Oct 29, 2011

Tiny house updates

My little mobile retreat is taking shape. Two thousand miles plus, separates me from my out of state tiny home builder in the Ozarks.  He is keeping me up to date with pictures.  Working with an out of state builder is not for everyone, but with computers and phone communication it makes it easier.  It would be so nice to actually step inside my tiny home during the construction process, so that I could get a feel for the layout that I have chosen.  Instead, I have measured out a 8' x 18' area in my garage and marked it with tape. I  cut out cardboard pieces the size of my very tiny bathtub, toilet, bathroom sink, refrigerator,  kitchen sink, stove top and counter space and placed them along the floor to mimic the layout of my tiny home. And then I just imagine what it will look like. And I think about how much fun it will be to decorate.

Scott sent me some updated pictures recently so I will share them here with you. I have spent a few Sleepless nights here in Seattle as I wonder if I picked out the right layout, or purchased the correct toilet, sink and so forth. Most people who build a home or a tiny home look at appliance and fixtures in person and then purchase them for their tiny home. I have not been able to even do that. I have purchased all appliances for the tiny home online and I hope they all fit and work well in the limited space of a wee-home. I guess I just have to trust that it will all work out, at least I hope so.

I often sign my emails to Scott "Sleepless in Seattle", and he signs his " Scott - Anxious in Arkansas". That is because he is now backed up against winter and working hard to finish up the tiny home so that we can make a plan for it to be towed to its resting place, before winter weather makes the trip more difficult.

The back side of the tiny house. Interior area measures 8'x18'

Front side of the tiny house.  The front porch includes a 6' x 8 ' deck
Windows installed in back loft and rear cubby area


Inside the tiny home looking toward the back loft and cubby area.

Interior view showing part of the back loft.

The back cubby area. It can be used as an office, sleeping, sitting, eating or storage area.

My tiny bathtub. The other option was a 32" x  32" shower. The bathtub allows a bit more space.

The tiny tub measures 24" x 40".  I t will be filled with tiny bubbles and be surrounded  by a white lace curtain.

A little white vintage farm table and chairs will sit under this window.

Shingles were added to the top portion of the tiny home on both ends. This is just primer shown here, but I prefer this two tone look over the solid color it was painted. But that is an easy fix. 

View of  the tiny house after it was painted. I prefer a  rustic, vintage, or cottage style exterior,but choose this style to blend into the area it will be parked in. In the future I might consider residing it with rustic barn wood and add chippy painted shutters.

I kept going back and forth trying to decide if I wanted window grids. Grids represent the cottage look I love but being that the windows are so small I wasn't sure I wanted to interrupt the views. I can always add my own window grids later.

Shutters, window boxes & gingerbread trim as well as a vintage style front door will be added next Spring.

More pictures of the interior are coming soon !!!!!!!!
Stay tuned.

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Poppy said...

Looks Great! Can't wait to see more!

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