Dec 24, 2013

'Twas the night before Christmas in my tiny house

Simple decorations adorn my tiny house this year. Nature provided a branch that seemed to me to be a perfect little tree that was just the right size to drink up the water from a small mason jar. Greenery from Cypress and Pine trees as well as Holly that grows on my land, lends a holiday touch to the shelves, nooks and the crannies of my little abode. Soy candles provide a safe warm and romantic glow. Please join me this Christmas eve. Come inside and take a peek at my little shabby chic tiny retreat.


Please come back for Christmas breakfast tomorrow morning
Sweet dreams and wishing you a very Merry Christmas.



Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

This is just darling! Love the "wish" tickets, and all of you cheery decor! Merry Christmas!

Lin said...

It's beautiful, Tonita! I too love your wish ticket banner & all the soft lights.
Merry Christmas!

Tonita said...

I had my little Christmas tree branch sitting on the table but after viewing your current holiday blog post and seeing your little bear, I decided to bring out my tiny little bear to add to my holiday table. Thanks for the inspiration. I would love to see the inside of your small home when you have a chance. Should I visit your old blog?. Happy Holidays.

Anne said...

Love your decorating style... Gotta ask tho , does the fireplace work or is it just for looks ?

Karen said...

The warm light in all these photos remind me how cozy & comfortable your tiny house is. I especially like pine cones as decorations - I have such happy memories of putting peanut butter and bird seed on them at Christmas-time when I was a kid. Thanks for sharing your fabulous ideas. Merry Christmas!!

Tonita said...

Hi Anne,
It is a faux fireplace with a real wall heater behind it to give warmth, but not catch my tiny home on fire. I do put battery operated candles inside it to create a faux flame.

Monnaie Ernakulam said...

Cute and lovable home interior designing and interior decoration!

Tonita said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment.

Anonymous said...

Oh where oh where did you go? I just found your sweet blog! I'm moving to Asheville after the new year and wondered if you are still heading that way?

Come back. Or if you have a new blog, I'd love to follow!


Kerri Donner said...

Hi Tonita,
I have been admiring your blog for a long time, and was tickled to see you are a mountain girl like me, with the same taste:))
I am in the planning process of doing something like this on a piece of family property in cowlitz co, Washington... However, I have not had much luck in finding this type of tiny home builder. I also search tiny house listings, but no luck??? If I may inquire did you use a specific builder.thank you for the lovely distraction of reality!
Kind regards,

Tonita said...

Hi there, fellow mountain girl - Kerri

Glad you found my blog and that my tiny retreat is a fun spot for a bit of distraction for you. That is just what so many blogs do for me,- provide a distraction from life in a complicated world.

Scott of Slabtown Customs in Arkansas built my tiny house. It was towed all the way to my rural country property in King county, WA.

Tiny homes can be fun and a way to live where you do not have a mortgage. However, do your homework as they come with their own set of problems. Parking them in a legal spot can be a difficult task and even a nightmare as it is illegal to live in them in most counties, cities or even in rural areas in most states. This is one reason there are tons of tiny homes for sale.

IF you have family members that will allow you to park on their property that is awesome. Be warned that at any time a neighbor can make a complaint and alert the local planning commission or authorities and you will have to relocate unless you know for a fact that you can legally live in a tiny home on that property. Not so much fun if you have to up and move from place to place. So, do your homework before you have your tiny house living dreams crushed.

I wish you the very best and am hoping you will one day have an adorable vintage style tiny dwelling of your own. You can do it, just don't neglect your homework.

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