Dec 24, 2011

Santa stopped by my tiny retreat

I came home today to find that I had a huge sleigh parked next to my tiny house. What an incredible site and a HUGE surprise.  It was amazing to see such a grand sleigh, toppling over with burlap sacks full of what seemed to be thousands and thousands of presents.  The reindeer grazing on my land were just stunning and I felt like a kid again taking in the sight that not many are so fortunate to witness first hand.

 This of course meant that Santa Clause himself had excepted my invitation to come and visit my brand new custom built Slabtown  tiny home. But, Santa was not in sight. I quickly stepped into my tiny home to get my camera and snap some pictures and I was surprised once again. There in person was the jolly old man that I had known from childhood stories and books, sitting before me, right in my own tiny home. I welcomed him and told him how happy that I was that he made time to stop by my little retreat. He explained that he had heard that there was growing interest in tiny homes all over the world and he wanted to come by and see what the buzz was all about for himself.   He was a bit miffed that I had a faux fireplace and no chimney to slide down. He had to use my front door to enter, instead of a chimney.  I was so happy that I had my builder install a normal size front door on my tiny house instead of one of those tiny home mini front doors.

Santa tracked in snow from the North Pole

I told Santa to make himself at home, take some time to have a bite to eat and to get some rest. I offered him some cookies and milk.  I then took some warm oatmeal sprinkled with cinnamon out to Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner  Blitzen and Rudolph.

Cookies and milk for Santa

 For those of you that are interested, here are the specs on Santa's sleigh.  It was designed and built by K. Kringle & Elves, Inc., the Sleigh is 75 cc (candy canes) or 150 lp (lollipops) long and 40 cc or 80 lp wide. It takes off with a weight of 75,000 gd (gumdrops) and is propelled by 9rp (reindeer power) consuming high octane organic fuels. Emissions are strictly classified. With less than a millisecond to deliver toys to each child in the world who believes in Santa, The sleigh somehow functions in a different time and space continuum than what we experience. Such Einsteinian operations require tremendous energy, which is fueled by the 12 billion grams of protein from cookies and milk that are provided at households around the world.

I was able to capture some pictures of Santa while he spent a bit of time at my tiny retreat. When Santa was napping I made up a huge batch of warm oatmeal topped with lots of cinnamon for the reindeer. They loved it. But, by the time they had finished and I was ready to shoot some pictures of them grazing  near my tiny home, my camera battery had died. I did not have time to charge it before Santa was ready to leave for his busy weekend ahead. Darn it... those reindeer were amazing, sorry I didn't get any shots of them.

The table is set for Santa

More sweets for Santa


Santa enjoys a good read near the fire

Santa relaxing near the fire

Santa looks a bit tired

Santa nodding off

Santa... Wake up, go rest in the loft

Santa decided to take a nap in the loft

Santa warms up his boot and gloves

Santa is snug as a bug in a rug

Catching some Zzzzzzz

Sweet Dreams

Dear Santa, Thanks so much for stopping by my little shabby chic tiny retreat this holiday season. Please remember that you are always welcome to drop in next Christmas season.






Anonymous said...

darling little house and beautiful inviting Christmas decorating

girlofthehollow said...

Oh my, oh my, you've captured the magic of Christmas AND childhood, with your almost too good to be true, playhouse. Enjoy your new year cozily at home here,

Anonymous said...

I loved watching the builder's video of your home and then seeing the lovely touches you have put on it to make it your very own. It is darling!

windy said...


anizio said...

Hey Tonita! I loved seeing what you have done since your tiny house was delivered! Beautiful job! I have had several conversations with Scott and been through your video several times.

I would love some connections, like where you found the precious sink in your bathroom and the tub.

This is fabulous! Hope to see more of your work in the future!


Anonymous said...

oh, i love it! please do a video tour, so i can see the entire home both outside and inside. it would be lovely to contrast it to scott's video. it's just beautiful tonita!!! well done!

Passionate for White said...

Loved this post!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, i am hooked on the idea of building a little home for myself and my little dog RACHAEL. I will however have to hire someone to decorate it for me as i have no vision for such things. I will be speechless if it turns out 1/2 as nice as your beautiful little home. Best wishes for you and your new home...Smiley

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