for or babied like the Killary supporters (many who say they didn't even vote). We were not granted any special privileges or programs as we suffered this past eight years? We have been unfairly and emotionally beaten down, ignored, and oh yeah,, I am sure we must have been discriminated against. I think I am fully traumatized by this whole ordeal. Wouldn't PTSD hold any weight?? LOL.

 OH, that's right- I have my big girl panties on and I am just going to continue to do HAPPY dances on my porch in order to self heal and make a comeback all without therapy, play dough, bubbles, Legos, puppies, or attending cry in's or yell therapy groups.  Lets follow what Hillary has proclaimed - when they take the low road, we take the high road. Oh,, I feel so much better now.

Some links to the violence and brutality Trump supporters recently endured for only supporting Trump. attack trump supporters

My geraniums are still going strong. With cooler nights they will be spending the pm inside

My blog is where I share snippets of my life. This is not a place where I will give space nor response time to nasty, antagonistic comments. There are many places online where one is able to do that freely. Not here. I am not looking for anyone to agree with me or stroke my ego. I just share what I want to share, period. This blog may not be for your liking, you don't have to be here, but you are welcome by me to visit no matter what your  political view or lifestyle choices are. I really enjoy critical thinking and a fluid thought process, but this blog format does not invite that type of extended conversation. Comments are fine and sometimes I have interest in responding and other times I just don't.  I am not trying to upset people, nor am I trying to make friends and influence people here. This blog is about self expression and this is the space I choose to do it. Perhaps you may want to start a blog where you can design, write and share whatever you choose to. It is a wonderful form of self expression and those who are supposed to visit your blog will find it. I am wishing EVERYONE the very best and hope you all enjoy this amazing holiday season. Should you not want to follow me you have to unsubscribe yourself. I am not able to do that from this end. God bless all of you. Ya'll come back if you feel you want to visit.
Old quilts add farmhouse cham on my front  porch

Having fun at the range

I like guns and lace and all things farmhouse and shabby



I walk this road everyday



My sweet friends


I have just unpacked two boxes of holiday bobbles, glittery pinecones, shiny, shabby stuff, Christmas lights, and other holiday décor, I am going to fluff my nest a bit for the holidays. Last year I was still in shock from my big move and did not decorate at all. But this year I am into fluffing up a lil bit for sure. I know.. you probably think my Christmas at the tiny farmhouse post will show up around New Years or Valentines day. I really am going to surprise you and get a few farmhouse photos up SOON.
Snow flakes will soon be appearing on this blog...Don't hold your breath but check back soon.

I hope you take time to play a little bit this season. Remember- It is never too late to have a happy childhood.

I would like to know what your favorite Christmas tradition is if you care to share.


DownTheLaneWithDaisy said...

I Love your blog and my hubby and I have also been doing a happy dance since the election. I agree, what a bunch of babies. I think of the World War II generation and how they just did their job, worked, lived and didn't complain. Thank you, Dad and Dad-in-law.

Love the chicks. Weather in Va is stunning and am so happy we moved from NY.

Cate said...

AMEN, AMEN, AMEN! I have followed you in Washington and now follow you up in my neck of the woods. I wrote you before about Cherokee, NC which is where my father's people are from. ANYWAY, hope you love my home state and the South as much as I do. LOVE IT that God saved us from Hitlery. I cannot say I was too worried, however, as God is in control and the Bible says He chooses our leaders. I cannot wait to see the interior of your home when you get finished (not that we are ever finished decorating our homes). Enjoy yet another new adventure in your life. May you have a wonderful holy Christmas in your new mountain environment. Beware of black bears when you are walking that dirt road.

Cate <><

Swamp Dog said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I will be reading your blog and catching up on your adventures!

Anonymous said...

I just love your site. You have just the right amount of creativity and a knack of putting many things together so they fit perfectly with just the right amount of whimsy. I enjoy seeing your pictures and your descriptions. Please continue sharing with us. Also, so happy that you found your home in North Carolina. We are all glad that you are here. Welcome to God's Country!

Valerie said...

Well said, well said!!! Love your snippets of decor, keep 'em comin'!

Linda Shukri said...

Hi Tonita,
I found your blog through Valentine Design and I love it! I, too, am a Christian - originally from MA, but have been living in PEI, Canada for the past 7 years with my husband. We came here to minister in a church and that part is over now and are aiming to move back to the States - SC - but don't know when that will be. Only the LORD knows. I loved your December posts! I totally agree about cell phones and electronics, even tho I have a cell phone. I wish I could go back in time to the late 1800s and early 1900s. I also enjoyed your post on Trump! We voted via absentee ballot! YAY! Couldn't believe how many Canadians are pro-Hillary. They have NO idea what they're talking about. Anyhoo....glad I found a kindred spirit here in many ways. Love your decorating, too! I have an Etsy shop and hopefully soon will be having my own blog. I did contact Karen Valentine this past weekend to see what she can do for me in blog design. Waiting to hear from her. Thanks for your beautiful photos. Best wishes for the New Year! Linda S.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog, but those bullet casings and apparent rage are so unsettling. I am not telling you what to write on your blog, but this is scary. And unfortunately, there aren't many choices for content when it comes to tiny shabby chic spaces. It just seems uncivilized in a way. And I'm sure that others that are looking at the tiny house movement who just so happy to like shabby chic would be deeply disturbed by this post.

Tonita said...

Hi Linda,
Welcome (kindred spirit) to this little blog and thanks for leaving a comment. Many blessings to you and your husband as you head back to the United States.

Linda Shukri said...

Hi Tonita,

Thanks! We're not moving yet as we don't know when, but thanks. And to comment on the other person's comment about the bullets, etc. - I didn't find your post about the politics and photos of your guns scary at all. And when I was a teenager I took riflery classes and used a .22 rifle and received marksmanship badges. It's not the guns that are scary, but the minds of the people who are twisted and full of evil. Enough said. But I don't collect guns. :-) I collect teapots and ceramic houses. And I love to look at tiny houses but wouldn't be able to live in one as they're too small - I'd never have room for a real piano or all my sewing stuff! :-)

Tonita said...

Hi Anonymous,

Welcome and thanks for taking the time to make a comment.

I keep my home page profile updated to shed light on the content of my blog.

Perhaps other blogs featuring shabby chic style may be better suited for some peoples viewing, reading & style preferences - especially if they don't like my content. Instagram is a great place to get ideas and be inspired. Not trying to be rude, but I am not seeking more followers. If someone is supposed to be here, they will be.

One can be inspired by a large room design and then apply shabby chic elements that are on a scale to fit a tiny home. However, I like to have a storage area so I can swap out decor pieces. Maybe Pinterest has better options for those who are disturbed by my posts? My blog is not directed towards tiny home owners, nor the tiny house movement. It is also not a style blog. I can't be put in a box. It is just a space online where I share whatever I want to.

I can see why bullet casings might be unsettling for you if you are not familiar with guns. I respect and enjoy firearms, shooting, target practice and hunting. I definitely believe if one is afraid or unsettled by even seeing a picture of me with my guns at a rifle range they should not own a gun. Gun ownership is not a game and one should spend time at the range to develop proficiency and confidence. A gun is to be used as a lethal last chance, worst case, assault response. Unless of course it is for the purpose of hunting.

Rage filled people go kill other humans. Because I share pictures of myself with guns I am not responsible for the story one may make up about that. I enjoy gun shows, firearms, and spending time at the range, along with millions of other responsible gun owning individuals. If you ask me today if I would rather decorate my house or go to the range.. I will be at the range.

Shooting someone under any circumstance no matter how urgent & justified, is a life changer. Regardless of criminal risk potential I am not going to take unnecessary chances or voluntarily surrender to become a victim candidate on any day of the week or weeknight. Gun owners need to have shooting skill to handle a potentially deadly encounter. I can only hope that women,(especially)who visit my blog become inspired to become responsible gun owners. With that comes encouragement for them to spend a lot of time at the range to develop firearm proficiency and confidence.


Rebecca Lynn said...

Your new place is even more gorg than your past home! Am waiting patiently on pics of the Tiny Retreat! I also wanted to know where you got your dish drain? Im in love with that. Thank you for all the inspiration you've given me. Have the happiest day ever <3

Tonita said...

Hi Rebecca,
Welcome - Thanks for your sweet comment. I will continue to share pictures of my tiny farmhouse projects but it will take quite some time to get back into my tiny house (on wheels) which is currently a storage unit. For now, my farmhouse needs the most attention. I will have to show before and after pictures in coming months.

I snagged that amazing dish drain on Ebay several years ago.

tiny house enthusiast said...

Nice article. Would be lovely if you posted more frequently. Personally, I recently joined the Tiny House Movement and am enjoying every bit of it.

Ps: check out my site for uploading and sharing your Tiny house building progress and Tiny house living pics

Christine said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, I'm always a day late and a dollar Your decorating is so soothing. I'm in love. There is no way I could live in a tiny house (loved the Christmas decorations) because I'm too much of a collector (aka hoarder) but I envy your simplicity. White is my favorite color of wood & just about anything else ;) I unlike some of the comments, I thought your display with your firearm was hilarious. I'm not sure why people find it unsettling...the gun cannot go off by itself nor are most criminals registered gun owners. Criminals will be criminals and we have a right to protect ourselves. End Look forward to devouring your blog.

Tonita said...

Hi Christine, Welcome. Thanks for sharing kind words. I have a tiny house 8'x18' and also a small/tiny 560 foot vintage farmhouse. The micro tiny homes are a big trend now but I have known many people who have built them, lived in them and moved out of them to up-size their life again. Tiny homes are cute, but some of us find them cramped, claustrophobic and just impractical for full time living.

I enjoy white furniture, lace and farmhouse frills as well as a good 757 Magnum. Those mini pumpkins are great for target practice in the woods around my home. And- we are on the same page re: guns. Amen.

Happy New Year to you also. Come back and visit anytime. Blessings.

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